Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: Pixels

Were we being too mean or too nice to Adam Sandler?

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  1. I keep hearing from so many people that Adam Sandler used to be funny. Am I the only one who never found him funny?

    • No, you are not alone. I’ve never found anything he has ever done as funny. just different degrees of annoying. Some less obnoxious than others but never funny and nothing I would choose to watch. I’ve tolerated some of his stuff being on for the sake of a friend that liked it. But those days are long gone. Never found his SNL stuff funny or anything since. I’ve found his predictable, pedantic, juvenile and unimaginative, but never funny.

    • Doug and Rob,you don’t get it because you’re movie people.Same here.
      I have a friend who’s hardcore into Megaman and I don’t get it because there’s nothing beyond good gameplay,the minute to minute story is terrible in any other medium even thinking and has no depth,but he likes it as much as I like franchises that do have depth.

      I think there’s a with video games/movies/music
      most people love one/are critical towards another but have a favorite/the third they’re indifferent to.

    • Cotterpin Doozer

      I never found him funny, and the only one of his movies I like is Punch Drunk Love.

    • Nope. I haven’t seen some of his older SNL stuff, but i still find him a one trick pony who could only appeal to toddlers.

    • Nah…you are not the only one. I like the Wedding Singer, but not because I think it is funny, but because it makes me smile. that’s not quite the same.

  2. Victoria Heckman

    I was somewhat hoping you guys would bring up the Pixels Vimeo fiasco; that was just pathetic on Sony Pictures’s part. A part of me suspects that they pulled that sh** mainly for the publicity.

    But, yeah, I heard people complaining about this movie, and a few people pointed out the whole thing about “geek culture portrayed by writers who don’t know jack about geek culture”, and my thoughts were, “Oh, it’s ‘Big Bang Theory: The Movie’!”

  3. So, between these and the Nostalgia Critic in theater parodies, I’m guessing The Bum Reviews are dead and buried?

  4. I think its fair to say the one Big Ultra Viral review that came out of this was a guy very passionate about classic video games who’s also rather frustrated at how the videogame industry itself seems to treat its past as disposable or worthless, so this was crapping over something he was very personally passionate about (and to be fair, he also loathed both Amazing Spiderman Movies).

  5. Really? The third Harry Potter film is the best one? That movie is a piece of shit on almost every level, not even taking the fact that it’s an adaptation. It’s all style, no substance, and while the movies never got worse, they were still complete and utter crap from that one onward.

  6. Hollywood should turn the dial up on the whole “Childhood ruining” trend, if anything. Maybe the lifeless insecure neckbeards would learn to actually move on with life.

  7. The Mysterious M

    Of all of Adam Sandler’s movies (that I’ve seen, I want to stress that), I only have two favorites: Mr. Deeds (I can acknowledge the problems in it. Sandler himself isn’t that good– he’s okay, but everything around him is funny. John Turturro, Steve Buscemi, etc), and Click (that death scene, man Sandler can actually act).

  8. I’m sorry, but Hotel Transylvania isn’t a terrible movie because it has Adam Sandler in it. It’s a terrible movie because it’s really really bad. The jokes aren’t funny, the plot makes no sense and there’s no… Balance to the tone. You’d have a dramatic scene and cut it off with stupid hijinx, or alternately a funny scene that all of a sudden goes really sad. And the movie is all padding with no real substance. You can cut it down to a 45-minute double-feature and not lose much.

    I hated Hotel Transylvania intensely before I even realised it had anything to do with Adam Sandler. Being told after the fact just sort of made sense. It explained how the movie managed to be THAT bad. Adam Sandler isn’t funny. He was never funny. Happy Gilmore is good, but that’s about it. And even that’s a lot of flat humour and dead air. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but he’s a mediocre actor at best, and often far worse.

  9. Just FYI, Peter Dinklage is doing an over the top Billy Mitchell (guy from King of Kong and one time holder of the highest King Kong arcade score) impression. Thus why he sounds so weird. Somebody should have probably told him to dial it a back a bit if you ask me.

  10. I know it doesn’t have relation with anything but… Doug, I love your t-shirt xD

  11. please do once upon a forest, magic voyage, swan princess, we’re back and pagemaster. pleeeeease.

  12. You realize you gotta do Fan4stic, right?

  13. Cotterpin Doozer

    Pixels hasn’t come out in Japan yet. This country is perpetually last when it comes to major releases, so I am taking my opportunity to warn as many people as possible.

  14. Am I alone in thinking this movie was insulting to the people it’s supposedly to be courting as an audience? I wasn’t expecting much because I don’t find Sandler funny but jeez. The main characters are creepy socially stunted man children.

  15. Great insight, as usual.

    Comment on lighting. That bright table lamp right in the middle almost ruined the episode for me. It screwed up the whole lighting for the camera, and thus the whole episode. Your lights, such as that, should either be off to each side, right next to the camera offscreen, or above.

  16. Steve the Pocket

    Can I just say, thank you for acknowledging that Moviebob was a total crybaby about this movie. Like, here’s a guy who has on multiple occasions attacked people for taking “geek culture” too seriously, and then something like this comes out and he’s just as bad as any of them.

  17. The only Adam Sandler movies that I’ve liked are 50 First Dates and most of Just Go With It. The only Happy Madison movies that I’ve liked are The House Bunny and Here Comes the Boom but two good movies out of like ten movies?! Ugh. But hey, why do people think that Terminator: Genysis is bad? Is it because it’s PG-13? Also, I hope that I like the Gem movie.

  18. As much as I’d like to express my disappointment about the film…I’m too distracted by Doug’s shirt.

  19. Meh, I liked Pixels.

  20. Last good romance in a Blockbuster movie? Easy…Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy.

  21. Sandler and Happy Madison have been remaking the same movie for the past 20 years. To me, the hatred came way too late. It should’ve started with The Waterboy. Now, PG-13 and R rated comedies are pretty much dead because are using elements from his worst but successful films.

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