Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: Hook

Was it a little too corny or just right?

Watch the Nostalgia Critic review of Hook here:

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  1. The Mysterious M

    Are your crossovers open to the Real Thoughts series? I’d like to see your real thoughts on The Wiz and Child’s Play

  2. The Mysterious M

    Me…I’ll always remember Hook as 1 of ONLY 2 movies where Williams is out-performed by his co-star (in this case, Dustin Hoffman. The other one is The Birdcage, which is Nathan Lane)

  3. The Mysterious M

    YAY!!!! Another OUaT reference. I love that show (major fanboy). Seriously, you guys should Vlog that!

  4. I’m actually in the same boat. This is a film I want to hate, but there’s enough about it that works really well that I can’t hate it.

  5. Late Nakagawa Ryou

    Forgive me for ignoring the bulk of the video and instead focusing on an off-hand comment you made, but…

    The problem I have with “Pan” is this: So, hook’s a good guy? A good guy who rescues kidnapped orphans from working in mines? He and Peter seem to have a “We’re in this together” type of bond, too. So what happened to make him and Peter such terrible enemies. Not only enemies, but Hook does a complete 180 and becomes a terrible, dreadful human being. Since Peter is the good guy it can’t be anything too bad or else we’ll have no reason to be on his side in any of the sequels I’m sure are already planned out and ready to be made. But it can’t be something too minor either or else this charismatic Indian Jones type becomes a nasty pirate over some petty squabble and that’s just bad writing. Or does nothing happen? Is this a whole new story where Hook never goes bad? In that case why make him Hook in the first place? Why not make a new character? What’s the appeal of seeing the notorious Captain Hook as an ally if he’s not actually going to be Captain Hook? “Well, he might lose his hand and get the hook…” Oh, ok, that fixes everything, then.

    Also: Oh look. He’s gonna call himself Peter Pan because his mother left him a necklace with a pan flute on it. How… creative.

  6. I’d love to see your real thoughts on The Room.

  7. This movie like most movies Robin Williams has been in is such a disappointment.
    I agree with Doug it was a like an adult trying to be a kid and failing.

  8. I actually don’t think Wendy raised Peter. If I recall correctly, in the scene before she tells Peter who he is, Peter is talking about how she got him adopted by American parents or something, hence his accent. Another thing that really makes Hook special to me is the score and just some of the lines are either really touching(to live would be a great adventure) or funny(whose the shrub?). I actually really like the 2003 version and thought it was pretty dark(Peter almost kills one of the lost boys because he thought he killed Wendy) and psychological. But then, I’ve never seen the TV show nor read the book, in which I’ve heard Peter is most definetly darker and also six years old! Nice Real Thoughts, by the way!

  9. The Mysterious M

    My thoughts on the cast, everyone was varying degrees of good. Some people did better than others. But, in my opinion, Julia Roberts was the only weak link in the cast. Her performance in this movie is the problem I have with her every time I see her (except in August, Osage County, that’s really the first time I actually liked a performance she did). Her characters are always so meh, so average. It’s like she only does enough to create a believable character, and nothing else; she doesn’t go the extra step to do something really extraordinary, she doesn’t try to create a bond between her characters and the audience.

  10. I’ve got a huge nostalgia soft-spot for Hook. This was the movie that ended up always being on in the background when I was a kid. It was cute and funny, but not so good/emotionally demanding that it would distract you from doing something else. It would come on TV or someone would put on our VHS copy just to have a show playing in the background. As a result, my sister and I can probably quote most (if not all) of the movie. It’s the most referenced film in my family.

    I really like the atmosphere of the scene where they come home after Hook has kidnapped the kids. It’s dark and filled with mystery. The music is perfect. They never explain how he did that without being able to fly.
    And does anyone else think the call to action scenes of “Peter, don’t you know who you are?” and “You’re a wizard, Harry.” share similar vibe?

  11. I didn’t mind Hook’s corniness, what I minded was fact that it was pretty much an extension of that stupid line ‘The live would be an awfully big adventure’ which in turn is flip of the line from the original book ‘to die would be an awfully big adventure’.
    But anyway, what were your real thoughts on ‘The Phantom’ Doug and Rob? I liked it and I felt you really did it a disservice. Especially as all the people behind it were big fans of the character which gives the film a kind of ernestness which makes it fun if just a little bit goofy.
    And Jeffery Boam wrote ‘Last Crusade’ not ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ so your rant against him is kinda mean spirited and uncalled for.

  12. I just really like Hook as a decent kids’ movie. Maybe it wasn’t all that dark, but then it didn’t necessarily have to be. and maybe it did have a little of an edge for the era it was in. In any case, it’s probably difficult for me to look at this movie, setting nostalgia aside. but I think, that’s just it. It was a fun kids’ movie when I was a kid, and, as an adult, it’s now only gained more charm as a quintessential nostalgic movie.

  13. FataMorganaPseudonym

    I have to agree with how amazing Peter Pan and the Pirates was. Tim Curry was indeed the best Hook. It’s a shame that the whole series isn’t available on DVD yet.

  14. Hook had so much potential, but the plot just wasn’t executed as excitedly and fluidly as it could have

    • Also the casting was clunky with exception to williams and basco. They brought the movie sparkle!

      • I disagree. Aside from Peter’s kids, which you can take them or leave them, and for Julia Roberts who always plays Julia Roberts, I thought the cast was quite near excellent. Hoffman as Hook, Bob Hoskins as Smee, and Maggie Smith as old Wendy were perfect choices. The lost boys were mostly great casting, if not your typical 90’s kids who were in every kids movie, but still all played their roles perfectly. I thought the casting was great.

  15. Speaking of the “mid 2000’s” version, please, Doug, do a Nostalgia Critic on the 2003 version of “Peter Pan”. All the jumbled things you mentioned would be hilarious for NC to rip apart!

  16. I do like Hook for both its concept and over all. It has several flaws of course, but its always worth watching when seen on tv.

    I would really like to see Fox’s Peter Pan again and remastered for HD on dvd, that would be great. Although it would be better if a network like Discovery Family, Cartoon Network, or even Nick can bring it back and air something good.

  17. In describing Peter and the other children, the book repeatedly uses the phrase “innocent and heartless”. That’s a really good way of summing up the mixture of joy and dark edge that the Walkers were trying to define.

  18. I read somewhere that posted the idea that the Lost Boys are dead and that Peter Pan is some sort of Lord of the Dead.

  19. Hmm, I kind of really liked Tom and Huck, but I’ve read that a lot of people hate it. I really wonder what you guys disliked about it. Maybe a future Nostalgia Critic episode or something?

  20. I love this movie! Yes, it is cheesy and silly, but it does the impossible of making a movie about ”Peter Pan grown up”! That alone is almost impossible to make happen. The one big problem I have with it is that I wish Peter and Wendy actually got together instead of Peter and Moira (or whatever her name was). I admit, I’m part of the Peter/Wendy love ship. The third act doesn’t bother me, although it does get on my nerves in some areas, but it doesn’t get to me like it does to others. I guess I can blame that on watching this when I was really young. But I really do love this movie and consider it one of the reasons why ”what-if” ideas should be explored more.

  21. Lol, yeah, the first half is the best half. I always said Williams was a better straight actor than he was a comedian, & you hafta like him more as Panning than Pan, or rather when he’s not acting like “typical Robin Williams.”

    Then you find yourself sitting there wondering what it would be like if Dwayne Johnson, Brendan Fraser, or Arnold Schwarzenegger had played the role…How embarrassing would the second half have been then? & then how much funnier it would have been if Pan was played by Nicholas Cage, Christopher Walken, Rowan Atkinson, Ed O’Neill, Christopher Lloyd, or Gary Busey?

  22. Please do a “real thoughts” video on Last Action Hero!

  23. Raiders is my favorite of the Indy movies. But the ending? Meh Think about it. The action portion of the movie is basically over after the truck chase scene. Then they go on the boat, the Nazis take her and it, he follows, he aims a bazooka… and then he puts the bazooka down and we’re treated to an early-’80s special effects light show. Maybe if they had to like escape at the end (lest their faces be melted too). But, no. Standing there with their eyes shut does the trick. The problem sorts itself out for them. They don’t even have to wriggle out of their restraints. The special effects took care of that too.

  24. My favorite Hook by far has been Christopher Walken.

  25. This is one of those movies where you can point out the flaws all day, and I’ll probably agree with you on a lot of them.

    But I’ll also not care in the slightest. I love this movie. This IS my childhood film. It’ll always have a special place in my heart.

  26. To me the best pan is in the 2011 SYFY mini-series

  27. I don’t think the deal Panning was making had anything to do with the orphanage – that was something Wendy had done, and they were celebrating the anniversary (or somesuch). The deal was just a deal.

    That’s always been my interpretation, anyway.

    The premise is the thing I like least about this movie – it’s just wrong to make Pan grow up. And yet, I really like the movie. In fact, it’s the only film version I own a copy of (I also have the book).
    Hmm… I should really rewatch the Disney ‘toon.

  28. What about doing, “real thoughts on Doug” the TV series?

  29. On the point about Wendy choosing to raise Peter: He ALWAYS viewed Wendy as his true mother and nothing else, and she knew that. (Of course they left out the part where when she chose to grow up, he basically kidnapped every daughter and daughter’s daughter and made them his new mothers.)

  30. And I’m sorry, Rob, but no, Peter Pan was NEVER a teenager in the book. He was small enough to still have all his baby teeth. He’s just a sociopath.

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