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The clown that scared everyone made Rob and Doug laugh. Why were they so amused?

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  1. I wonder what your guys opinions are on Desperation from Stephen King. Since you said you prefer his stories that aren’t really supernatural. I don’t think that one is supernatural as it is messed up for one (really messed up lol) and maybe like a thriller/shock horror?

  2. I’ve seen “It” and I just thought it was okay. I admit the spider finale is really dumb. It’s not really a movie, but a miniseries. I doubt the remake will be better. I love how Doug always does something funny at the end. I haven’t read many of King’s books.

  3. But….there wasn’t a redemption in the book version of The Shining. In both versions Torrance went crazy and tried to murder his family. Book Torrance had a shot at redemption but he blew it.

  4. I was definitely one of those kids that was afraid of clowns. I had reoccurring nightmares of an evil clown with spindly fingers called Mr. Tickles. I even made a horror comedy film and a sequel when I was in high school based on the character.

    Anyway, as you can imagine IT was not something I was inclined to watch in my formative years. Of course I saw it years later, and it was not nearly as scary as my young imagination had made it out to be. However, I do agree with Rob that there are some genuinely creepy moments in the first half of the film. it’s all in the subtlety, and of course Tim Curry’s creepy performance. The guy playing Pennywise in the new IT film certainly has some big clown shoes to fill.

    • lilith_ascennding

      I had recurring nightmares about clowns too! And I wasn’t even really afraid of clowns as a kid. There were these grotesque clown creatures called the Masks that would break into my home and would try to hunt me down and kidnap me in my nightmares. I would have to hide from them and if I was successful, they would just leave; if I wasn’t, they’d drag me away to their cave to do horrible things to me. I also remember there being some weird calypso drum, percussiony theme song that always preceded their entrance so that song was always my cue to run and hide. I actually had “hiding drills” as a kid because I was so traumatized by these nightmares. I remember I had a panic attack in the bathroom when I was about six or seven and locked myself in because I thought the Masks were coming for me. My mom had to coax me out so that my little sister could use the bathroom. Freaky stuff.

      • Wow, that sounds terrifying and very similar to what I had experienced. I’d always be lost in an enormous creepy mansion and tickles would stalk the halls looking for me. Maybe the masks and mr. tickles both come from the same evil clown dimension to haunt children’s dreams…

  5. I thought Pet Cemetery was a better film than the book. But that’s largely because the book took way too long trying to establish the premise and atmosphere, and I lost interest. But the film does visually what I felt the book wasn’t able to do in prose. But that might have been just me.

  6. I know it’s a cliche to say this but the book was better. The mini series would have needed an NC-17 rating to portray Penny Wise as being as intense and graphic and disturbing as he was in the book.

  7. “It” is actually my favorite book, though I can’t say it scared me that much. I just got really into the story. The movie’s okay, but it doesn’t compare.

  8. I read a lot of SK, and he is in a lot of ways hit and miss. But his passion is always present. A book like Tommyknockers,without being scary at all, It’s just amazing. You feel that city totally alive

  9. lilith_ascennding

    Not to sound like a weeaboo, but Japan has actually managed to make toilets somewhat scary. There’s the legend of the Kappa who might attack you from the toilet and rip apart your anus (I’m not kidding, look it up.). There are also urban legends like Hanako-san and Aka Manto which deal with ghosts that haunt toilets (Aka Manto being especially scary since he will either shred you to pieces or bleed you dry depending on if you choose the “red” or “blue” paper when he asks which you’d prefer).

    • thatchickwithlonghair

      Lol, you’re not a weeaboo (god I hate that term). Japan has the most f*cked up, terrifying urban legends ever spawned. I didn’t know kappa did that though; I thought they were just water sprites in ponds or something. xD Yup, I know of Hanako-san….but not of Aka Manto….

  10. At timeframes 10:32 and 10:46 Rob Walker has the incorrect pronunciation of “Miyazaki”.

    Robert Bateman has no idea if Rob Walker can read the phonetic alphabet.

    Rob Walker said “miæzɔki”.

    Rob Walker should have said “miæzæki”.

  11. When I was a kid, I found IT on television shortly before Bill’s brother Georgie pulled his “Harry Potter and Traumatized Child” animated photograph trick and winked at him. Once the photo album started bleeding and scared the living shit out of me, I was hooked. Then I read the book. The sidestory about the boy who’s little brother had died at the hands of his mean ass stepfather? That part has always stuck with me. Then, in “11/22/63” that scene was mentioned and I had to relive it again. For anyone who hasn’t read “IT”, at least read that part.

  12. One thing that ALWAYS bugged me about this book/film: How the heck are Ben & Beverly getting their ‘happy ending’ if, once they leave Derry, they’ll lose all memories of their childhood? IT. MAKES. NO. SENSE.

  13. I had never heard of IT before your review. It was pretty hilarious but the shower scene was a little creepy, I admit.

  14. What frightened me about the book were things like the “psycho” kid who murdered his baby sibling. That was the terrible part of It, and places where people acted horribly to one another and did things to each other. The clown thing never really bothered me and the intergalactic spider never bothered me either. The scary thing was things happening to children and parents not knowing the truth behind it. That, and the idea It could never truly be killed.

  15. The whole point of IT (the book) was that what you can’t see is scarier than what you can. The spider at the end is supposed to be less scary than what the kids imagined IT might look like. It’s anticlimactic in the book, which is why it doesn’t really work on film.

  16. Stanley Kubrick’s the Shining was better than the book. The book was a pretty good horror novel. The movie is one of the greatest films of all time, in any genre.

  17. Doug do The Dead Zone with Christopher Walken.

  18. I wonder what King himself would think of the Nostalgia Critic Reviews of the adaptions of his books

  19. thatchickwithlonghair

    I’m never ever ever gonna watch this. XD

    *starts rocking back and forth in a corner, shivering*

  20. Ryan Dewitt-Todd

    You should do your real thoughts on:

    “The Langoliers”

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