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How did a movie about a hero from Hell turn out so dull? Doug and Rob discuss, Spawn.

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  1. The CGI that you showed in the Spawn NC review looks a little worse than Sharknado in my opinion. I think that John Leguizamo’s career is a dead horse that is being kicked, especially now that he’s stuck on the Ice Age train. Also, I’ve never seen Blade or Spawn. LOL.

  2. Devil's Advocate

    and another thing for when you get to Pokemon. the original creator wanted the series as a whole to be for everyone. it’s only the English dubs that make it only for little kids.

    • No, Pokemon was still very clearly for children in Japanese. What the original creator probably intended to remain targeted to everyone were the video games. The show itself is still somewhat kid-oriented.

  3. The Mysterious M

    I’m not sure about this movie, but I read an article somewhere that John Leguizamo is actually really difficult to work with. Like, in a lot of films, he does not get along with his costars. The only specific example I can remember is that during the filming of the comedy “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar,” Patrick Swayze actually punched him in the face.

  4. Here’s hoping they get Keith David for the upcoming movie.

  5. I saw the movie in the theater. I think I was the only one that noticed Angela’s cameo in the banquet scene

  6. The animated series was WAY better than this thing. The script for this movie should never have been approved. Everything happened too fast and seemed nonsensical.
    Despite the opinions of some I do think Martin Sheen was properly cast, it’s just the script that sucked. I also find it a little trippy to watch ‘Spawn’ and then immediately watch an episode of ‘The West Wing’. Give it a try.

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