Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On Space Jam

Worst Looney Tunes project ever?

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  1. I really like it. I don’t see it from the perspective of “it’s a poor representation of Looney Toons”, but admittedly nostalgia, the time capsule-ness of it, and seeing Jordan such just be with them. I completely see where people come from where it’s not really grade A humor from the toons though.

    • futuremoviewriter

      Siskel & Ebert gave it “Two Thumbs Up!” but they’re not here anymore to defend it now are they? It’s charming, it’s clever, it’s visually entertaining. It’s a fun movie to watch for what it is.

    • Odd Taste in Movies


    • I hate how people treat nostalgia as a crutch. Sure people can be blinded by it just like they can be blinded by CGI, the actors, or the source material. I mean what’s wrong with a film or show having a certain affect on you at a certain age? I mean isn’t a lot of art and literature inspired from nostalgia, things that had an affect on the artist or writer at a point in their lives? yeah I like Space Jam mostly because of the nostalgia, but you know what, this movie actually inspired a lot of people to play basketball or some other sports instead of sitting on the couch, eating junk food and growing up to be over-weight. Kind of like how goosebumps and harry potter got kids into read.

  2. Well of course there was more to Looney Tunes then just Pie face they also had alot of Black Face.

  3. I think liking this movie has a lot to do with how much you like Sports. Doug and Rob are obviously not athletes and thats why a Back in Action is more appealing to them than a sports movie.

    • A movie about the freaking Loony Toons shouldn’t HAVE to rely on sports references to be funny, though. I mean, good frig, at some points they have an opertunity to do something funny and they don’t even try. A lot of the setup is great, but there’s just no good jokes there.

      The only jokes I even remember from this film were Lola seeing a monster’s butt and them challenging short aliens to basketball…. That’s it. The second thing isn’t even a joke as much as a setup, and the butt joke was just because I was surprised they managed to get away with completely pantsing somebody in a cartoon and showing off his ass.

      I watched this movie a lot as a kid, as well as the Mario Brothers movie, but looking back they both sucked. If the only joke I can remember essentially boils down to “Look! Alien ass!”, you know the film’s failed as a comedy.

    • Not at all! I never liked sports, and Basketball was never really a big sport in my country (Portugal), but I really, REALLY loved this movie when I was a kid (and I still do). The animation was really great and that’s enough!

      I didn’t think that this was catered to basketball fans at all, nor did I thought this was a marketing ploy.

      Obviously If you are going with that cynical mentality watching the movie then obviously you are going to hate it (like these guys did).

    • Doug and Rob seem to have a liking certain sports (Rob’s facebook page is all about the Bears during football season), but either way I think liking sports and liking sports movies don’t always go hand in hand. Space Jam was a big movie in my childhood and I really loved sports movies in general, but as I got older the genre really just hasn’t had the same appeal even though I love watching sports and playing the occasional pick-up game.

    • This has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve heard recently, I don’t like sports at all and I loved space jam.
      I’m pretty sure the majority of people who watched the movie didn’t watch it for the basketball.
      My nephew age four and I just recently watched it, and I didn’t think it was bad at all, did it have flaws?
      yeah, all movies do, I just don’t dwell on them though.
      Other than that The Roadrunner should have been the MVP and been all they needed to win.

  4. Great video, Doug and Rob.

    I was in my first year of college when this movie was out and was also a big fan of the Looney Tunes as well. I never cared too much for sports, but was familiar enough to know who Micheal Jordan was and I remember the Bugs and Jordan commercials.

    I really wanted to enjoy this movie, but it literally felt like a 30 second commercial stretched into a 90 minute movie. Micheal Jordan was as dull as cardboard and even Bill Murray felt shoehorned in for comic relief. I know a lot of people like how incredibly silly the premise of this film is, but it just barely got a chuckle out of me.

    But I do admit the beginning montage with the Quad City DJ song is catchy.

  5. I think the issue with Lola, is that she’s supposed to be like a tomboy. But, it’s clearly written by a person who has no idea how a tomboy should behave, so he thinks “Well, she has to be sexy for Bugs and hates being called babe” and that’s about it. Hell, they could have given her some sort of personality even a short time span of the movie, but instead they said “Screw it! Tomboy stereotype and we’re good!”

    • She’s a feminine tomboy. I’ve met plenty of tomboys who act like her. Her only crime is her lack of screentime. Lola does have a personality but not a very well-developed one because of her lack of screentime. She’s smart, strong, competent, independent, kind, caring, playful, sassy, witty, confident, self-reliant, brave, determined, a no nonsense person, and comfortable in her own skin. She has a personality, it’s just not very fleshed out, though she’s more fleshed out in the DC comics where she does get to act more like a Looney Tune. In the new show they decide to just take away any brains or independence about her and turn her into a man-obsessed bimbo! Good character writing when you’re trying to improve a character that already exists is by expanding upon them and fleshing them out while keeping their personality, not making them the opposite of what they were. Plus it’s insulting because the writers of the show said that they made her the way she is in the new show to make her funny and give her much of a personality. So they’re basically saying that a female character can’t be strong, smart, competent, and independent but also have a personality and be funny. HAVE THEY NOT FREAKING SEEN BABS BUNNY?

      • Late Nakagawa Ryou

        First off, being “smart, strong, competent, independent, kind, caring, playful, sassy, witty, confident, self-reliant, brave, determined, a no nonsense person, and comfortable in her own skin” doesn’t really make for much of a character. It’s boring. Perfection is boring, not just in comedy, in anything. Back in the 70s and 80s these kinds of characters were a welcome change from the cozy housewife who knew her place. They were inspirational, even. However, your character won’t be inspirational if she fits that description just because “it’s the IN thing to say women are better than men at everything, so let’s do that.” She’s just… there.

        Second of all, let’s say all of that DOES actually give her personality and make her a good role model… that’s NOT what the Looney Tunes are, though. The Looney Tunes use slapstick to fight off their enemies, they respond to a gun in the face with sarcasm, they hunt their prey with ridiculous mechanisms they bought from ACME because a coyote has a credit card apparently, they scream for help while dropping anvils on the cat trying to eat them, they create chaos and walk away nonchalantly like Charlie Chaplin. If Lola wants to play with the big kids, she needs to stop being strong and start being silly.

        • Whether you find that kind of character to be “interesting” or “boring” is subjective. But you that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a personality. Who says that a Looney Tune can’t be funny and a good role model? I mean, I think Bugs is a good role model and he’s obviously funny. So why can’t Lola? I mean, look at the DC comics, there she keeps her original personality but also acts more like a Looney Tune that is funny. She’s sarcastic, snarky, and has a similar style to Bugs but is still her own type of character. Who says that a character can’t be strong but also be silly? I mean, Babs Bunny had the same personality traits that Lola had (except for being a no nonsense person). The only difference was that Babs did act silly but she still kept her intelligence and her independence. Why can’t Lola do the same? HUH?

          • Late Nakagawa Ryou

            She can. She just didn’t. Babs did, Lola didn’t. Babs acting silly is all it took to make her more of a Looney Tune then Lola.

            Also, Bugs isn’t a role model. He’s an asshole and a troublemaker. And that’s only part of what makes him so hilarious and great.

      • Do you understand on… ANY level… that for a C-O-M-E-D-Y to work the characters need to have these little things called “flaws”. Sure, maybe you can get away with a straight-man character, but one and only one and that spot is more or less filled.
        Otherwise, every single character needs to be able to be described with non-positive traits.
        That you would describe the character as basically perfect and flawless across the board devoid of even unrealistic ambitions, egomania, obsession or… SOMETHING… just, you know, ANYTHING that would be a hook for comedy… that’s a very badly written character. It sounds a lot like a Mary Sue.
        Now, if we are going to say that intelligence shouldn’t be the first thing when working with a female character, we are in agreement. HOWEVER, there needs to be some sort of deadly sin, some sort of huge short-coming, something that is naturally going to bring her into conflict with the other characters or exasperate those conflicts when they arise.
        Every single other character has those.
        Now, a female who is the aggressive one in the romantic relationships in her life is a flaw in that it lies well outside the “proper” behavior for women. Women are “supposed to” reject any any all partners and be offended by any attempts to romantically or sexually connect with her and CERTAINLY not initiate anything on her own. So putting the female on the offense and the male on the defense is an angle that can be used for comedy– and is safe and PC because when you have a male be too aggressive it is “rapey”, but since the prevailing notion is that a female basically cannot sexually harass or assault a male (unless it is something extreme), you can pretty much have your female character go to any imaginable length in her pursuit and never take “no” for an answer. And in that exaggeration is your comedy.

      • I think your just mad because today’s kids have a better character in Lola then when you were a kid and like most people who grew up in the 90s they cant stand having kids today getting something better then what they got, so they make up some bull crap about how great there version was when in reality it sucked.

      • I’ll be honest I started to laugh really hard, until I realized you weren’t joking. Where exactly did you get that long list of character traits from? Surely not from the character itself. Trust me, my little sister went through a Space Jam loving phase I know that darn movie inside and out. Kanashe hit the nail on the head in my opinion. It seriously looked like they just tried to shove a female character in there and couldn’t think of a decent personality, so tried to go with a weird sexy/tomboy combination that was absolutely horrible. I can’t believe that someone would actually defend this character, but its your own opinion I suppose.

        On a side note, why does chasing after men take away her ‘independence’? She is actively pursuing what she decided she wanted and goes to great lengths to achieve that goal on her own. What she wanted just happened to be a man, so what? That doesn’t make her an idiot or less ‘independent’.

        • Closed-mindedness all around

        • You guys can say whatever you want or call me or Lola whatever you want because your words don’t mean a thing to me because none of you are mature enough to even listen or consider what I have to say. But if you’re going to complain about Lola, why not complain about Penelope Pussycat? She’s much more arm candy to Pepe Le Pew than Lola is to Bugs and has MUCH less personality than Lola does. Plus, Penelope’s looniness, if any, came from how Pepe Le Pew reacted to her whenever a white stripe would be on her back, not from the character herself. I’d also like to point out that Lola does have some somewhat looney moments. When Bugs calls her doll and gets him all tangled up after playing like she was meek and ignorant (much like Bugs does), when the alien calls her doll and she kicks him in the face repeatedly in a cartoony way, and in the end when Bugs kisses her and she acts looney while pulling the screen down. But why am I bothering? None are you are even considering what I have to say and are just writing me off as a dumb 90’s kid that doesn’t know anything. But I really don’t care because I have considered everything you guys have said because I’ve heard it before, I just don’t agree with it. I’m trying to see your points but none of you are trying to see my point.

          • Late Nakagawa Ryou

            We’re not really insulting you or dismissing you, we just have counter points to practically everything you have to say. We ARE seeing your point, we just disagree. And we’ve said why, we haven’t just said “Away with you, 90s kid”. Okay, one of us did, but still…

      • implying a female character must be stupid just for chasing after men, is misogynistic. I know there’s other reasons people could see the new Lola as “stupid,” but that shouldn’t be one of them. Male characters are allowed to have a sex drive, why not female characters? Besides, at least the new Lola actually had energy and DRIVE. The Space Jam one might have been “oh so independent and not in need of men,” but then she didn’t have much energy or drive at all, anyway, and she just ended up being passive. A passive character that is stared at BY men. A female character that actively goes AFTER men is, in fact, far more progressive. Also note that a female character that has a romantic/sex drive, is NOT the same thing as a female character who sees getting married as their only aspiration in life. If the new Lola falls into the latter category, then I could perhaps see your point of view. If it’s the former, than I wouldn’t see a problem there.

        • I hate to break it to you, but an attractive woman is always going to be stared at by men, where they’re trying to or not. So Lola should be blamed for being an independent woman who is confident with her sexuality? So all independent women shouldn’t do something that they’re comfortable with just because some dumbasses will look and think of her a certain way? Shouldn’t the fact that she’s so different from the other Looney Tunes make her more unique and not just a character who is silly and nothing more? They can make her funny but why not keep her intelligence and independence. Also the new Lola isn’t dumb just for chasing after men (though that is insulting to her original character) the fact that she has the brain the size of a pea. She doesn’t even know that the US president lives in the United States, I’m serious, she actually said that. Also, what about Tina Russo? She’s not wacky and has a similar personality to the original Lola, but no one complains about her.

        • Snorgatch Pandalume

          I’ll tell you why I find the idea of Lola being totally obsessed with Bug objectionable; because it’s an obvious male fantasy. Men adore the idea of women lusting over them and chasing after them, because IRL this very rarely happens. IRL women tend to be passive and reactive and wait for the male to make the first move. Don’t believe me? Go to a bar sometime and wait for a woman to come up to you and introduce herself. Be prepared to wait a long, long time. I know that in the movies this happens all the time, but those are mostly written by men and reflect male fantasies, not reality. There are many reasons why women tend to be passive and reactive; partly it’s due to traditional gender roles. Partly it’s because they’re afraid that if they take the initiative they’ll be labelled a slut. Generally, when you see a woman acting slutty and sexually aggressive in a work of fiction, you can be confident it’s because a man is writing her that way; that’s how many men WISH women acted, since if they did it would be much easier for men to get laid.

          • I’m sure that’s true for a lot of them, but not all sexually aggressive female characters are written just to be a male fantasy. And frankly it would be good for society to realize that an aggressive woman or a passive man aren’t such terrible things.

          • I thought it was portrayed more like a male NIGHTMARE than a male fantasy, if anything. She’s not being provocative or alluring while pursuing Bugs, she’s being clingy and difficult and intrusive, at least that’s how I saw it. /shrugs/

            Incidentally, one of TLTS head writers was female. Not to draw any conclusions off that, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

        • I kmow this video is old but since the site gives notifications of replies, I think this is okay.

          the new Lola clearly does only care about getting married or otherwise having her entire life revolve around Bugs.

          and other female characters aren’t in the show as much so it could send the message that all women are like Lola.

      • Actually, if anything her depiction in The Looney Toons Show is much better. She still has all those qualities you listed, she’s just a lot sillier and funnier.

        • No, they made her stupid, dependent, a stalker, a psychopath, a stereotype of a dumb blonde, superficial, and she’s completely unskilled in sports! She’s the complete opposite of what she originally was. They couldn’t even make her athletic! They didn’t get one thing right about her character, but than again they couldn’t do than with any of the characters in the show, what they did to Lola was just the worst.

          • Moviemantweeter1999

            Thats completely wrong. I feel like they got here a good humorist and the qualities you listed of her being a stalker,stereotype of a due!b blonde,and a stalker is what makes her character but also she is kind hearted,clumsy,silly,and funny and she worries about her boyfriend without getting too much into his life.

      • I wholeheartedly agree.

      • Old Lola has a definite personality, not a very well developed one but a personality. Like DisneyLover3 said she’s very smart, independent and a feminine tomboy. I’ve always love her because I consider myself to be a feminine tomboy. And even though I find new Lola to be funny, it was stupid of them to make her the polar opposite of what she was.

    • Moviemantweeter1999

      I can see why you’d think she’d be a tomboy stereotype because she’s made out to like basketball and she has that whole image that makes her look like a tomboy she’s tall,she has an attitude,and she poses sexy. But this movie had four writers which were all men but the men probably didn’t know how to write a female character. I don’t know if there was a women on set of this but if there was(which there probably wasn’t) then they would have had been upset for the writing of Lola when they saw the full thing.

  6. I liked Space Jam

  7. Where is your Over the Garden Wall and Gravity Fall shorts?

  8. I kinda did like Space Jam as a kid back in the day, yet there was nothing really memorable about the movie. It had a lot of potential and it all fell back into a generic forgettable movie.

  9. The old Lola does have a personality. Ever stop to think that maybe it’s not that she doesn’t have a personality but rather that she just doesn’t have the personality of a traditional Looney Tune? Her personality is more that of a 90’s Disney Princess. I genuinely think this is a good movie, not great, but good. I do think that it could have been better and I’m aware of it’s flaws. But I think Space Jam did a MUCH better job as capturing the Looney Tunes than the new show did. Also, not all of the critics hated it, they were all mixed. Siskel and Ebert actually praised the movie. I’m not going to waste my time typing about why I love Lola and defending her, I’m just going to link a blog I made on here defending Lola. Also WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT THE FREAKING BUNNY BOOBIES ALREADY?

    • Also, the guy also referred to Daffy as “Duck” and Bugs as “The Guy Bunny.” He didn’t just refer to Lola as “The Girl Bunny.”

      • Yeah, that all felt rather intentional as opposed to “he’s just being lazy because he doesn’t care.”

      • Late Nakagawa Ryou

        Lola Bunny – worth defending with a fiery passion.

        Bill Murray – some guy that was in Lola’s movie.

        • I’m not a sports fan or even follow Bill Murray, so I don’t remember his name hat well. I don’t keep up with celebrities that much. For a while I didn’t even know who the hell the Kardashian’s were (not that having that knowledge is much of a blessing)

          • Steve the Pocket

            Clearly. Or you would at LEAST know that he’s an actor, not a sports player. But being so ignorant of pop culture that you’d never even heard of Bill Murray or any movie he’s been in… I wouldn’t call that a blessing; that’s more like being in a cult that believes the earth is flat.

  10. When I was…late teens or after, I think, I watched Space Jam for nostalgia. Ultimately, I acknowledge that it’s deeply flawed (especially the Micheal Jordan worship stuff, his wife/kids were just unnecessary), but I still enjoyed the Looney Tunes sections. I even give Jordan’s acting a pass because hey, working with an animated character that’s only added in post is challenging, not to mention a whole added-in-post backdrop, and he isn’t even an actor so I can’t expect Bob Hoskin’s performance out of him. And the film has good stuff in it – Jordan using toon powers, which I don’t believe had been done before, and toons infiltrating his house and deal with IRL stuff. And I was…five? Six? So there is definitely a nostalgia factor biasing me.

    I HATED Back in Action, though, because…you know, I can’t remember all of it. Mostly the plot made little sense – I know, I know, cartoon, but you can’t justify “it doesn’t have to make sense, it’s for kids!”, and Space Jam DID have a coherent plot. What’s worse is that I’d already read the novelisation, which actually DID make sense, and was confused when the film left a lot of plot out.

  11. I sort of like this movie. I don’t think it’s good or even decent. But I like it for how stupid the premise is, because it has nothing to do with Looney Toons. And yeah, it is a cool idea, stupid, but cool. I do like this one, but I recognize it isn’t good.

  12. LightningSparrow

    Everything I like about the movie, is the soundtrack. It’s really good, and it works with some of the scenes, but everytime Michael Jordan or The Looney Tones are on the screen it’s sad, and doesn’t work. I still don’t wanna see Looney Tones Back In Action. I’m scared it’s worse than this.

    • RayO_ElGatubelo

      90’s basketball. 90’s R&B. Regardless of the movie behind it, you can’t deny that’s a great combination.

      Fun fact: Christina Aguilera’s big hit “I turn to you” was a cover of the same song on the Space Jam album by All-4-One, who are most famous for covering John Michael Montgomery – twice.

    • The Mysterious M

      It’s actually not. somehow, it works. It’s the whole cartoons on live action scenario again, but it works because, unlike Space Jam it’s the Looney Tunes being the Looney Tunes.

  13. Ok, so you want to know why people like Lola in this, I think I can explain it but it take a little time.

    Ok so the first thing you need to know is what the term “Mary Sue”. Pretty much a “Mary Sue” is a character without flaws, she is good at everything, she can do anything without much effort, and she does not have any weakness. These characters tend to be boring because their like Superman in the hands of a bad writer; someone who is perfect in every way and is uninteresting as a result. Pretty much I just described Lola, she has nothing but good traits (like being better at basketball then everyone and being “sexy”) she also has no bad ones, and as a result is boring to watch (to some people like me).

    Now on to why people like her. Right now society is in a weird place with female characters. A lot of people want more female characters but at the same time they seem they don’t want weak ones. They want strong female characters who talk back and kick ass; and if they are weak in any area then they are a weak character. It was similar to what some people said about Mako from Pacific Rim, they said because she was quite she was weak (which is bullshit being an introvert is not the same as being weak).

    Pretty much too quick summarize what I’m trying to say is that people saw Lola as being strong being she was great at everything, when really she was a boring “Mary Sue”. Then when people saw her in the Looney Toons Show they saw her as being a weaker character because now she had flaws (like being a little dim and crazy), even though this is the most character she has ever had.

    • I love her and I do acknowledge that she has no negative traits but it’s all about screentime. She’s only in the movie for three minutes and fifty seconds, so there isn’t anytime to develop her negative traits. Also characters like Belle (Beauty and The Beast), Kim Possible, and Arnold (Hey Arnold) also have no negative traits but people love them, I do too. Plus Tweety, Penelope Pussycat (the cat who is always being chased by Pepe Le Pew), and Bugs Bunny have no negative traits either but no one complains about them. The old Lola has potential to be as big as Miss Piggy and Minnie Mouse if they would just give her more of a chance to shine by creating shorts. I mean, in the DC comics (which is the BEST representation of her character EVER) she does act like real Looney Tune but also stays smart, competent, strong, and independent. Also, Bella Swan is a Mary Sue but she’s not a strong character with any dependence AT ALL! Plus in the DC comics they do develop some negative traits for her. She’s a little vain, gets in over her head, she talks negative about her job and boss behind his back, she has a little bit of a temper on her, and so forth. Also if you guys wanna see a female bunny that was nothing but a love interest that nobody knows or cares about, take a look at Bugs’ old love interest, Honey Bunny (who looks like Bugs in drag).

      • Late Nakagawa Ryou

        Bugs and Tweety do have negative traits… they’re devious assholes. They don’t just defend themselves, they go for overkill. Sometimes they even instigate the plots of their shorts. That just so happens to be hilarious and what makes us love them so much. I’m sure in the DC comics Lola’s a great role model for girls of all ages, but that doesn’t make her funny or a Looney Tune.

        • Well, have you read the comics? If not, than in the words of many Looney Tunes characters “Than shut up!”

          • Late Nakagawa Ryou

            I shouldn’t have to search for excellence in a Looney Tunes character by searching out the franchise’s secondary medium. And I shouldn’t be dismissed for feeling like I should get decent Looney Tunes character onscreen, where they were born and where they belong. I’m not saying it’s impossible for the comics to be good, I would never assume a comic book is trash without reading it. I happen to love comics with a passion. But it’s unfair to tell me my opinion of Looney Tunes doesn’t matter because I’ve only seen the cartoons.

  14. I agree with Doug, this could have been good and the fans of Bugs Bunny really deserved a better movie because the potential was huge.

    ShaqFu was the worst game of its time, Rob is right. It was a bad game made by a bunch of arrogant idiots.

  15. The Movie Explorer

    Well, I think their late 60s shorts were probably the worst things with the Looney Tunes name attached, but they certainly weren’t as much of a crassly commercial money-grab as Space Jam.

  16. Fun Fact: How Bugs Got his name:
    Warner Bros. wanted a new Rabbit Character so they had all the animators create a version and submit it. A drawn character with the artist name was submitted. I.E Al’s Bunny, Mika’s Bunny Bug’s Bunny.
    One of the artists had a nick name Bugs As in Bugsy Siegel. They looked at all the drawings and chose the one by Bugs.
    It was submitted and Head Office thought that was the full name of the character “Bugs Bunny”
    The name stuck and a Cartoon Hero was born.

  17. Not a bad movie, it has some charm. But I agree about Lola, she has no impact in this movie. She has like 5 lines in this movie.

  18. I was over 17 when I saw that, I guess.
    But defend? No.
    It’s not good.

  19. RayO_ElGatubelo

    Just thinking about your comment of what would happen if they made Space Jam today – I don’t think they could even if they had good writers and inspired idea. I mean, with all of the sports stars today, I don’t think there someone with the superstar status that Michael Jordan had back in the day.

    Mayyyyybe Peyton Manning. Mayyyyybe Lebron. Mayyyyybe Cristiano Ronaldo. I dunno. Is this too out there and off-topic a question to ask?

    • Steve the Pocket

      I keep being told that LeBron is up there, but Space Jam made a major plot point out of the fact that the biggest name in basketball had retired to pursue a career in a different sport entirely; I don’t know how they would have even gotten a half-decent premise out of anyone else.

  20. Just noticed,
    at 11:50 Rob talks about his cousine and how he liked the movie. Is it just me, or is it not strange that he explicitly said ‘HIS’ to his brother Dough. Isn’t it Doughs cousine as well? But he definetly said HIS, so I thought maybe Rob and Dough are in fact just half brothers. That would totally make sense.

  21. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this already or not, but Space Jam did is also responsible for “Chef Boyardee’s Barkley, Shut up and Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley Saga”. So there’s that to take into account.

  22. Moviemantweeter1999

    For another Nostalgia Critic real thoughts episode I think you should do Thomas and the magic railroad or better yet the star wars holiday special since thats the best classic review(in my opinion) that Doug could make a long video on and he could go in depth Into why he hates it.
    Anyway that was a good review and I have a lot to talk about here but let me get this one thing out of the way that I don’t get about this movie: why do people find Lola appealing I just don’t understand it or either does Rob or Doug. I mean I get what the creators were thinking to create a strong female character that women can look up to(which doesn’t work because they sexualize her character too much) But why do men in this world find her to be that sexy its an animated anpermorphic talking animal but why give her features that a human would have. Also I also believe that Tweety is totally sussposed to be a girl since she sounds like a girl, and is played by a girl voice actress(played by the wonderful June Foray who is also the queen of voice over work and she is still alive to day). But I could get why people would think she’s a girl since she tricks Sylvester. But back to the subject of Lola, I’m so glad the creators of The Looney Tunes Show turned her into the psycho girlfriend character who also has a bit of charm to her. I love the energy that the voice of her Kristen Wiig brings to the character definitely my favorite character on the show(but no Kristen Wiig is not a perfessional voice actor she is a celebrity as a voice actor the main reason I’m not calling her the voice actor is because she’s been in countless live action productions and is known around the world as a celebrity but I also did love Kristen Wiig as the voice of Lucy in Despicable Me 2 but I realize she has done many other voices in countless other animated t.v shows,movies,and etc like a guest voice in a spongebob episode as madame hagfish,the voice of ruffnut the twin to tuffnut played by T.J Miller in the two how to train your dragon movies,and she will be a voice in the upcoming sausage party movie that’s an animated film for adults but she has been mostly working in film so that counts her as a celebrity).

    Getting back on topic to Space Jam,Michael Jordan,The Looney Tunes,and basketball once you mentioned the short commercial that the writers of space jam did that aired on ESPN I remembered that you posted something like that on your Facebook fan page. So then i immediately paused the video,rewinder it back to 3:01(I think)then I went to your Facebook page,Then I watched the video and then when I finished watching it I read what you wrote up top then I scrolled down to comment on the video,then I went back to finish this video. I thought they made Bugs Bunny like a show off that wanted you to know that he and Michael Jordan were doing a commercial together. It was stupid and a short insult to the Looney tunes.

    But on the subject of Space Jam, I think it could probably work today. But there have been rumors that there’s gonna be a sequel. I’d tell warner bros that that’s a bad idea and that they should just hire the writers if The Lego Movie or somebody that knows the Looney tunes like you. I even think you could do it of they hired you(which I highly doubt would happen but it would probably be way closer to the Looney tunes then the Looney tunes show). But i really do feel you have a strong connection with the Looney tunes and that I would trust you enough to write a script for it.

    But otherwise this was a good episode. I really want a pair of air Jordan’s just cause they look cool but there super expensive(but we people these days just leave the air out of the title and we just call them Jordan’s). But I would really like to hear your opinion on Looney Tunes:Back in Action but it be cool if you could just sit down by yourself and give your quick thoughts on it or you could do a vlog with Rob on it. Also I heard you have a wife but we never seem to see her on any of your projects. So I’d like to see her on a Nc episode that would be fine. Sorry for the long comment and I do hope you stay safe and enjoy Midwest Media Expo. O.k take care.

  23. Roberto González

    Duck Dodgers is the only real good Looney Tunes ‘product’. It’s almost as good or even better than Tiny Toons. There, I said it.

    I was disappointed by Space Jam even as a kid. My problem was the plot, though. It didn’t make sense, but not in the funny way. It was just extremely contrived. I thought the jokes with the Looney Tunes were ok and I didn’t dislike Lola. Bugs has had generic girlfriends in the old cartoons. I actually thought Swackhammer was more generic and boring as the villain. The Nerdlucks were kind of funny but they were also very boring when they became the Monstars. Jordan was charismatic enough but the jokes with the other baseball stars were terrible and everything with Jordan and his family was just boring, it wasn’t looney or funny, it was childish and Looney Tunes are more adult than that.

    Looney Tunes Back In Action had a better director, cast and concept but I was also very disappointed. The good ideas were there but the cast wasn’t in their best moment. Brendan Fraser was ok-ish but not so funny and Steve Martin wasn’t great in it. Jenna Elfman didn’t work in comedy.

    The animation in both movies wasn’t that great either. Back in Action had that great scene in the Louvre but that’s it. And it kinda worked as a Daffy Duck story even though the plot was also too contrived and silly, but at least this time it tried to be funny.

    The Looney Tunes is just dull. Once in a while they have a good joke or even a good episode, but mostly it’s just a very boring sitcom. I don’t have a problem with the sitcom aspect but it should be much funnier and a lot…looni-er.

    I’m on the fence about new Lola. Yes, she’s funnier than the old ones sometimes…but most of the time I just find her kinda irritating. So yes, I can understand people who prefer the old one, although I guess the good moments of the new one could have made her more interesting. I think she’s really funny in the “We’re In Love” videoclip. I think the stalker aspect of her is funny. The part that don’t work for me is her being so…dumb. Yes, a funny character should have flaws, but she’s so stupid that I find her almost intolerable at times, while the Space Jam one is just sort of …meh. When she shows some kind of child-like or twisted logic rather than just stupidity I do enjoy her. For some reason she’s funnier in the videoclips. President’s Day is pretty funny.

    In fact the videoclips are sometimes the funniest part of The Looney Tunes Show. Daffy has pretty fun lyrics in some of them, like Giant Robot Love, and the animation is also quite better than the average one we get in the sitcom parts.

    • Roberto González

      I made a few mistakes in my previous comment. In the first paragraph I meant Duck Dodgers is the only good NEW Looney Tunes product.

      In the fifth paragraph I meant The Looney Tunes Show is dull. Obviously the Looney Tunes are not dull, it’s The LT Show what it’s, although I do like some episodes like Devil Dog or Casa de Calma.

  24. Have you thought about re-reviewing things? Some examples are the first Transformers movie, Street Fighter and or Mortal Kombat, Space Jams, Follow That Bird, Super Mario Brothers, or any other review you feel you could have elaborated on.

  25. When it came out, it was being plugged by Jim Rome, who had at most a 10 second cameo in the movie, and it wasn’t even in person, it was on a TV. I saw the movie, somewhere, it didn’t leave much of an impression, actually had to go back and watch the review.

  26. Devil's Advocate

    Lola did have a bit of a personality, as was already stated, a slightly feminine, no-nonsense spunky tomboy. I think people are confusing “she doesn’t have a wacky personality” with, “she doesn’t have a personality at all”.

    but having said that, it isn’t so much that she was so great in Space Jam as what could have been done with that personality in future versions of the franchise, they could have given Tina’s personality to Lola in the new show.

    and on that, not a lot of people get on Tina’s case for not being whacky.

    and Rob admits the new Lola is also a stereotype too? does being funny really make that much of a difference? in a modern show, wouldn’t she also need character development to be worth while?

    it’s true that people want strong females right now.

    Pinkie Pie from the new My Little Pony is the crazy girl character done right because she can lean from her mistakes and grow as a character and be funny at the same time. the new version of Lola has no positive traits to offset the negative ones.

  27. The Mysterious M

    Back in Action was better. It was just the Looney Tunes being Looney. And, also, I enjoy movies where you can just tell everyone had fun making it. And Back in Action was that movie.

  28. The Mysterious M

    Also, if you keep doing these “real thoughts,” and are taking viewer suggestions, I would vote for The Wiz (though since it was a crossover, I don’t know how you’d go about doing that), Full House, or Bebe’s Kids

  29. Devil's Advocate

    I would also like to add that Lola had a acceptable comedy personality in Baby Looney Tunes, more down to earth but was pushy and thought she was better when she usually wasn’t.

  30. I just like the Space Jam version of Lola because she wasn’t a complete moron like she is in the Looney Tunes Show…I can not stand overly moronic characters in just about anything..

    • The Mysterious M

      What exactly do you mean overly moronic? There’s nothing moronic about her. Crazy and moronic are two different things.

      • Devil's Advocate

        dumb blonde, valley girl stereotype.

        • The Mysterious M

          Again. not really. She was more Psycho stalker type

          • Devil's Advocate

            still a stereotype. not saying the original Lola wasn’t but why trade one stereotype for another?

          • The new Lola doesn’t know who the presidents of the United States are, thinks Scarlet Johansson was the first female president, doesn’t know that the US president lives in the US, doesn’t know what the Eiffel Tower is or that it wasn’t created by aliens, doesn’t know what a scenario is, or that food and drinks aren’t the same word in Spanish (just because taco is taco in spanish she thinks even food or drink is the same word in spanish). Face it, she’s an idiot! Even a friend of mine who likes both versions of Lola admit that the new one is undeniably an idiot. The old one wasn’t really a stereotype, she was more of a character trope, the token chick who was made to be short of the Minnie Mouse and Smurfette of the group, which is what she is.

            When I think of a psycho stalker done right, I think of Helga from Hey Arnold, who was still smart, strong, competent, and independent. It’s also explained why she’s both smart and independent but also a stalker. She had to raise herself because her parents were horrible and neglectful (and favored her older sister), so she had to be independent but also have a tough attitude to survive. But Arnold was the first person to ever show her kindness when they first met, so of course she’d have strong love feelings for him to the point of being a stalker because she doesn’t know how to express her softer feelings. But she doesn’t want anyone to think she’s weak by showing anything outside of her touch exterior, so that’s why she’s a bully and picks on Arnold.

            That is a stalker (and a bully) done right. If they had the new Lola have a past where she was like the original Lola but something traumatic happened in her life caused her to become the way she is in the show, I would tolerate it and think it was a brilliant idea, especially if she goes back to the way she was but still comedy to her. But they didn’t do that. We don’t even know why she’s a psycho stalker. I mean, with Helga they explained it with her family life, but with Lola both of her parents are sane of mind and she’s very close to them. They both also seem very bright, so why is Lola so brainless? It makes NO SENSE! They established other weirder explanations for things. Like that white thing on Daffy’s neck (Do ducks not just have that naturally?), Granny being a spy in her youth, and so forth.

            If you like the new Lola, that’s fine. But she’s undeniably an idiot. Plus I think it’s really dumb to change a character that much. I mean, Goofy wasn’t very developed when he was first created but they didn’t turn him into a serious character, they made him wacky and funny but also more developed. If they had to have a psycho chick on the show, it should have been Tina.

    • Odd Taste in Movies

      She was the best thing about the show.

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