Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on – The Purge

Don’t question the brilliance of this movie, IT JUST WORKS!

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  1. Doug and Rob, I just heard about the passing of your mother and I offer my deepest condolences.

    I’m 38 and both my parents are in their mid 70’s. Even though they’re perfectly healthy, the thought of losing them because of their age constantly lingers in my head and gets worse every passing year. I live an hour away from them, so make it a habit to call them every week and at least see them twice a month.

    I enjoyed seeing your mother in videos and she comes off as nice and caring person who raised 2 great people.

    My prayers are with you guys and your family. If you need to take time off from videos, we fans can understand.

    • I’m with you there, I’m 35, my parents are 20/21 years older than me respectively. I think they’ll still be with us awhile, but you never know what could happen. 🙁 Doug, I hope you guys give yourself a chance to grieve, you need it. And giant hugs to you your dad 🙁

  2. Actually, I would believe if the purge were to happen. People’s morals are constantly changing. Also, I’ve never heard of anyone who doesn’t like District 9. Also, if your mother really did pass away, I’m sorry for your loss. D:

    • I’m not so sure. There are a lot of assholes out there, but I like to think most people aren’t capable of taking another life in cold blood. Killing for survival is one thing, but the innate bloodlust that’s portrayed in the film is unrealistic to me.

      • The thing is most people just want to be left alone. The thing about The Purge is that it’s a lot of work. I could see someone using it as an excuse to shoot out the neighbor’s stereo that they keep playing too loud.

        Heck, even when we have riots and looting, people pretty much stick to their own neighborhood.

  3. Rob was wearing a Rick And Morty shirt! How could you have not mentioned the Rick and Morty episode that parodied this?! Anyway, that was indeed a great episode. I’m glad so many people made fun of it. Oh and may your mother RIP. I still love “District 9”.

  4. The purge works,rick and morty have proven it!

  5. Watch the third one. Its not like an earth-shattering “film”, but they basically took every plot hole and real-world flaw still unresolved from the first and second, and made it in to a movie. Like legit. Wonder how it effects the global economy? Ever wonder how purge clean-up works? Now that drones are a thing, are they used to purge? Hopefully in “The Purge: Civil War” (you heard it here first, folks) characters will have a “Purgefinder” app and will discuss what purging is like in Cleveland, Boise and Delaware.

  6. Sean the Xenomorph

    I looked him up, no, he was not in Arrow. Sorry Rob

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