Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: Neverending Story Movies

Which one was good, which one was bad, and which one sinned against nature?

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And the second movie here –

And the third movie here –

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  1. I thankfully never watched the NeverEnding story sequels and seeing them on television found them far too painful to finish. If you can’t find the book Dom covered the Neverending Story book/movie in Lost in Adaptation. It seems the sequels had nothing to do with the book so I didn’t miss anything by changing the channel.

  2. That carseat thing is bullshit man. Every single time I see that Cinderella commercial saying literally “4’9″ is the magic number, until then kids need a booster seat” like MOTHERFUCKER THERE ARE ADULTS WHO AREN’T FOUR FOOT NINE! What happened to the 90s and 80s where the only concern was making sure you HAD a safety belt on and that you weren’t choking on it, where they invented those dumb things to adjust it slightly to keep it off your neck- and now you got CARSEATS HURRAY FOREVER, it just shows how dumb we are about safety now in all the wrong ways.

    • I’ve heard about Girl Scout troops and things where they had to enlist twice as many moms to drive the kids on trips after that new seat belt law was passed. You can’t fit three car seats in the back seat.

  3. It’s “Die Unendliche Geschichte”. 😉
    Just helping. ^^

  4. It’s “Die Unendliche Geschichte” in Deutsch amatuers, and that’s coming from a Russian.

  5. Talk about the Norwegian green-eyed wolf-thing, talk about the Norwegian green-eyed wolf-thing Gmork, it’s still scares the living shit out of me, either way all fugly fantasy characters.

  6. Ah, the first Neverending Story movie. I wore out that VHS tape when I was a kid. 🙂 Atreyu was my first ever crush, thus beginning my journey to full-on gay. My second crush was Commander Riker, btw. 🙂

  7. please do once upon a forest, swan princess, pagemaster, we’re back and magic voyage. pleeeeeeeease!!!!!!!

    • I would like to see the real comment on the magic voyage, the German movie no one in Germany has ever heard of. Even the Wikipedia article looks like a copy of the english one with the help of the google translator.

  8. you guys NEED to read the book, i think you would like it

  9. 1st film: fucking awesome!
    2nd film: watered down!
    3rd film: dumbed down!

  10. have you done you real thoughts on batman returns?

  11. In answer to your ending question – it was a man who sang it, Limahl, lead singer for Kajagoogoo

  12. Some non-spoiler clarifications of the book:

    0 Fantastica is the collective imagination of humanity.
    0 Yes Atrayu faces more monsters and challenges.
    0 The film two is based on minor events in second half.
    0 Bastion makes a couple of wishes out loud but most of the are subconscious.

  13. This reminds me. Could you guys please, please, please review “Mio in the Land of Faraway”.
    I love the book. It’s a great childrens fantasy book from the 50’s and a classic in it’s genre.
    The film adaptation? Not so much.

    It’s kind-of the Anti-NeverEnding Story, as the films have a lot in common: 80’s fantasy, based on a much beloved book and a multi-national collaboration (NS was a West Germany, US, UK collaboration, Mio a Swedish, Norwegian and Soviet collaboration (with some british actors)) and both take some liberites with the source material. But while NS was still a good movie, Mio ain’t.

    And also, it stars Baby Christian Bale as Mio’s sidekick and friend and, probably what keeps this film from being a true stinker, Sir Christopher Lee as the villain. And you know he adds 10 degrees of Awesome to whatever he’s in. Not enough to save the film, but still.

  14. Where is the idea that the mother’s name is Moonchild coming from? That is neither in the book nor in the German version of the movie.
    The School attic would actually look pretty believable if it were set in Germany during that time, but the street scenes are clearly set in the US, which make a really strange mix.

    • lacking_psilosynine

      it’s in the english version of the movie. it’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment; atreyu is told that the empress needs a new name, and bastian murmurs to himself, “it’s a shame they don’t ask me. my mother…she had such a wonderful name”.

  15. By the way, if you liked neverending story, you should read or watch Momo. The book is just as good as the Neverending Story and the movie is a way better adaptation than Neverending Story ever was because it actually captures what the book is about (since Michael Ende was involved in the production). But since it was a German/Italian production, it is naturally not particular well known in the US, despite being vastly superior.

  16. In the book, Bastian shapes the world with his stories, but every time he makes a wish he looses a piece of memory. The first half of the story is to show how important imagination is for us. The second half though, when Bastian is in Phatasia, is about the danger of loosing yourself in your imagination, that there is still a real world to live in and it is worth it.

  17. The DOM actually did A lost in adaptation video of the never-ending story

  18. Read
    (seriously, it’s great and you’ll love it)

  19. I’m ten minutes in, and I’d like to scream at you guys.
    PLEASE read the book. This is very uncomfortable to watch.

  20. How did I miss this video yesterday? *shrug* I’ve never seen any of the Neverending Story movies. I did watch the HBO show as a kid though. I need to see if at least the first movie is On Demand. Also, to be off-topic of the main video, the third Hobbit movie was my favorite because it was pretty much one big action scene. Jem may be okay. I’m going to watch it.

  21. There is a reason why Michael Ende, the writer of the book, hated the movie, which is why he refused an opening credit. But then I wonder, why the other two movies were released? Did he gave permission? I don’t know. The second movie apparently is loosely based on the second part of the book and the third has nothing to do with it, except some characters.

    • He tried, but apparently they couldn’t prevent the movies from getting made. The thing is that the first movie is actually a German/American production, meaning it was actually a German project which became reality with the help of American investors, but apparently they managed to get a grip on the movie rights in the process, since the two sequels are pure American productions.

      • He helped with the first movie and even wrote an extra scene which wasn’t used after all. So basically he didn’t had any rights to interfer for the movie process?

        • It is really hard to tell what went down there…but I suspect that there is a really, really good reason why “Momo” was an German/Italian production instead of a German/American one.

  22. Please do warriors of virtue next.

  23. The German version of the movie is only a few seconds longer than the English one and the differences are not plot-important; there are just a few alternative shots. More important is, that the soundtrack largely differs – the original German soundtrack was considered too “artsy” for American viewers.
    Oh yes, and the cloud montage with teh song in the beginning is missing. That’s the one part of the American version that I definitely prefer! <3

    A good overview of the differences is depicted here (it's German, but with much imagery):

    • I guess I can’t post links? Well, if you’re looking for a list of the differences, just google for schnittberichte unendliche geschichte.
      It should be about the first search result.

  24. I guess Rob wasn’t aware that there was a Marvel One-Shot that’s canon with the Marvel Cinematic Universe that shown Trevor Slattery (Sir Ben Kingsley’s character that pretended to be the Mandarin) being broken out of jail by the Ten Rings and being told that he’s being taken to the REAL the Mandarin does actually exist in the Movie Universe..they pulled a Kansas City Shuffle on us.

    To be fair though, not many people are even aware of the One Shots.

  25. The point about being allowed to spend enough time in a fantasy world to get familiar with it is why I was actually glad “Wreck-It Ralph” spent so much time in Sugar Rush instead of being about constant game-hopping like people expected. And the one complaint I had about “The Lego Movie”, which did hop around from world to world a little too much.

    And I’m still convinced “The Neverending Story III” was at least partly written by someone who intended it to be a parody. The sheer irreverence feels like something along the lines of “The Lion King 1½”, but without the warning that shameless irreverence is exactly what they meant it to be.

  26. At least with Jem we have the consolation of the comics being great… is not much of a consolation considering the real sorry state of girls media made into movies but at least on it’s own is a good thing.

  27. If you ever get a chance to read the book. Read the book. It’s worth it if you’re a fan of the movie, and believe it or not, will actually make you hate the second movie even more.

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