Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on The Last Airbender

Did Shyamalan really destroy Doug’s favorite show?

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  1. Of the three books, I think Water is the only one that could have conceivably had all its important information conveyed in one film. Among its other problems, The Last Airbender was way too short to accomplish this. It should have had a better screenwriter and director, and an extra hour to its run time.

  2. Worked on it. Was supposed to be a trilogy

  3. So I really like this series conceptually, however, I’d like to make a suggestion: cut it. Two cameras, one behind Rob facing Doug and the other behind Doug facing Rob. The reason I suggest this is because, to me, the show would seem more natural if you guys were talking TO each other as opposed to talking at the camera. Plus, it would make it more visually appealing. Regardless, I actually appreciate the behind the scenes idea where we get your REAL opinions on the stuff you review.

    This one is no different in that respect.

  4. I being an Indian liked the diversity. But the main thing I liked in the movie is the tattoo and the concept of Fire Bending ( Fire benders can only bend fire if its available just like other benders unlike in cartoon they produce from thin air.) and Iroh producing from thin air is Mastery. and also how they can produce when the Comet comes over.

    • Firebenders could bend fire out of nothing because they had their body heat to produce it for them. That’s why they didn’t need a source. Waterbenders could do this too because in the episode “The Puppet Master,” it showed that Waterbenders can pull water out of thin air. In fact, in The Incredibles, they stated that Frozone could create ice by using the water in the air. So Waterbenders can bend without a source, it’s just a lot harder than it is for Firebenders and Airbenders. So it looks like only Earthbenders need a source. But I would have loved to see what Azula’s blue fire would have looked like in live-action.

  5. Please, please I would love to hear your real thoughts about Pearl Harbor.

  6. I agree with you two entirely on just how unnecessary “grit” is, especially in Avatar. That was always a fantastical adventure through colorful lands. I’m just not sure how you can justify the Legend of Korra, then, when THAT’S unnecessarily gritty.

  7. First off, let me state that I was a late fan to Avatar: The Last Airbender; a friend told me about it and it just happened to be on netflix, so we marathonned the entire series over a couple of days 🙂

    For some strange reason, I didn’t really mind that the Fire Nation was made Indian. I could just see people of that ethnicity having a affinity for fire for some reason.

    The other thing I liked was something I had always wondered about in the cartoon: Why did Fire Benders never need a source of their element to bend? By making them need this in the movie, it made Iroh’s ability to bend without a source more impressive.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I still think the movie stank (although some of the fight sequences were okay), but it had a few small points that weren’t that bad.

  8. It came out after 6 months after James Cameron’s avatar, capitalizing on the people who actual the James Cameron Avatar was going to be this Avatar. I don’t know how long this was in production but it seems like a six month movie..

  9. The Lord of the Rings is actually why Avatar exists. Nickelodeon greenlit the show because of the immense popularity in the genre LOTR brought to the table. Bryke has talked about this in interviews and such too.

  10. Also I’ve heard of MMA and UFC fighters passing out from the pain of getting tattoos on their scalp. So yeah airbender kids getting them would be insane lol.

  11. I could not believe that my mom did not think that this movie was that bad. There was only one good scene in this movie in my opinion and that was when Zuko and Aang fought together. That was awesome… and that’s the only good thing I remember from this movie.

  12. ONE Thing I will say about this movie is it did get Doug too Vlog the Avatar series

  13. Maybe the movie could have been a little better and interesting if Shamalan hadn’t gone for the main story, but a side story that tied into the main story at key points. Like another group of benders out to stop the fire nation, bumbing into Aang and company at certain plot points of the main story and eventually ending up joining the invasion force at the day of the black sun.

    At least it would have been a new story and still have some moments that fans would recognize and it could have been a better movie perhaps.

  14. Thatguywiththebeard

    This reminds me of the Dragonball Z series and the Dragonball Evolutions movie. Naturally I got excited when I heard there was a movie coming out of one of my favorite cartoons at the time and couldn’t wait to see it. I remember sitting in the theaters face palming and thinking that it was such a betrayal, maybe more so than The Last Airbender.

  15. I saw that review. XD… The guy raging about Aang’s mispronunciation screaming about how he wanted it to be said right JUST ONCE!!!!! XD…

    That video was hilarious.

  16. In my opinion, the only thing that can ‘ruin’ a good series or franchise is if the bad stuff went back in time and made it bad. I’m not sure why someone would let a bad addition to something actually make them hate something you love.


  18. Just in case it hasn’t been posted yet, here’s the YouTube vid Doug was taking about…

  19. How about “Follow That Bird” for real thoughts? We never even really got the NC’s thoughts on that one, other than that he finds it too nostalgic to criticize.

  20. Real thoughts on The Garbage Pail Kids. Feed me your anger Doug! 3:D

    Okay, for real though, um… Real thoughts on the Transformers movies? Real thoughts on the Don Bluth animated movies you didn’t like (Anastasia, Rock-A-Doodle, Troll in Central Park, Pebble and the Penguin)? Real thoughts on The Wiz? Real thoughts on the Care Bears movies (at least the first two)? Real thoughts on Uwe Boll movies?

  21. Could you talk about Mortal Kombat movie? Just the first one. Everybody knows the second one is crap, but I wonder about your real thought about the first movie and your reasons to hate it. (or maybe you actually like it?)

  22. “Once Upon a Forest” please please, pretty please!

  23. I just have to laugh at the people who get bent out of shape on these racial casting issues. Sokka and Katara were not Inuit, they are water tribe, a fantasy ethnicity. Even if there were a lot of Inuit actors to pull from in Hollywood the casting director would not have found any with blue eyes. The same goes with Asians with gold eyes to play the villians.

    This nonsense centered around TLA was even worse then the crazy that blew up about Dragon Ball’s casting. Once again, you have a fantasy ethnicity, Saiyan, that isn’t even from Earth to begin with. Any casting choice would have been equally valid so long as the actor fit the vague description of black hair, tall, fit-muscular, male, with dark eyes.

  24. “Incompetence” Yeah, that sums up this movie 😛

  25. The Angry Engineer

    Shyamalan is the new Uwe Boll.

  26. You should give your real opinions on the live action Cat in the Hat. I’d love to see that!

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