Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: Street Fighter

Of course!

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  1. Might I suggest you check out the movie The King of Fighters, based on the video game series of the same name?

    Perhaps this thing might just sink lower than Street Fighter.


    I remember seeing pics of this movie in Game Players and EGM magazine before the movie was released and really didn’t know what to make of it. I saw it with my friends on Christmas vacation in 94 and we all agreed WTF did we just watch?

    I didn’t even know Dhalsim was in the movie until I read it in a magazine.

    I think this movie suffers too much from having way too many characters trying to fit into one 90 minute movie, leaving little to no time for any character development or screentime for minor characters. The Street Fighter 2 anime movie fares a tad better but also falls victim to too many characters in a short movie.

    I’ll at least admit Zangief’s “change the channel!” line was a bit funny.

  3. the desctrution of your village was the most horrible point of your life. for me it was tuesday

  4. Trixie_is_best

    Street Fighter the movie…OF COURSE!!!

  5. I don’t think any scriptwriter could have made the movie work. Mainly because putting that much characters inevitably makes a clusterfuck. The anime movie while cool is kind of weak since even though some characters have a light arc, there isn’t much of a payoff in what they are trying to achieve. I mean I suppose we’re critiquing from a modern perspective but what I heard you missing is how videogames were then and how they’re now plus Doug’s point of dark age of cinema and all that.

    I don’t know seems unfair assuming people had easy solutions then, or even now. I mean, a modern equivalent could be the Expendables and even with the great cast the movies aren’t that good. Not complete trash like this one, but also not that much of an improvement to classic action movies from the 80s.


    There’s a whole scene in the City Hunter movie where Jackie Chan fall on a Street Fighter II Arcade Cabinet, and all of the sudden, the fight continues, but with everyone cosplaying as Street Fighter Characters

    Check it out! There’s Jackie Chan dressed as Chun-li in the scene!

    I repeat!

    Jackie Chan fucking cross-dressing, as Chun-li

    In fact, the director of the movie loved this scene so much, that he actually went on to direct his own Street Fighter ” movie adaptation” (Except the name were changed, because they couldn’t get the right), called “Future Cops”

    Also check this movie out, it has Guile singing a Chinese pop song, Vega being stucked in a Mario Bros. cabinet to talk to a girl about AIDS, and Songoku from Dragon Ball Z.

    I am not even remotely joking right now, those are actually things that features in this movie!

    I’m sorry if I came up as a Douchy Mcnitpicker, but seriously! Check this movie out!
    Your lives needs this movie!
    Your souls needs this movie!

  7. I admit to liking Steet Fighter!

  8. The Phantom should be next for this show, I want to hear your real thoughts on The Phantom.

  9. Ah, yes. The movie that makes Mortal Kombat look good by comparison.

  10. Can I admit to liking Raul Julia as M. Bison? Because I actually do like that part.

  11. SailorRustyBacon

    The 90’s! When Ryu was often called “Rayu”! (Which NC was guilty of himself, during the original SF review)

    Orson Wells in an Optimus Prime outfit…? But he was Unicron ;_;

    Hey now that you guys mentioned Chun Li’s revenge flick, how about finally doing a Nostalgia Critic review of that! Maybe even the USA Street Fighter cartoon series, along with Dark Stalkers :p (Guile’s catch phrase: NOOOOOOOOO! with a guitar riff)

    I’m not sure if you guys noticed that Kylie Minogue played Cammie. Hey, remember that Sawada guy? I don’t, but he was supposed to be a big deal in Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game (yeah that rolls off the tongue!)

    I enjoyed the animated movie, back in the day, with its Manga dub soundtrack & all. The voices were okay. The movie wasn’t perfect and only had other characters as cameos. Didn’t mind the Chun Li fanservice shot being cut out, even in the PG-13 version, but her fight scene with Vega with KMFDM blaring in the background was the best part 😀 (original version had Chun Li’s stereo play something… less than stellar… than what the dub track added in)

  12. Can you pls reviev “Dragon Ball: Evolution” ?
    No really.

  13. For a so bad it’s good movie about a fighting game, try to watch “Future Cops” or as I call it, Korean Street Fighter, one of the funniest pieces of crap movies I’ve ever watched. It could be an excellent NC review.

    • Hem, sorry, it was made in Hong Kong… So that previous comment was kinda racist by mish mashing two asian countries… Let me at least two minutes to flee before killing me.

  14. Zombie Krishna

    Street Fighter is in no way a good movie but it’s in no way terrible. Compare it The Legend of Chun Li and it shines like a diamond in a goats ass. Byron Mann was great as Ryu and a very young and hot Ming-Na Wen was just perfect casting. Jay Tavare as Vega, flawless. Raul Julia as you guys said was amazing. Watch King of Fighters, Dragon Ball Evolution and even the two Tekken Movies. Those suck.

  15. For those who want a truely as accurate as you could get adaptation to a live action Street Fighter movie, check out Street Fighter Assatsuken or Assassin’s Fist available on Amazon. The guys who worked on a short film Street Fighter Legacy are the ones who made this really well made high quality faithful to the source material as they could live action Street Fighter movie.

    Here’s the link:

    Recently, I think fan films have been more faithful to the source material than anything Hollywood produces or could because of their, either lack of creativity, or just not caring about the fans and source material with the exception of MARVEL. That says something. Nightwing the series by ismahawk is another good one and for you DBZ fans check out this one:

  16. Please let the Sly Cooper and Ratchet & Clank movies be good.

  17. Yes. This movie, like Mortal Kombat, I started to watch and I still haven’t finished… However, this movie, unlike Mortal Kombat, is both confusing and boring at the same time.

  18. Man, this movie was horrible. I remember my disappointment with Guile as the star. I was expecting Ken or Ryu as the stars. lol This movie had way too many characters. They shouldn’t have used just the first set of SFII characters instead of tossing in Cammy and some of the others.

    That aside, it was City Hunter. For one part of the film, Jackie’s character ended up in the game room and there were a lot of video game cabinets. Jackie got knocked into one and that started the characters ended up fighting as SF characters. STILL a better movie, that one scene, than the entirety of the Street FIghter movie. lol

  19. Yo Doug and Rob!!! Can you do a real thoughts on the 80’s cartoons you talked about, like Captain N, the Super Mario Super Show, and the Sonic cartoons? Thanks!!! I always enjoy these videos ^-^

  20. No, I think most MK fans (myself included) think ALL of the characters were treated with respected. That’s how Johnny and Kano and Sonya were/are generally expected to be like. Johnny is an egotistical movie star/comic relief, Kona is a sleazy Australian mercenary and Sonya is stone cold. I don’t know what Rob and/or Doug was expecting from them.

    Anyway, I feel like Street Fighter is somewhere between the two MK movies; not as terrible as Anihiliation, but goofier than the first MK movie.

    • It really baffles me that they turned DJ into a bad guy and Boxer/Balrog into a good guy. Just why?

      And seriously Rob, you don’t think people picked Guile? I don’t know about back then, but he seems pretty beloved now. And when the story’s villain in Bison, it makes a lot more sense for Guile to be the main character than Ryu. I really get the feeling that Rob and Doug aren’t familiar enough with either series to understand why these decisions were made. Not saying that they MUST know, but it would probably help their opinions.

      One last thing, I think the first MK movie also works because, take all the silly game stuff out, it still works as a good martial arts movie because it follows the tournament format like Enter the Dragon did.

  21. You guys should watch and review Legend of Chun Li! Yes, I really hate you that much.

  22. It was Sonny Chiba who starred in a series of films titled The Street Fighter.

  23. I love you guys.
    I know this is going to be a “fuck off” comment but… how about upping the production value juuust a bit? Tiny bit? Some cuts and stuff…

  24. I’m a huge Street fighter fan and actually saw this in theaters back in the day. While it was a terrible adaptation, i still loved it because it was basically a live-action G.I.Joe movie!

    Also Raul Julia’s Bison was AWESOME! I’m not saying that because it was his last role either. He was badass, he was funny, smooth, and his was the only character this movie got RIGHT. If M.Bison was a real-life dictator type, you just know this is exactly how he’d be.

    Also JCVD was in it, doing what JCVD does best….being JCVD. Which is awesome too. The muscles, the one-liners, the on-screen charisma, etc. This was JCVD at the peak of his career (even if this wasn’t his best movie).

    Overall, this was still a fun, dumb flick, even if it was a crappy adaptation.

  25. was very pissed off when I was a kid and saw this. As an adult I still agree its bad,but its one of those so bad its funny bad. So it became entertaining when I got older.

  26. This has nothing to do with this video (sorry), but could you please do an episode about 21 Jump Street? The show from the 80’s, not the movies. I recently came across a few episodes on youtube and remembered how cheesy, but at the same time fun that show was. It would be very interesting to hear your opinion about it.

  27. reallywhocares

    Real thoughts on sonic the hedgehog sat am and the.. Other one.

  28. Americans in Hollywood are real more socially conservative these days like the former Soviet Censorship Comittee in the 1950s to early 70s.

  29. Why is Disney’s Frozen rated PG? well maybe it’s because the MMPAA thought it was Lesbian themed to an early age or even God forbid female sibling incest I’m sure secretly.

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