Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On – Inspector Gadget

What did Doug and Rob really think about 1999’s live action Inspector Gadget?

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  1. first
    sorry had to do that but it’s funny that i actually got this movie on dvd and really liked it though the jokes and the camera shots were weird and the claw guy was really annoying.

    also are u ever gonna take a look at the sequal

  2. Not going to ask about the sequel. There was a Dr. Claw toy that showed him and it was even WORSE. There was also a video game that showed half his face that used the same design. You have to hear this theory about Dr. Claw that someone who works on the show agrees with.

    There was a real Inspector Gadget who was thought to have died in an accident so the police built a robot duplicate to replace him. This drove the real Inspector Gadget insane and he became Dr. Claw.

    That’s why you never see his face. It’s deformed from the accident.

  3. The only person I think can pull off playing Inspector Gadget is Jim Parsons

  4. Wait, when you said “Is there one where they meet Kiss?” Did you seriously just take a wild guess? Because it sounded like you genuinely had never heard of it and were just guessing.

    Yes, there is indeed one where they meet Kiss.

  5. They’re Penny and the Brain; Penny and the Brain.
    One is a genius, the other is… um, a mechanical dog!

  6. Just realized. What if Penny has indeed invented all that stuff, and so also built inspector gadget? Maybe to throw doctor Claws attention elsewhere so she can work against him in the shadows. They must have somekind of history or something… It’s all making sense now!

  7. It should come as no surprise that the director David Kellogg directed mostly Playboy videos and…wait for it…Cool As Ice.

  8. LOL. This was only one of the original NC reviews that reviewed a movie that I watched as a kid. The other was We’re Back, I think. I LOVED this movie as a kid and hate the sequel only. Now after watching it and being older, I only like the boy band theme song from this movie. I wish that I had been able to see the original show. Penny sounds really nice. I respect humility. I was surprised when Rob liked the sequel.

  9. Rob, I don’t really watch classic Scooby-Doo either; it’s fine for little kids, but it just isn’t something I think I’d enjoy now. That said, there IS a kickass new Scooby Doo show that finished aired just a few years ago — Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated — that keeps the the spirit of the original, but actually turns it into something that, even if you’re a grown-arse man who has never seen Scooby-Doo or hasn’t really watched it in years, you can still really enjoy. The characters are three dimensional, the writing’s a lot more mature without being needlessly dark or edgy (and it can still be pretty funny too,), and there’s even a series-long story arc that, aside from being just darn well written, mixes up the standard Scooby Doo formula enough so that you can’t always tell just how things are going to go. I checked it out purely on a whim, but it’s probably one of the best cartoons put out in the last several years bar-none, Scooby-Doo or no Scooby-Doo, and I strongly encourage everyone to go check it out.

  10. How much does anyone here wanna bet that they’re not gonna to talk about the popular consipracy theory that Dr. Claw is the real human Inspector Gadget who became an insane villianous mastermind?

  11. I still have the Macdonalds Disney’s Inspector Gadget completer toy form.

  12. Yes there was Disney’s Inspector Gadget McDonalds tie-in toy line.

  13. Before they mentioned it, I had actually forgot there ever was an ‘Inspector Gadget 2’ movie.
    I also had forgotten that I had watched it… I think.

  14. I regret watching the film when it came out in theaters

  15. i remember seeing this in theatres. i think i remembered the effects more than the movie itself… and the car kinda scared me.

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