Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: Good Burger

Welcome to Good Burger…do not plan to enjoy your stay.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Actually that guy your talking about that hosts I hate everything yeah he’s still around the last video I saw of his was I hate minions (not the actual video but the title card for it). I’ll be checking out his videos after I’m done with ca vids for the day!!! But when Doug was talking about the good show that was on a kids channel and was better then anything in the 90s I don’t think it was on nick. But now that we’re on the subject of stuff from your childhood,how about a real thoughts video on dougs 1st movie?

  2. As a 90s kid, I don’t think I can ever hate “Good Burger” (the movie or the series); it’s stupid beyond all belief and there were much better shows running at the same time, but my generation pretty much loved anything we saw on TV lol.

    Anyway, if you guys want to see a cool recent show, you should check out the Mickey Mouse Shorts (I’m not sure if they’re on TV in-between shows or something, but I definitely know they’re on YouTube)–they’re really funny and well-animated and while not as weird as most 80s and even some 90s shows, they’re sometimes pretty weird for Disney.

  3. I actually was the exact the age that Rob was saying he was curious for opinions from about Good Burger, so I will be happy to share my thoughts. I liked the movie when it came out and I’ve got nary a problem with it now. It was what it was, a Nickelodeon summer movie. It’s a dumb movie, but… haha… speaking of dumb movies, can you please do Encino Man, Doug? That’s one of my favorite dumb movies and I assume you guys are aware of it, being children of the fabled Pauly Shore era. That’s right, I just labeled your generation after Pauly Shore. Now if only Pauly Shore was in Good Burger.

  4. I really hope you make your next real thoughts on Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings. There are many things to say about this film, from the animation to the characters, like you have Aragorn who’s awesome and then you have Sam… It’s an interesting little film. Anyway, I registered just to say this, so I hope you’re nost just teasing.

  5. please do once upon a forest, swan princess, magic voyage, pagemaster and we’re back. pleeeeeease!!!!!!!!

  6. Seattle? I’ve always wanted to move to Seattle. ^.^ Hopefully, once I graduate college. Sorry. Off topic, I know. Aw. I grew up with All That and Good Burger. I was 4 years old when I saw it as a rerun. I think I had JUST turned 4, in fact. Now it’s my nostalgic version of “The Room”. So bad, it’s good. Good times, good times. 😀

  7. I was born in 94. By the time I was old enough to form coherent memories, Keenan and Kel left All That and moved onto… well Keenan & Kel. But, from the re-runs I have seen, Good Burger was my least favorite sketch. So I had no desire for a movie.

    Besides, of Nick’s 90s sketch comedies, I found The Amanda Show the superior.

  8. I’m a 90’s kid, and back in the day I absolutely loved shows like “All That”, “The Keenan and Kell show”, as well as most of the cartoons back then. But even at that time, the thought of a Good Burger movie never really crossed my mind. I liked the good burger skits on All That, but I never really considered a movie based on it as an idea, good or bad. I remember being honestly surprised when the first trailer came out. But of course, being the kid I was I had to see it, Sorry Mom lol. But yeah, I barely even remember what the plot of the movie was, or lack thereof.

  9. doug only says that about culkin bcause the expectation for him was way higher after he appeared on that elijah wood movie as a psychopath. top notch acting for a kid, but that’s just the thing it burns you out, most of those kids want out of the profession because it’s sitting around in one place for 12 months of filming, it’s gotta be really bad for anxiety

  10. I loved this movie when I was a kid, and I still love it to this day. It is not without its issues, but I refuse to say it’s awful.

    Also Bob’s Burgers fills me with disgusted rage, do not compare the two just because they’re both about a restaurant that sells burgers.

  11. I’ve seen this movie only once and it wasn’t until I was older. Needless to say, I thought it was very strange and definitely not something I would watch more than once.

  12. Paths crossed: Born and raised in Chicago (ok, Schaumburg, whatever) and now live in Seattle (ok, Redmond…. WHATEVER!!!)

  13. Sometimes…

    I don’t get them.

    Honestly, it was an average movie with some light fun distributed through it.

  14. thatchickwithlonghair

    Lol I loved All That as a kid but even then I knew making a movie out of one five minute sketch like Good Burger was NOT a good idea. XD

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