Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on – The Haunting (1999)

Worst remake ever. No seriously, EVER.

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  1. Hey, this is the last day before October! Casper is a much better movie. Rob uses the voices for “A FAMILY picture” here. I’ve seen some parts of the original movie. What I saw looked great! Do AI next!

  2. Doug, if it makes you feel better, I’d never heard of the remake until I saw your review several years ago, and after that, I rented the original on Netflix and now own a BluRay copy of it.

    Thank you. 🙂

  3. I don’t think PG-13 is that bad.

  4. So… Dream Catcher then

  5. I wouldn’t say it’s a good movie, but 13 Ghosts is a better, modern effects driven remake of an older horror film. At least the designs of the ghosts themselves were creative and practically done.

  6. Immediately after you posted your review of “The Haunting” I went out online and watched the original myself. The next Halloween it was playing on TV. My stepdad and stepsister love scary movies and had never heard of it so I put it on for us to watch. My other sister ended up leaving the room during the door banging scene because she was too scared.

  7. Just finished watching the original.
    My God that left me totally nervous.
    Excelent movie

  8. I think the PG-13 rating worked with the LOTR films.

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