Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on The Last Airbender

Did Shyamalan really destroy Doug’s favorite show?

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  1. I remember watching this movie on TV, I persuaded my family to watch it together, didn’t know anything about the movie at the time and all the time i was like “I swear the show is really good”, i really hate this movie.

    • felt so terrible watching the dancing scene in spiderman 3 with my family, but I didn’t convince them to watch it as far I can recall… so wow, I feel for ya. This is a shamelessly terrible movie, at least batman and robin crew came out and said sorry, they wanted to make this a fucking franchise!
      Even though it’s an atrocety, it’s not a tragedy. A tragedy is what they did to Joss Whedon’s Firefly. That was a damn tragedy.

      • Firefly is a series that i know that is good but I haven’t seen it cos I know that they cut it prematurely, Its really sad when that happens, like with avengers show.

    • futuremoviewriter

      For reaction videos I want to see: The Wizard, Flubber, Home Alone 3, Christmas Story 2, Doug’s 1st Movie, Good Burger, Nicktoons, Nickcoms, SNICK, Christmas Tree, Last Airbender, Full House, King and I, Catwoman, Haunted Mansion, Small Soldiers, Swan Princess, Lost World, Ghost Dad, Face/Off, Master of Disguise, Eight Crazy Nights, Richie Rich, North, Little Monsters, Kazaam, Blank Check, Casper, Space Jam, Next Karate Kid, Rock-a-Doodle, Quest for Camelot.

  2. Can you talk about Jurassic Park please! It was revolutionary for it’s effects at the time and I’d like to hear your guy’s thoughts on the sequel “Jurassic World” coming out this summer.

  3. What I’m really waiting for is Real Thoughts on Man of Steel. Also I’m hoping you’re going to do Star Wars Month(s) for the release of Episode VII and do some Real Thoughts on those films.

  4. Yeah, a whole season in one movie is something very hard to do.

    • Did anyone even succeed in making one?

      • Has anyone else been dumb enough to try? I can’t think of another one.

        • The most recent Saint Seya movie was the sanctary part of the series (73×20 minutes episodes) condensed in a 93 minutes movie. They are apparently making a live action movie about the Mysterious Cities of Gold’s first (AND ONLY!) season (39 episodes–> Kickass show by the way if you like 80’s animes)… Apparently the first Dr Who movie made in the 70’s was the retelling of the first doctor adventures in one movie. So when there’s money to be made off, some will actually try.

          • But are they actually good? That’s the question. (also a Saint Seiya live action movie would be really shiny)

          • (Sorry, there is no reply button on your message, I’ll reply here) The Saint Seya Movie, not really except for the animation and some cool fight scenes. The MCO movie isn’t out yet but I’m already afraid of it… And the Dr Who 70’s movie isn’t really that close to Dr Who at all as “The Doctor” is here an inventor who made his time machine himself and isn’t played by one of the actual doctors… But it was the first time we saw anything related to dr Who in color.

          • Woops, I meant MCoG. Force of habit. And I’ll add that I didn’t saw any of these movie, like I never saw The Last Airbender movie. I’m just quoting up there. In my opinion, making a good adaptation of a season from a series is near impossible because there’s just too much elements to incorporate in such short periods of time. I’d rather have an original story which isn’t canon but will fit in a 1h30 movie than forcing a whole season compressed like that. For example with Avatar, they could have made up a story where the Gaang would visit some place far away from te main plot and learn another life lesson. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood did something like that for its movie and it works great, and most of the animes usually do that. Granted, Avatar isn’t an anime but you get the point.

    • yea, but Shyamalan really didn’t make it easier by restrining himself to 90 MINUTES! I mean, come on, we can take even 2 hours and a half of movie, thats one hour of movie where someone could fit more of the series!

  5. Personally, I think that the whitewashing thing was caused by a desperate, and ultimately rather racist attempt to paradoxically avoid appearing racist. Someone decided that the main characters have to be white because some BS demographics say that only white people watch fantasy films (and can ofcourse only relate to other white people), but then realised that they couldn’t have Asian villains then without falling into Yellow Peril territory. So, in another leap of logic, they decided to make them Indian-Romans since the director is Indian, giving him the free pass, and no-one’s going to get mad about Roman-types being the bad guys. And then, just to top it all off, all the minor characters were picked to be as diverse as possible to avoid any accusations of racism, but inadvertently only making things worse due to the poor production values, making it appear that all the non-white, non-evil folk are poor and ignorant victims who need the mighty whiteys to come to their rescue.

    And so, in trying to avoid the racism card in incredibly forced ways, they ended up heaping racist implications all over the place.

    • It’s kinda like what Prince Wu said to Mako in the clip show episode.

      “You try so hard not to disappoint anyone…that you disappoint everyone.”

  6. ThePuzzlerOfRiddles

    I absolutely love this series! This is my favorite “Real Thoughts” thus far! You guys are great!

    I guess, if I was going to suggest one, I’d say do “The Good Son”.

  7. Ryan Dewitt-Todd

    Doug…. you should do your real opinion on the Chipmunk Adventure

  8. How dare you insinuate that us prequel fans are in denial?!


    REAL Opinion on Eight Crazy Nights, please. As well as Food Fight.

  10. Hanlon’s Razor states, “Never attribute to malice what can easily be explained by stupidity.” That’s the impression I’m getting from the casting choices in Last Airbender.

  11. The chick who played Katara is Nicola Peltz who played Bradley Martin in the first two seasons of Bates Motel. She unfortunately (and I mean “unfortunately”) left the show because she was casted into Transformers 4. Probably another move on his movie exec. father of “Higher Power”.

  12. Also, Real Thoughts on Blues Brothers 2000? Probably talk more about the Hollywood Blvd Theater Pub in Chicago.

  13. The Mysterious M

    So with this “Real Thoughts” series, are you stopping “Sibling Rivalry” and “NC Commentary?” Because you often do real thoughts there.

    Also, do The Wiz please. I’d love to see your thoughts on that (even if it was a crossover)

  14. I would love to see your honest thoughts about the three Jurassic Park movies now that Jurassic World is soon going to come out

  15. Actually, I was one of the few fans of the show that was in complete denial of how awful this movie was and said I like it. But after two years of lying to myself, I admitted that it was completely AWFUL! As for the actors who played Katara and Sokka, I can’t speak for Sokka’s actor (Jackson Rathbone) because I’ve only seen him in this movie and in Twilight and of course he was horrible. As for the actress who played Katara (Nicola Peltz), she actually is a pretty good actress. She played the hot blond daughter (obviously trying to take over Megan Fox’s character’s role) in Transformers 4 and the movie was awful but I thought she gave a good performance. I also heard she is one of the main characters in the show Bates Motel and I hear people say she’s either a lackluster or really good, probably a mixture of both. She’s a pretty good actress, unfortunately she got a bad rep for her horrible “performance” in The Last Airbender. I heard that Noah Ringer (the actor who played Aang) was in Cowboys and Aliens and was actually pretty good.

    As for requests, I’d like to know your real opinion on Space Jam. However, if you do make a video for it, I’d appreciate it if you read a blog I made about Lola Bunny in Space Jam and how I defend her. Since I obviously can’t contact you to have a discussion about it and you never are in the Kentucky area (not that I would be able to go because I can’t afford it), I guess the only way I can try to share my opinion about the Old Lola Bunny with you is through this blog. Please check it out and if you make a video about your real thoughts on Space Jam, please mention any good points you think I made, whether you agree with it or not.

  16. Doug should really review Dragon Ball Evolution as himself and as the Critic. Just Saying….

  17. The Mysterious M

    Here’s something– rather miniscule compared to the rest of the movie– that irked me. In the show, waterbenders and earthbenders require a source to bend from. Airbenders and firebenders can seemingly create their element to bend. So…WHY DO THE FIREBENDERS IN THE MOVIE NEED A SOURCE TO BEND FROM!?

    • Airbenders didn’t create their element, it’s kind of hard to avoid. Firebenders didn’t truly create their element either but that’s because in truth their element is heat, which was produced internal then amplified to fire evternaly. when the movie was produced it was deemed “unfair” and toned down to exceptionally skilled or powerful firebenders being able to do it. Personally I’m against the change as well because Firebending was two parts creation and control, this came up several times in the series in important moments and characterized no less then Jeong-Jeong, Zuko, Zhao and Aang. All significantly.

      • I get why they didn’t want the fire benders to be too powerful because it doesn’t seem fair, but then again how else would this relatively small nation conquer most of the world full of other people who could summon tidal waves, suck all the moisture from your body, or drop a 2 ton Boulder on your head, also that whole scene of them invading the Northern Water Tribe and launching those balls of fire into the city for their soldiers is incredibly stupid the place is full of waterbenders and the whole city is made of ice that fight should’ve been over in 5 minutes after all the waterbenders put out the fire balls

        • Well, as we saw in the movie, it takes five or six to lift a medium-sized rock and drift it fairly slowly. Ignoring the show for a moment, how many would it take to create a giant tidal wave? A couple hundred? Many of them would have been distracted by the fire nation warriors with the drill hats.

    • I saw it as that they could create fire because the original firebenders, dragons created fire, so they learned to create and bend fire from them. air bison and the moon and molebadgers only bender their elements not create them so all the other bending needs its physical element

  18. You guys should make a title card and get yourself a set, that would be sweet ^_^

  19. White actor Jesse McCartney was originally cast as Zuko, so the Fire Nation was going to be white too at first. I agree with Doug that casting the juicy villain parts with Indian (or Indian-looking) actors was probably meant positively by Shyamalan, but the overall picture of casting the leads as white is an example of Hollywood favouring whites, rather than out of malicious dislike of other races. That’s also racism, of a different type.

    • Too bad because when people heard this news they started making youtube videos of I’ll Try from Return To Neverland (the Jessie McCartney version), so it kind of made sense. But yeah, it definitely would have been stupid to put a teeny popper Disney Channel star in a serious Avatar film.

  20. why does the brother wear a hat ? he is indoors


    On this reddit thread, they post stracts from an interview done to someone who claims to have been part of the crew who worked on the movie and he says that Shyamalan was doing a good job until he got screwed by the producers and other people above him and he finally decided to go with it and sink with the ship.

  22. Shouldn’t Doug be grateful for this movie though?

    I remember in the first A:TLA vlog, he said he was only watching the TV show so he could have a fuller context for his NC review of the movie. So if Shyamalan hadn’t made this very awful movie, Doug may never have gotten around to watching the series, which is now his favorite all time TV show.

  23. This is an awesome show, and I never would have watched it if not for this site.

  24. Anything of Joss Whedon, which you hardly seem to mention (except avengers reviews, but nothing about Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse/Firefly/Dr.Horrible. I’m just a fan, I’d like to hear what you think about the guy. Nothing major.
    plus the gag on the avatar top 10 with the comments made me actually laugh out loud… and your comedy hardly makes me do that, no offence. You’re still not Joss Whedon yet.

  25. Two words.

    Garbagepail Kids.

    Wanna see you make a video of that movie, since you’ve said it’s still the worst movie NC has done.

    • Honestly, he’s probably said all he needs to say about that film in is Top 10 worst movies he’s ever reviewed. That was a pretty honest description as it was. I see no absolute reason for him to do an entire video on that after already making it very clear what his true thoughts are.

  26. Yea about the whole race thing, when I read this it pissed me off that in the 2000’s producers are still thinking like they did in the 50’s. That said Aang’s teacher is a 30ish black guy, so I don’t know.

  27. I knew, absolutely knew that this movie would rape the original series when I saw Zuko, and not only was he rocking a full head of hair (THE TOPKNOT IS IMPORTANT!), but his disfiguring, character-altering facial scar had been reduced to a light discoloration that you can’t even see in some lights. I’ve had facial eczema more disfiguring than that!

    Then I saw White Sokka and White Katara, and officially gave up.

    • Oh, and I can think of ONE movie that managed to combine a whole season into one movie, namely the first “Rurouni Kenshin” movie, which combined two or three arcs into one story and streamlined a few others into it. Just one movie out of ALL the adaptations. And they were smart enough to turn the next arc into a two movie deal.

      “Avatar” needed a miniseries, really. At least six hours.

      I’d disagree that fantasy is on the way out, since now we have GoT, OUAT and the upcoming Legend of Zelda and King Arthur stuff. Oddly it wasn’t that big even during the heydey of LOTR and HP, because we just got a few halfhearted fantasy movies. I mean, what else did we get? “Seeker: The Dark Is Rising”? “Eragon”? Both disasters with no possibility of sequels. So I think we’re roughly in the same place as before, but things have shifted a bit to TV.

  28. How is it that Dante Basco’s scar makeup in the Top 11 Best Avatar Episodes looks so much better and more striking than Dev Patel’s scar makeup in The Last Airbender? And that came from a big-budget Hollywood studio!

  29. I actually believe a movie adaptation would have been able to adapt the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I mean, come on! Lord of the Rings was considered to be impossible to bring to the big screen, let alone a franchise. And look at it now! It’s considered to be one of the greatest trilogies of all time! Anything is possible. But it does need a good director, a good writer, good producers, and good actors to help bring it to life. I believe it is possible to adapt the three seasons of the series into movies. It can be a great trilogy (and yes, I mean trilogy, because the two-parter thing is getting old now)!

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