Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Everyone hates the fourth film, but where’s the hate for this one? Doug and Rob take a look at Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

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  1. Its One of the Most Racest Movies EVER MADE and Yet I love it because its so BAD

  2. Love all the Indy films (the first three anyway), but I think this one might actually be my favourite. I totally understand the flack this film gets, Annoying characters, darker tone, departure from the first film, etc. But I actually like that we’re seeing Indy in an entirely new situation, it does what most sequels don’t have the balls to do, which is actually do something different from the first. It is completely uncompromising in its vision which I respect. I suppose I can see how someone might accuse this film of racial insensitivity, but I really just enjoy it as a simple tale of good vs. evil. The classic story of the lone hero going up against insurmountable odds for a noble cause. The relative races of the parties involved matter little to the overall narrative. Indy could be fighting an evil cult in any part of the world and you’d still have the same basic story.

  3. Temple Of Doom was a prequel to Raiders.

  4. Crystal Skull is a flawed movie but frankly most of the hate is overblown IMO. Temple of Doom on the other hand just annoys me from the get-go.

    • One thing that absolutely annoys me about peoples’s complaints about Crystal Skull is the nuked fridge. Is Indy surviving that any more unbelievable than surviving a fall from an airplane on a raft? Because Mythbusters proved that you can’t survive that.

      • I agree that both scenes are impossible, but the fridge scene lacks a sense of swashbuckling and thrills that the raft scene delivers. Unfortunately, soon after the raft scene, the heroes end up in India where the movie starts going downhill.

  5. I’ve only seen the first two Indiana Jones movies so I don’t have much to say. I don’t remember the corpse-snake scene. Was that in the second one? Also, I didn’t know that Steven Spielberg was married. O.O Finally, even though I wasn’t alive during the 80’s, I kinda miss the 80’s because it was probably way harder to accidently offend people back then. LOL

  6. Prepare to meet Kali… in Hell!

  7. I hate to be “that guy” but I feel like I was among the first to notice the problems with this film decades ago.

    While it has some great scenes, like the opening in the nightclub and the mine-cart battle, the rest of the film is exactly as Doug describes: Unpleasant. The sense of adventure gets sucked away as the heroes linger in a grimy, underground hellhole for most of the film.

  8. Temple Of Doom is a thrill ride. People who pick on the acting and the silly situations are overthinking it. Don’t think. Just let yourself go. The sets, the costumes, the props, the lighting, the effects, it’s all full force, in your face, throw in the kitchen sink hyperactive filmmaking. The last things you should bring up when reviewing this movie are the story and the dialogue, because THEY AREN’T THE POINT. This is an extremely VISUAL film. It assaults the senses in all the best ways…except the woman’s constant screaming. That, and some seams on the effects are the only things that take me out of the experience. And only ever for a moment, then it’s back to sacrificial lava pits, mine cart racing, collapsing bridges, spikes, corpses, demonic cults, and so on. XD

  9. I was waiting for you to mention how all the religions were right at the end! Everything’ s right except atheists! Yeah, aliens existing never struck me as that odd. I love this movie. I love the kid! Do AI next!

  10. TragicGuineaPig

    All I can really tell you about this one is that, while I almost never passed up a chance to watch Raiders, I just never really cared for Temple. All I can say is that, for me, it just always felt like it was lacking something. The China-India transition made it feel a bit disjointed, and other than just a general creepy-suspenseful feeling, I never got the same measure of excitement and wonder that I got from Raiders. In Raiders, it just felt like more cool stuff was happening, whereas in Temple, it didn’t.

  11. Temple of Doom was actually the only one of the original Indiana Jones movies that didn’t scare me as a kid, though admittedly I was a little bit older when I saw it. For me personally it was the end scenes with the Ark killing everyone in Raiders and the guy drinking from the wrong Grail in Last Crusade that really got to me.

    • Admittedly the heart ripping scene definitely got to me as a kid, but I agree, the scenes you mentioned from Raiders and Last Crusade are scarier.

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