Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on – The Lorax

We made fun of this film pretty hard, but did it deserve all the hatred that we gave it? Doug and Rob take a look again at The Lorax.

Watch the Nostalgia Critic review of The Lorax here.

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  1. You did a commentary on the lorax review, not a real thought

  2. I like Sonic SatAM but didn’t but didn’t it have a clear bad guy like this movie?

    • The difference they suggested was that the environmental theme was subtly handled, where as in this movie it was really forced.

      • Also, the Lorax is based on source material that doesn’t have a villain, whereas Sonic is based on a game that has a clear one. It’d be odd to have a Sonic show without Dr. Robotnik, whereas it’s just as odd to have a Lorax movie with one.

        • but also, people like the villain in the Lorax do exist.

          • The Real Silverstar

            No one’s arguing that point, but the point you seem to be missing is that by putting a specific face, name and evil motive onto a specific character and denoting that character as the clear-cut villain undermines the whole point of the original story.

            Suess didn’t give the Once-Ler a face in the original book because he was supposed to represent ANYBODY who thoughtlessly abuses the environment for their own ends, including you or me. Creating a straight-up cartoon bad guy for the audience to root against negates that message, because it takes the blame off of the reader/viewer. A story like The Lorax doesn’t call for Robotnik type character, which is why this movie failed.

          • This may be true. But in those cases, the way we defeat them isn’t by a straight-up Avengers style fight. We beat them by moderating our own behavior, by our own thoughtful approach to consumption. By blaming them, we absolve ourselves of responsibility.

  3. Orange is my favorite color! Why does it get shafted so many times? Anyway, you really did talk about a lot of stuff here. It wasn’t just Dr. Seuss. I’d argue Real Thoughts on Cat In The Hat discusses this. Obviously, this does it more.

  4. Actually the new movie looks more close to the comics and less like the show. Though I will admit the “outcasts” is not right, they’ve always been the kids who help and care about everyone.

    Edited for grammar.

    • I “assume” your talking about the new Power Rangers movie(?)

      I really didn’t watch the show beyond the first few seasons. If we we’re going by that example I’d agree. However, what I’ve learned from watching Linkara’s History of Power Rangers series is that there have been far more variations on the premise they many would assume. Myself included, because when he started that I was like “Really!? They’ve had THIS many incarnations!”

      While they’ve taken the names from the first series team, the premise feels a little more like the 2004 season Power Rangers Dino-Thunder. Where the team was more like The Breakfast Club with kids from different cliques winding up in detention together at the start and they becoming a team.

      Inevitable the first team PR team (much like the original Star Trek team), it’s still the best known. So it should be interesting to see how the older fans reaction compares with the newbies, since there seems to be more marking on nostalgia and the presumably larger fan base.

      As to whither fans of either age group wants this edgier approach, it’s hard to say. There have been some season of PR that were darker than others (with RPM probably being the darkest). My feeling is that OK so long as they still remembered to be kid friendly and not take it too seriously.

      • Yes, I am taking about the new film. In my opinion (based solely on what the trailers have done(which is to say not a lot of information)) It looks like they’re trying to keep it closer to the boom studio comics that are out right now, which happen to be a little darker and goes more into detail, especially about their training and the how they can do the stuff they do. Even still only time can tell if the movie will be well received.

        Edit: also yes it does mix a lot of the dino thunder clique-ish feel.

  5. 14:30-22:00
    This was an excellent summation of how to do edutainment right. The good story should be your first goal and the message should flow from there. The story shouldn’t just be a flat palette for a bloated message.

    I used to wonder why message filled entertainment for kids tend to get such a beating. A lot of those shows and movies I actually liked a lot as a kid. When every I heard anyone say “kids don’t want to listen to lessons” it kind of left me scratching my head, because I DID. I liked to think the creators cared about the future we were growing into, the troubles that we might face, and what we could do about it. It was nice to think that they cared to give us something more that just escapement.

    What I’ve come to realize is that the same reason so many people try to give “message” work a free pass is also what gets others people so mad at them. This whole idea that if we sound sure we’re doing something meant to DO GOOD, than it must BE GOOD. As if good intentions (assuming you really do care) is any excuse for bad writing. It’s the whole “eat your peas” effect of forced feeding that makes you gag. Edutainment (especially for kids) is better served like raspberry yogurt. Smooth and tangy, but still nutritious.

  6. I watched the premiere of MMPR back in the 90s and was 100% certain that it would fail because it was just too stupid to be what kids wanted. Well . . . I didn’t realize that I wasn’t a kid anymore. I was out of touch with the youth of the planet and I watched power ranger-mania take over like ninja turtle-mania had done years earlier.
    Anyway, I hated the power rangers of old and all of its copycat reincarnations since . . . but this is different. This reimagining appears to be more thoughtfully done and done considerably less silly. I’m actually going to give it a try in the theater and see if it surprises me.

  7. I never saw the original Lorax until a plant biology class in high school. I liked it but I wouldn’t see it again. Then a couple of years later, this came out so I at least knew that this was Dr. Suess. On the subject of Power Rangers, I’m okay with a little bit of grit. I’m just hoping they don’t lose the fun. To me, that’s the charm of Power Rangers. The jokes at least seem corny so there’s hope.

  8. Acetylsalicilique

    I am a huge Power Rangers fan, and I can’t say this is “what we wanted”, but it can be really fun.

    It’s not that we want MMPR to be dark and gritty. For example, you probably saw the fanmade short film that was aroung a couple years ago, that was really dark and everyone praised. I hated it, it was just mean and “in your face” dark. “Look, Zack is into drug and prostitutes now, and Rocky’s a traitor, and everyone is depressed…”

    I just want people not to think the original PR didn’t adress these issues at all. They were just more subtle and in subtext.

    So about this now movie, it can be fun to see it be treated more seriously ( in appearance ), but it has to keep the lightheartedness and… the fun of the original media.

  9. I suspect preachy message films (like Fern Gully) are rooted in a the instinct to worship. If you don’t have an conscious religion centered on a god you are at risk of building an unconscious religion centered on ANYTHING.

    In this case industry is the devil that tempts us towards the sin of pollution.

  10. The Cat in the Hat: Universally panned
    The Lorax: Mixed to negative
    The Grinch: Mixed
    Horton Hears a Who: Positive

  11. I don’t blame the orange hate given that there is Trump the first orange President.

  12. Nice really nice it’s really nice to see a new honest thoughts video and I really hope that you can make more Steven Universe videos soon because it has bin way to long since the last one

  13. About the Bob Ross backstory. I’ve heard that too! But also Mr. Roger is in the same boat; he was some super violent guy in the armed forces, and when he got out, wanted to make a positive impact. I would say he suceeded!

    • FataMorganaPseudonym

      That is an urban legend. It’s not true at all. Unlike Bob Ross, who actually did serve in the Air Force, Fred Rogers was never in the military.

  14. How about this: Bambi’s mom still dies but from Mad Magazine ad on YouTube created this idea that Bambi’s mother deer comes back as the undead! Walt Disney’s Zombi: Fawn of the Dead as in “Bambi’s Zombie Mom.”

  15. “Love is a song that never ends, especially if you’re mother is back from the dead, going after those men hunters in vengeance, doing God knows what to them.” How’s that? pam pam pam pam pam pam.

  16. I wish I could be a filmmaker of children’s and family movies in the style of the 1980’s era. I want to be that kind of subtle visual storyteller that doesn’t talk down to kids, the kind that you guys admire, who doesn’t follow fashions, don’t follow fashions, don’t follow popularity, follow the dictates of your heart and soul. Put your mind to that.

  17. I really do wish I could be an 80’s, 90’s (early 90’s) style dark and gritty and harsh lessons with religious undertones or early 2000’s fantasy or high fantasy genre movie directors, screenwriters or in that kind of storytelling.

  18. I am Russian and Jewish by the way.

  19. Most Russian and Jewish artists are like that.

  20. Ryan Dewitt-Todd

    You should do your real thoughts on:

    “Captain Planet”

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