Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on the Ghost Rider Movies

Can Doug and Rob really decide which one is worst? It’s a tough call.
Is it Ghost Rider or Ghost Rider 2 – Spirit of Vengeance?

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  1. Do real thoughts on AI next! You seemed to have missed out on Blackheart being from the comics. Didn’t Rob once say Ghost Rider was one his favorite superheroes? Never read them, but of course I love the design. He might get another reboot like everyone else. I’m still mad at you for mocking My Little Pony fanfiction.

  2. Doug’s hair is on fire most of the time …

  3. And these are the types of movies where I realize that you guys are just really picky, and it makes me want go back and see the movies you’ve reviewed as being awful and see if they really are.

    Don’t get me wrong–if you were more like me and liked things by default, your show would be boring as hell. So I’m glad you’re like this. But it still makes me wonder if I got the wrong idea out of some things.

    The only thing that was actually nostalgic for me where I think you got it 100% right is that Babes in Toyland movie with Drew Barrymore, I tried to watch it again before your review and just couldn’t. And yet I LOVED it as a kid.

  4. When using a superlative the word “the” must be used.

    Therefore the sentence “Can Doug and Rob really decide which one is worst?” must be “Can Doug and Rob really decide which one is the worst?”

  5. Goyer is a scumbag deserving MORE hate.

  6. I didn’t see either of the movies but I remember that my mom saw the first Ghost Rider and she thought it was really scary. Also, you leave the Tim Story Fantastic Four movies alone. LOL. I still stand by those movies. LOL.

  7. I thought they were both fine. Certainly not great, but I enjoyed them well enough.

  8. If I want to see superheroes that ride motorcycles, I would watch Kamen Rider instead.

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