Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: The Ernest Movies

Yes they may be stupid, but are they “Ha Ha” stupid? Check out the Ernest Movies on Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts.

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  1. I LOVE the Ernest movies with Goes to Jail and Scared Stupid as my favorites.

    Can’t believe it’s already been 15 years since Jim Varney’s passing.

  2. If it helps you guys, Hey Vern is decent it actually gives Vern a significant role as an unseen, unheard straight man foil to his famous neighbor’s antics…The only real bad thing I can say about it is the segment, Lonnie Don’s School of Hollywood Sound Effects which was just the same gag over and over again. My FAVORITE segment is when Ernest goes to the barber and asks to have a haircut like a Wall Street Tycoon but he winds up giving him one that rhymes with Tycoon.

  3. Still waiting for a real thoughts on Lost in Space to see if it was as bad as you made it out in the review.

  4. Do Real Thoughs of FOODFIGHT!!! please. I hear it’s one of the worst movies you’ve ever reviewed.

  5. I noticed the two movies they liked were the ones that did in fact have Chuck and Bobby – who in the Ernest Scared Stupid review I remember Doug calling the best part of those movies. Although I like all of the “Big 4”, I’ll concede that Ernest Saves Christmas and Ernest Goes to Jail are the best of the bunch. Like Rob pointed out, Ernest Goes to Camp is fun for kitsch value. And yeah, I even like Ernest Scared Stupid on that level – probably because I was the right age when I saw it.

  6. Ernest In The Army, oh yeah, it exists. I discovered it on a “Essential” Ernest Collection set along with Ernest Goes To Africa and some shorts. I have yet to actually watch them.

    To satisfy your curiosity, here’s the description of Ernest In The Army:
    Our old buddy Ernest P. Worrell loves the big Army trucks so he enlists in the Reserves to get a chance to drive them. Unfortunately, Ernest’s unit is called up to serve overseas as part of a force looking to stop a Middle Eastern dictator. While Stationed in the desert with his unit, Ernest befriends a local youth and the two set off to rescue a female reporter covering the operation, whom Ernest has a crush on. Rated PG

    • As for Ernest Scared Stupid, all I remember is Troll snot and miak.

      The latter of which i never bothered to look up because I got the joke, it’s a weird thing that the weird character jumped to for comedic effect. You nerd.

  7. The new Varney was for a while Shia Lebeouf…not it’s sad to say but Adam Sandler is becoming this…especially after Pixels…critics and people are starting to says ” not him again”… It’s sad…still don’t get the Anne Hathaway hatred !?!?

  8. No mention of Ernest Needs a Kidney?

  9. Eddie Murphy also…maybe…

  10. Please please PLEASE check out Ernest Rides Again. It is one of the most absurd, bizarre things I have ever seen. He literally spends about half the movie riding on an out of control tank (or something) doing his signature annoying scream. It is a fantastic piece of cinema.

  11. You guys have to review more Ernest movies for the Nostalgia Critic. Also, please do a Real Thoughts on the Zorro sequel. Thanks. 🙂

  12. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    There are a few gems of the ernest series and then there are quite a few groans (didn’t enjoy the army or africa one. Scared Stupid was of the scale ‘so bad that it’s good’ territory). I enjoyed the character for who he was and I have seen a few episodes of “Hey Vern” and it is very hit or miss but enjoyable.

  13. Although the movie isn’t that good, Ernest Rides Again has the best theme song. And of course now because of this I keep thinking of Doug doing a face plaster over it like he did with Arnold back in the day.

  14. Screw you! Earnest goes to Jail was the best Earnest movie out there, save Christmas was second best but Goes to Jail is by far THE best, as for the rest, ehh, I agree with you they’re dumb and not fun to watch, but Goes to Jail is by far the Best one! Especially the set-up of him being a living magnet when he gets electrocuted! The Torment he received from the Filing Cabinets, Evil Earnest, come on, you can say the Santa in Saves Christmas is real all you want he doesn’t hold a candle to Evil Earnest!

  15. What Louie crossover are they talking about?

  16. I remember watching these movies when I was younger, but I honestly don’t remember much about them. I do recall being really young when I watched Scared Stupid, young enough to actually be a little frightened by it.

  17. Ernest was the offspring of Gomer and Goober Pyle.

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