Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: Son of the Mask

Make it stop! Make it stop!

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  1. When i was 4 i went to see Poohs heffulmp movie.It was the first movie i ever saw in the movie theater.And one of the trailers was for this,The trailer scared meet so much that I had a fear of trailers for about maybe a year or two.

  2. I loved the original Mask with Jim Carrey and it definitely didn’t need a sequel.

    When this movie came out, I already knew it was gonna suck without Jim Carrey. Sadly I was dragged into seeing this with a bunch of friends and holy shit, I was right.

  3. Well, there was “You know, for kids!”, which was used as early as in the review for the Pokémon movie. Seems like the predecessor of “A family picture”.

  4. I think it would be really funny to have a section where a little kid asks an adult things, and it just ends with “Now shut up!”

  5. Real Thoughts on Jurassic Park trilogy! (in honor of Jurassic World)

  6. I want to see the Monkey in the next Real Thoughts please! Out of all the bad movies I saw in my childhood, I was fortunate enough to miss this one.

  7. I remember seeing trailers for this movie as a kid and thinking it looked really, really bad.

  8. The Mysterious M

    I remember this review. It’s one of my favorites. If I were to do my top 10 favorite NC episodes, this would be top 5. Hands down.

    I loved when Santa Christ did Gandalf. To this day, I quote that segment.
    “Thanks! Let me know if you wanna quote ‘Lord of the Rings’ some more…ugh… WHY WAS HE HERE!?”

  9. Son of the Mask came out in 2005.

    And you are right about Heckler. The film has a great premise, and it has some decent moments, but overall, it fails to do what it should be doing.

  10. Tyler M. Mannix

    That monkey will get his own Channel Awesome miniseries.

  11. I was 11 when i’ve watched son of the mask, and as a big fan of the mask animation and first movie, i remember being hyped. And then it was the first time, i thought how a movie was bad. I think this was the first movie i actually criticized in my life.

  12. The Heckler documentary did bring up one thing. Many professional critics (newspaper) are not qualified to critic anything. They don’t have the background to properly critic what they are looking at or how to do it properly. To be a critic, all you really need is an opinion, a forum and an audience. The main target were the high school educated critics that think they just need to badmouth something to do their job. And part of their job was say the actor’s family needs to die in a fire. Attacking an actor’s family is apparently OK if you have a by line a publication.

  13. Please tell me that Rob Walker’s referencing to doing ‘Jeremy Irons’ for the NC is really a hint towards doing Eragon! I really want to see the Nostalgia Critic do that movie!

  14. Anyone else wanna see more of the monkey? ‘Cause I sure as hell do! XD


    I remember first knowing about this film from a banner ad on GameFAQs. I decided to check it out and see the trailer for the film on the website, but besides that I didn’t see this movie and forgotten about it.

    Yeah, the trailer didn’t really scare me, but I remember hearing that the main character didn’t become the Mask for much of the film. That sounded like the most disappointing thing about it, but that was before I found out what else this piece of shit had to offer.

  16. The Grumpy Dane

    In soviet russia; monkey spanks you

  17. universallogin1290

    You know, I actually met Ralph Bakshi at USC. They were showing Fritz the Cat as a part of the “Visions and Voices” program there.

    He was a complete asshole during the Q and A. He got a phone call about 10 minutes in and put the entire Q and A on hold for 5 minutes as he talked with some work associate. He ended the call by saying “Well, that was pointless” into the mic.

    He also got nearly irate when someone mentioned Robert Crumb. He yelled out, “I DON’T WANNA DEAL WITH ROBERT CRUMB AND HIS BULLSHIT!!!” at least 4 times, and threatened to kick the inquisitor out of the showing. Even the moderater seemed disturbed.

    He opted out of questions about the controversial portrayal of women and minorities in his films, instead choosing to answer questions about his greatness or his upcoming film “The Last Days of Coney Island”. That said, he did casually mention that “Black people really owe a debt to [him]. [His] improvisational filmmaking style directly effected the sort of rap music you hear today.” He also mentioned that the great struggle he always faced “whether to show the nipple or not show the nipple; whether to slip the dick or not slip the dick”.

    And then he made some very questionable statements about the Israel-Palestine conflict, called Disney a hack studio which knows nothing about people (he, of course, was better than Disney because he went to QandA’s like the one we were at), and told us the wonder about this new website called “Facebook”.

    And all for a film where a cat screws a bird.

    Me and my girlfriend bought a cell from Wizards, and left as quickly as we could. I’d say I expected more out of him, but he also made a movie where a cat screws a bird. He was about as far away from politically correct or just plain nice as you could get.

  18. I…. think I’m going to see Mad Max.

    This is funny because me and my sister, who are also a couple of years apart (me being the older one), do crazy stuff like this. For like a straight 30-40 minutes, I just picked up this stuffed dolphin, and I would just talk like that dolphin in that high pitched voice. And I could see it both annoyed her and made her laugh.

    Sibling relationships only get weirder as they get older, huh?

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      I think you should go see it i saw it last friday and it was awesome but i think you should take your husband to it if you have one.

  19. Monkey’s awesome. More monkey.

  20. Monkeys finally getting his revenge for the NC beating him up in the Awesome Music Top 11!

  21. Funny thing about “Heckler”, which I saw streamed from Netflix: that’s where I learned that Uwe Boll liked to beat the shit of his critics.

    Yeah, you’re right about it, though. It was a total whine-fest from Jamie Kennedy.

  22. Ozzie Scribbler

    Considering you referenced that the director might have tried to copycat Tim Burton (Beetlejuice specifically)… Would you ever consider making an NC review of Monkeybone?

  23. There was a Nintendo Power contest in the mid-nineties to win a trip to the set where they were planning to film “The Mask 2”. AVGN mentions it in his review of Nintendo Power. No idea what the winner got instead (cash value? another movie trip?)

  24. TippyToe Zombie

    So he’s Mr. Max Monkey?

  25. I still LOL at the fact that Bakshi’s idea of a “fahhhmily picture” consists of scantly clad fairies, Nazi imagery, mutants with bones for arms and people dying bloody gun deaths.

  26. the great pumpkin king

    I think I speak for myself and the voices in my drop the third wheel, get rid of the plushi its should be just rob and his monkey max

  27. Steve the Pocket

    Watching Rob’s antics in this video and some of the others… is the Nostalgia Critic character pretty much Doug doing an impression of Rob? Because it seems like natural-Rob is a lot closer to the extreme behavior we tend to see from the Critic than natural-Doug is. Maybe I’m just slow on the uptake and this was obvious to everyone else long before now, and maybe this even came up in a commentary or two that I either didn’t see or no longer remember.

  28. malkereth baal tsar

    when are you going to review the critters movies?

  29. Could you please say your real thoughts on Casper?
    It was the first of your reviews to shatter my childhood (even though I admit the movie isn’t very good…)

  30. Kind of funny, I didn’t really like the first Mask movie, so when I heard someone say that son of the mask was totally different, I was like “hey! I’ll give it a try!” Wow. That was a mistake. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it certainly was not that.

    As an aside, I keep hoping Wizards is going to pop up in a review. I’m on board with Rob with Wizards as a guilty pleasure, but holy crap is it weird. Now that i think of it, Krull is in the same “guilty pleasure, but really, really weird” category.

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