Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: Hook

Was it a little too corny or just right?

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  1. Please do lost in space next time I have such a hard time believing that Doug hates that movie but is so forgiving of other bland action films such as TMNT secret of the ooze and raiders of the last arc.

    • Um, Lost in Space is to Raiders what Flash Gordon is to Shawshank Redemption, and that’s not accounting for the fact that Lost in Space is kind of shite.
      You must be incredibly tone-deaf…

  2. If I can recall correctly, I think that I really liked this movie as a kid but everyone else in my family couldn’t stand it (this coming from my Adam Sandler-loving family). I actually was mixed on the Peter Pan season of Once Upon A Time.

  3. Irony: The kid who played Jack in Hook grew up to become a fuckin lawyer

  4. I didn’t even like this movie as a kid.

  5. Fernando Graciosa

    Nostalgia critic please do a review comparing the movie Kingdom of Heaven and it´s Director Cut. It shows an outstanding difference and I would like you to give your opinion about it and the general influence that outside executives have on movies.Thank you

  6. The best director for a Peter Pan movie in this day and age would be Alfonso Cuarón.

  7. Hey Doug and Rob I have a skin color question for you: What makes the Red Man red?

  8. Peter Pan is supposed to be a gang boy from Dublin or the London slightly higher working class or slightly middle class districts or from Edinburgh streets since James Matthew Barry was Scottish so he created him as a cocky Northern British Isle thirteen year old boy who chopped off a pirate captain’s left hand while stealing Hook’s discovery of some treasure hoard, that’s the back-story most cinematic versions seem to ignore or avoid in their storytelling.

    • Interesting… way back when I read the book, I remember finding it an alienating mixture of childish kitsch and depressing emptiness, but it was sort of with the mental images from Hook/Disney in the background – I wonder if it’ll feel different if I imagine these kids as these kind of cockney rowdies / child labourers instead?

      Either way, yea, seems like Peter Pan sort of got the same overall treatment in the various adaptations as Alice in Wonderland, or Grimm tales I guess – those people thought since they resemble cutesy kids’ fairytales, they must be, so they made a bunch of schmaltzy, sentimental shite that ended up hijacking the considerably more grim, stoic (or, in case of Alice, dry absurdist humor) tone of the source material in the public mind.

      In no way opposed to reinterpreting an original work in an adaptation, but it’s this sort of automatic, unperceptive “a fairytale with kids in it must be cutesy and funny / if it looks like a kitschy stereotype on the poster, it probably should be adapted as such”, thinking that annoys me.
      It’s exactly the type of people who can’t tell the difference between SpongeBob and MLP 😉

  9. I like this guy, he’s OK. But I’m too old now. Perhaps my daughter would like him.
    Your whole life, all the mystery, all the wonder, all the MAGIC, all the thrilling things are manufactured images made by people just like yourself. It’s like the sea, and there is A LOT to explore down there…

    Like Peter, you seem to have forgotten that you are a sea-diving bird. You are stuck in the sea television box, and cannot remember that you are supposed to be flying above. The wonders up here are not made by mere men stumbling around in confusion!

  10. What would have been great is if they had expanded on that idea of …an adult who CAN’T go back. That’s what they really did the first/second part. The failure of trying to recapture innocence of a child. Innocence is what neverland is – represents. That’s kinda the problem with the last 1/3 of the film. Its simply not believable.

    • Yea, if the world allows you to (say, by making your childish fantasies plausible), I’d say it’s quite believable.
      You could say the same about literally any other even mildly fantastic “hero’s journey” plot out there – I mean, if you fall out of a window, lose the ability to walk and start getting weird visions of a magical sage calling you to fulfill your grand destiny, it’s just your brain trying to cope, right? Bran’s storyline from GoT is just not believable.

  11. When I used to watch it as a kid, the movie always sort of lost me right after Hook died – things just suddenly got so kitschy, depressing and melancholic, it was like the film died with Hook ansd this was some kind of weird dying dream. (Though, taking a step back, that melancholic fairytale tone was done really well.)
    Also, the bipolar family reunion was annoying as fuck.

    Yea, the gradual (and sometimes abrupt) transition from dark horror mystery to kids hitting pirates with frying pans didn’t escape me, but that whole finale is just so fucking EXCITING! Creative, joyful and tense, from the moment he cut a hole through that sail to the juicy swashbuckling duels, just real catharctic fun. Sure, it had that cheesy “I believe” moment, but then the whole film was sprinkled with moments of kitsch, even the first act.
    The crocodile scene, completely awesome! After that, as I said, best to switch off.

  12. Can you guys please do one on Drop Dead Fred? It’s pretty basic psychology that most kids, especially younger kids, create imaginary friends to fill voids in their lives (i.e. they have no real friends or an unloving parent, as Lizzy did). Still, it’s not like the critic to bring that up.

  13. Steve the Pocket

    I had to look up that prequel you brought up because I hadn’t heard about it and thought maybe Disney had gone through with adapting those novels that Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson wrote. Nope. But I bet they wish they had hurried up and done it now!

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