Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on – The Haunted Mansion

Tony joins Rob and Doug in discussing what SHOULD have been one of Disney’s coolest movies.

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  1. Devil's Advocate

    I read that other adaptations had the ghosts under a curse too. maybe the “happy haunts” part is just unadaptable?

  2. Wallace Shawn is one of my favorite actors! “My Dinner With Andre”, “Toy Story”, and “The Princess Bride” are some of my favorite movies! Anyway, I think this is your longest real thoughts ever! How impressive! I knew little about ThatJerkWithACamera. Oh, and “Brother Bear” too.

  3. I only saw the film once and that was after it came on DVD/VHS

  4. The Walker Brothers *and* Tony Goldmark? It’s a comedy trifecta!

  5. The Real Silverstar

    Some Jerk joins the Walker Brothers? I can’t click fast enough.

    Interesting stuff. I didn’t realize that Eddie Murphy had been duped into signing an exclusive contract with Paramount, which prevented him from appearing in Ghostbusters. I’d love to visit the alternate universe where Murphy get to be Winston Zeddmore and John Belushi had lived to play Peter Venkman. What could’ve been…

  6. I remember trying to see this as a kid and not liking it. I think I turned the channel when Madame Leota showed up.

  7. And here i was thinking that the Tower of Terror was the first atrraction adapted. I didn’t knew that it was a tv special or something like that.

  8. I love these Real Thoughts. If you were to make a drinking game of them, a good rule would be : Take a shot whenever the one of the Walker brothers say they’re having trouble thinking of anything else to say, and the video is less than half-finished.

  9. Ryan Dewitt-Todd

    Why haven’t you done your real thoughts on: “Adventures of Pluto Nash” yet?

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