Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on – Monster Squad

How is this somehow the worst and best movie for kids?

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  1. Yeah I’ve always really liked this movie. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting though, when my mom told me it was like “Ghostbusters” I thought it was going to be about a group of monsters fighting ghosts.

    I didn’t really swear as a kid and still don’t, but that’s just a personal tic of mine. I don’t mind when other people do it.

  2. I was the only kid in my class who didn’t swear. I do it now at least! Yeah, I need to see this movie. 2000s was steroids. 1960s was acid, duh! Remember, the Beatles?

  3. You don’t take into account when the movie was made. The fact is the ratings have been so watered down that G barely exists, PG movies are really G , and many PG-13’s would have been PG in the past.

    In 1987, Monster Squad WAS a PG film. It wasn’t considered offensive at all. You guys grew up in a much more restrictive time.

  4. I can’t remember if the kids swore in School of Rock, but I do remember several of them being little assholes, like actual kids. I do mean the film, not the TV show that Nick has now.

  5. I’ve never seen Monster Squad. Also, the only time I swore was in middle school and my first year of high school. I went a little crazy in those years: food fights, detention, etc. Now the worst I say is pissed and crap and that’s only when I’m super angry or annoyed. Oh, and I look at ratings. The few R rated movies I have seen have been too much for me (Kingsman was great but man, I couldn’t watch that church scene). O.O PG-13 is the perfect rating for me. People like me is why it’s still a thing.

  6. “READ A BOOK!”

    Rob appears to be channeling Mr. Handy. Was there an ugly green hand puppet around somewhere?

  7. Yet, you two bros don’t have kids yet, but I hope you do it with your wives to birth some and you should, more white kids in Chicago suburbs.

  8. You two brothers are great people, but still bastards and probably runts of the litter scums of this good but still filthy Earth in a good way, Sukin Siniy Bratiya, no offense though really so Keep Calm I’m Russian.

  9. I dont recall ever being traumatised by the guns in ET

  10. I didn’t really swear as a kid, mainly because my parents surprisingly kept me sheltered enough, that I didn’t know what swear words really were and never would recognize one to know it was bad. And like kids around me, didn’t swear and if they did, I never noticed because to me, it’d be an unknown word to me. I didn’t start grasping swear words until I was…Maybe 12 to 13.

    Nowadays, I do swear but mostly when I’m with friends and just with them. If I’m out in public or with family, I watch my mouth.

    Funny idea comparing decades with drugs! XD

  11. PG-13 does satisfy someone: the movie studios because it has the highest potential audience.

  12. thatchickwithlonghair

    I’m not sure what you define as a “kid” but I never swore at all until I was at least 13 or so….then again, girls are different. I think little boys swear a lot more, on average. XD

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