Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: Last Action Hero

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  1. I remember watching this as a kid, and I had about the same reaction, I laughed at parts, then thought, that makes no sense, I overall didn’t like the movie, one of the few movies I remember watching and not finding anything good about it. I watch movies to enjoy the experience not critic, and I can like just about anything, but this was not one.

  2. Nice going, guys. “Don’t try to put it up there with Airplane! and Spaceballs.”

    So, that’s the truth now. What if, for the sake of argument, I thought Airplane was awful? Full of tired puns and making fun of 40-year-old TV commercials that aren’t one bit relevant today – why should Airplane be the golden standard of satire?
    Don’t tell me what to do, Walkers!

    (By the way, I love Airplane.)
    (Spaceballs… not so much.)
    (But I guess I can’t put my favorites “up there” with Spaceballs if you guys think they stink.)

  3. I saw this in the theater, not long after it came out. It was the first film my mom actually let me and my brother go to alone, while she saw some other film. I don’t remember if I liked it or not, just that we were the only two in the theater and since neither of us were teenagers yet the theater actually had an employee standing in the back watching us for most of the film.

  4. See, here’s the disconnect for me. I don’t understand the praise that Spaceballs gets, because I felt that movie was.. pretty bad.
    I liked Last Action Hero when I saw it years ago, but now I wonder what I’d think now.
    Eh, maybe later..

  5. I feel like maybe this movie was trying to be like what later “Wreck-it Ralph” would be. The world being a center/”behind the scenes” scenario of action films. Thus why so many different cameos took place? I am just guessing/assuming of course.

  6. Is it really fair to make a 26 minutes long video to critic a movie for what it’s not? As soon as you see the police station in the movie you know it’s not a Schwarzenegger parody. The title is misleading, maybe the trailers were misleading too but people seem to like this movie for what it is not what they thought it would be: a family Hollywood parody.

    I thought it was entertaining and the humor was very good (much smarter than Spaceballs and that’s not so hard). A lot of the classic cliché of Hollywood movie are mixed together in that film, Horror movie, Action movie, Cop movie, even cartoon mixed movies like Roger Rabbit. There are a lot of reference to other movies like the guy from Terminator 2, who made you laugh because it was totally unexpected and they did not make a big deal of it, you can barely see him. Anyway, it made you laugh, it won.

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