Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: Mortal Kombat

So HOW many people liked this movie again?

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  1. Also Doug and Rob want to hear something slightly confusing? okay here we go; “This is not a Democracy, it’s a Beaurocracy.” and remember Doug and Rob Violence and Sex should go to together equally for good entertaining storytelling, so why do you seem to hate Sex Symbolism well maybe not because you guys love sexual things with great personality traits I’ll bet.

  2. Mortal Combat: It’s Raining Men?

  3. I told Rob on Facebook that an R rating would have shut the core audience out, and that most fans were more interested in the characters and storylines within the games. His response:

    “Smart business does not always equal quality. We’ve been in sanitized PG-13 hell for years now thanks to ‘smart business.’
    Everyone I knew at the arcades back in the 90s was playing the game because a) it was fun, and b) it was hyper violent. I can’t ever remember somebody saying, ‘Oh my GOD! I need to play this to see what happens to Johhny Cage’s story arc!’ We probably would’ve looked at someone saying that with a raised eyebrow and a “WTF?” glare.
    The reason MK was popular was BECAUSE of the hyper realistic looking mo-cap violence and the fatalities. Not its brilliant storytelling. So remove that… and fine… you gave us something meant for kids. So did Care Bears. And if that’s what some people wanted… more power to them.”

  4. Sara Nightfire

    I remember seeing the trailer for Super Mario Bros. the first time as a kid…

    I was SO HYPED about the movie and what was coming. I watched every single trailer, including the first one, and I couldn’t believe that it was actually Mario Bros.

    Then I saw it in the theater. XD…

  5. How do you fuck up Mortal Kombat? By making a horrible sequel, by making a horrible cartoon, by making MK4, MK Deadly Alliance, MK Deception and MK Armageddon… That’s pretty much it šŸ˜›

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