Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on – Independence Day

Does this film have a nostalgic charm or is it dead on arrival?

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  1. I found this movie to just be okay. I liked maybe one or two of Roland Emmrich’s films. YES, you finally mentioned Boomer at the end! I haven’t seen the sequel and I’m not eager in seeing it. I actually saw this appear in 1001 movies to see before you die! Yeah, it was the lowest ranked movie there.

  2. Coming from New Zealand the Americana was what ruined it for me. There’s a lot to like about America but your approach to politics borders on religious fanaticism.

  3. I was 12 when Independence Day came out, and I thought it was laughably corny even back then.

  4. I just graduated High School when it came out and found it enjoyably corny.

  5. Critic is not going to watch Independence Day 2 and people are OKAY WITH THIS???

    You disappoint me internet. I guess Doug can’t rile em up like James when refusing to see a nostalgic movie for personal reasons.

    • Independence day was no Ghostbusters. The latter was a cult favorite, while the former is mostly thought of as a guilty pleasure to some (although I personally didn’t care for it). By now, I’m sure that most people have already forgotten about Independence Day: Resurgence by now.

  6. I always thought that Independence Day was decent. I mean, I’m not really all that big on destruction porn, so it’s not like I was blinded by the spectacle. I just thought it had a decent cast and a fun atmosphere. it’s like a ride at a park. You know exactly what’s going to happen, sure, but it’s not supposed to surprise you, it’s supposed to be fun. And in my opinion it was.

    On a side note, though, Mars Attacks was a legitimately good film. It was a satire of 1950s b-movie scifi, and it did it so well that I am completely baffled whenever someone indicates that it was a bad film. Maybe my sense of humor is odd, but I found the whole film hilarious.

  7. I don’t love Independence Day but I don’t hate it either. I’ll watch it if I have nothing better to do. I was planning on seeing the sequel but I saw The Legend of Tarzan instead. Although, speaking of Independence Day being long, this was kind of long. Longer than I was expecting. Oh, and you should see 2012! So funny. I like it better than Independence Day.

  8. The White house explosion was made by blowing the model (later the same shot, but vertically flipped, was used for the main sauser). It’s not cg. So you’ve seen these kind of effects.

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