Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: Labyrinth

What went into making all those David Bowie jokes? Doug and Rob explain their thoughts on the Jim Henson epic.

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  1. I want to see Labyrinth one of these days. Also, I hate the 70’s. I like all the other eras with the 80’s, 20’s and 90’s being my favorite. I like the 80’s for the strangeness and for the glam aspects. Oh, and I never care if something is either a practical effect or CGI.

  2. I’m glad you mention how Lindsay already reviewed it. Actually, there’s a Channel Awesome forum that says you won’t do that. I mean, you’ve obeyed the other rules those set out. Why wasn’t she in the review? I know of this film’s cult status. I have yet to see it.

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  4. haven’t seen it, but i’ll be damned if those special effects didn’t look cool!

  5. thatchickwithlonghair

    I friggin love Labyrinth, hell I love 80s movies and I totally agree about how surreal and dark they were. In my opinion, nobody captured that mysterious atmosphere like Don Bluth. He really sucked you into his worlds like nobody from Disney could replicate. It’s some weird type of magic only he could cast back then.

  6. Oh great, Doug and Rob ragging on about CG for the millionth time like hipster luddites. :p In all seriousness, while practical effects from the 80s can be fun, they have their limits. Like Dark Crystal (which, while very impressive technically, has kind of a limp plot), wherein the Skeksis look badass and intimidating, but the main heroes are actually more scary to look at for me, with their glassy eyes and unresponsive faces…a CGI mocap character like, say, Maz Kanata from TFA looks much better to me in that regard, and not completely lifeless and terrifying. So that’s why to me I honestly get a sense of nostalgia goggles on too tight from those sorts of spiels.

  7. I kind of interpreted the fake British accent as being a sign of her teen pretentions; she only uses the accent until Jareth shows up and whisks her to the Labyrinth. Same with phrases like “I mustn’t!” and generally acting as though she’s in a part. She’s a teen girl who wants to be something/someone other than she is, which is totally normal and average, so she acts and speaks initially in a very artificial way.

    Doesn’t explain Connelly’s early acting, but even the greats can’t always be great.

  8. no, YOU suck!

    In all seriousness, I first saw Labyrinth with a group of my friends from high school.

    It was one of those “Oh, you haven’t seen this? You HAVE to see this!” things. Which I sort of dislike, but sometimes they work out.

    I didn’t really like the movie. I was pretty bored most of the time. The music was alright, and I appreciated most of the puppets and the designs of things, but there was nothing that really grabbed me about this film. David Bowie certainly has his charms, but he’s just not for me, I suppose. Maybe I would have liked it more if I had found it on my own, but ultimately it’s just not the kind of film that I get the urge to go back and watch again.

    As a side note, speaking of film eras and such… There is nothing that dates a movie quite like an 80s soundtrack. In the first four notes of every 80s movie I’ve ever seen, I don’t have to check the back of the box, I just KNOW.

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  10. i would love to see a remake done well. But that wont happen. Plus david bowie is gone and he is my goblin king 🙂
    Would love to see if they take a different spin on it if they did do a remake.

  11. also if you want to find one thing to like about this movie…David freaking bowie 😀

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