Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: The Sonic Shows

Was there really a good one and a bad one?

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  1. It really bothers me when people put down little kids shows. Or cartoons made with younger audiences in mind. They aren’t made for you. It doesn’t make then bad necessarily. If kids are entertained by it it did its job. I mean, it should still be criticized if it does something bad or really low quality but oh boy do people really like to put them down.

    You know, when you summarize just about any TV show/movie, it sounds really stupid?

  2. Doug you need to review Strange Magic. It’s really bad. Think Moulin Rouge done by Disney.

  3. Huh, I thought for sure you were going to limit yourself to reviews you didn’t do a commentary on, seeing as you basically gave your honest thoughts in the commentary.

  4. I’m right there with Rob getting pissed at the cliffhanger of the Sonic SatAM finale.

    • It was made even worse by the fact it was only one more episode. Why couldn’t we see the last episode? And to tease by saying tune in next week, to get absolutely nothing. My childhood was inconvenienced.

      • Huhhh… Sonic SatAM had an ending.
        The Doomsday Project. The one were Sonic and Sally essentially blow up Eggman’s ultimate weapon-base-thingy.

        It’s ‘Sonic Underground’ that never got to have an ‘Ending’.


  6. Am I the only one who remembers Sonic X?

  7. My opinion has basically the complete opposite since I was young; AoStH is simple but it’s enjoyable for what it set out to achieve, while SatAM is boring, somewhat pretentious and does the game characters that do show up no favours.

    You know, there still was a bit of a confliction with marketing between territories when these shows were around. While North America used the SatAM designs (and even Sally) for their media, Europe used a whole Smorgasbord of sources to cobble their stuff. Some of it was more closely from the games, some was the Stay Sonic origin and the chosen Robotnik was the AoStH one. The West couldn’t even decide for themselves, no wonder SoJ decided to just cut the bull and streamline the games into an internationally consistent one decided by them.

    The comic wasn’t really a SatAM continuation to be honest, it was more a mix of things but with comic originals eventually weighing heavier than SatAM influence despite the FFs being the focus, and AoStH was a footnote. Then eventually it grew beyond 200 issues, Archie got sued, a full reboot ensued and now only scant bits of the SatAM lore remained adapted (as in, they have these characters, Knothole/Mobotropolis exists and Sally has her dad).

    Also you be dissin’ Wally Gator? >:/

  8. Curse me being born in the late 90’s! NO!

  9. The Mysterious M


  10. Sonic’s got like 5 cartoons. 4 American cartoons and one Japanese anime that went on for 3 seasons. And one of those new cartoons came out recently back in 2014 on Cartoon Network. A lot of time has passed. I’ve only just turned 22 today and I feel old. That said, the one I grew up with was Sonic X. And a video tape of two episodes of AoSth.

    • don’t forget there was also an OVA movie and the Night of the Werehog short film, I do believe Sonic is the video game character that has been translated into cartoons the most times.

  11. Someone tell Rob they DID have chilidogs on the SatAM. They even had them on Underground. And PLEASE tell Doug he botched the comment about Sally’s dad in the original review and that he was still alive and voiced by Tim Curry!!!

  12. doug would you try watching sonic underground?

  13. I totally agree.
    Great fun. Good film. More Character-development. I was a bit disappointed how my expectations was fulfilled. Not more. A shame. But not bad! 😀

  14. For me, the syndicated Sonic show aired weekday mornings at 7:00. I used ot watch it before school and usually always almost miss my bus. I was like 12. Now hte SatAM show…I loved it! My younger cousins liked the weekday one more. I think the reason both ran concurrently, was because originally, they were trying to come up with a Saturday morning program, came up with Adventures of SOnic the Hedgehog, wasn’t liked, then they came up with the SatAM one…or something like that.

    As for the Mario Bros toons, yeah. Super Mario Bros 3 continued the story from the Super Show. They say that Koopa returned with his Koopa Kids after thinking he’d finally gone. Super Mario World was about Mario, Luigi, and Peach taking a trip to Dino-land and stayed there to help the cave people.

    Man, that cliffhanger…I was like NOOOOOO!!! I was so annoyed and yeah, it was continued in the comics. The comic actually still runs to this day. It’s one of the longest-running game-comics ever, if I’m not mistaken. I at NYCC a few years ago, I got a 20th anniversary comic. I remember at the time (since I was playing the games), I was like, “Ooo, what if it’s Knuckles!” I was really really REALLY into that show. Damn Power Rangers. lol I heard that Sonic was up against Power Rangers and that PR pretty much kicked its butt in ratings.

    Oh man, I LOVED Tails! He’s still one of my all-time favorite characters. lol I loved Sonic 2. I didn’t have a Genesis either, I had an SNES. My cousin had the Genesis and the Sonic games. I loved Sonic 2, though. My fav of the original Sonic games.,,and I liked Tails. lol Oh well. The character was supposed to have been really smart and a tech guy. It was shown in the Sonic 2 game. When the plane gets shot down and you play Sky Chase Zone or whatever it was called, with only Sonic, Tails is fixing the plane.

    Even though I was a Tails fan, it didn’t bother me that his character was played down in the SatAM show because it actually worked for that show. They weren’t in a situation where they needed his technological genius, as that was Sally’s field, and they had more “adult” problems to deal with that a kid like Tails shouldn’t even be bothering with. So yeah, despite my liking and favoring of him, it just felt right to have him downplayed.

    I used to love watching the LoZ cartoon, although, ironically, I didn’t like the games yet (I became a fan after A Link to the Past). I’d tried the first game when it first came out, but I couldn’t get into it since I was like…6 or something and didn’t have the patience. lol The cartoon only had Zelda 1 and 2 to pull from, just like the Super Mario Bros Super Show only had the first two games to pull from. Looking back on that show now….it’s kind of bad, but, they didn’t have much to work with at the time, so they get a pass. Same with the SMBSS. I actually commend them on being a bit creative with so little to work with as far as that goes. Sucks the licensed music in that cartoon has been changed (same with SMB3 cartoon). Until rewatching it recently, I didn’t even realize how few power ups were used in the SMBSS cartoon and how they had to find other ways to defeat their enemy…and I loved Danny Wells’ take on Luigi. lol

    Anywho, nice to hear your thoughts about these shows. Looking forward to haring more from you two….too bad you won’t talk about the Ewok cartoon. I barely remember it, but remember liking it and not caring for the Droids part of the Star Wars Droids/Ewok hour thing. As a kid for the longest time Return of the Jedi was my favorite of the three because of the Ewoks. They were so cute. lol

    • It surpasssed Conan as the longest-running licensed franchise comic and went WAY past the longest-running video game character comic ever. 🙂 Quite a few records broken. It’s still going (with a dash of epic controversy and unwelcome-yet-necessary tiptoeing around to prevent lawsuits), and a lot of fans have grown up and been running it. At least two old internet fan artists penciled some old stories, one is STILL doing most of the coloring, and the head writer is the sole writer, so no conflicting … things. Really, while the comic had two guys battling for canon content, the book sucked and only stayed afloat due to Sonic’s appeal in general. Once Ian came in and within three issues cleaned out half the trash, it became readable again.

      And I am one of the kids who almost fainted from flailing and confusion during the entire Doomsday episode. I was brainstorming so bad to figure out who it was and when September the next year rolled around, no Sonic was on the line-up. I kept waking up early trying to catch it, but it never aired. It was cancelled. I was heartbroken. One of the writers for the SatAM show worked with fans to play out what Season 3 would have been like. He died recently at a relatively young age. Suckage.

      I’m out of words, but this reminded me they DID do a SatAM Season 3 fancomic somewhere and I haven’t read it yet, mostly because I’ve read the interviews with previously-mentioned writer and just left it to the imagination.

  15. I never owned a Genesis, either. I still liked Sonic, though. My cousin had a Genesis, and I wanted to play Sonic whenever I went to his house.

    I got my Sonic fill ten years later, with the Sonic Advance series.

    By the way, Sonic Advance 2 remains one of the best games I have ever played. It still holds up.

  16. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    Hey, everyone has an opinion but you leave Batman Brave and the Bold alone. That show is awesome.

  17. Devil's Advocate

    I guess the Sally bashing back in the actual review was a joke since anyone with a brain can tell that she was the brains of the group and the one in charge, not just a useless princess.

  18. Chicago Loves You

    I’m surprised no one mentioned that Doug had a bit-part in the fan film based on the Saturday morning Sonic the Hedgehog.

  19. The sad part is that BOTH 90s series are better written than most of the main franchise video game content from the current previous decade.

  20. Devil's Advocate

    also, Doug still never talked about Dulcy, NICOLE, Rotor, Lupe, King Max, Naugus or Ari.

    and Tails was supposed to get a bigger role in the third season and was already made a Freedom Fighter in one of the last episodes. he also was the one to figure out Sally was replaced by a robot in one episode.

  21. Who looks at a hedgehog and thinks “ooo, this could be a little more sonic?”

  22. My god, Sonic SatAM was my life when I was younger, haha. I was just as frustrated when I found out it was cancelled. It was as bad as when I got myself incredibly invested in Firefly and boom! cancelled as well. Like seriously? Why do all the good shows have to have such a horribly short shelf life? It’s such a shame really.

  23. I remember sat am. I loved it. It felt kind of like a kid “soap opera”, now that I think about it. I remeber watching the last episode and I was so pumped to see the continuation of the series. waited an entire week to see the next episode, but nothing came..waited for another week, but nothing came. Eventually I just stopped waiting because I figured that maybe that was the end of the series. But years later I discoverd that it was cancelled because of the power ranger Show. W.T.F?? Who picks the power rangers over sat am? The world had gone mad.

  24. Zachary Kaplan

    Please do Real Thoughts on The Pagemaster, Once Upon a Forest and The Magic Voyage.

  25. I loved Sat AM. I actually was into the comics that followed the next few years. My favorite version of Sonic and his world actually.

  26. Rob; YES… to this day it’s one of the biggest let downs EVER! I remember scouring the web back in the day to look for answers and all I found was legal jargon and how much more darker it was going to be (well, as dark as a story about a blue hedgehog can get :p).
    Anyway, I remember as a young kid watching SatAm, it was MY show, and I compared other cartoons to it (even today, I enjoy the revolution/post apocolyptic/dystopian-like series because of it).

    They didn’t just have 2 shows on at the same time, at one point they randomly switched the 2 shows in the same time slot. It was so upsetting! I recall being so upset I wanted my mom to call and say what the hell lol. AS A KID, I remember feeling insulted that they think us kids can’t tell the difference between an awesome series and garbage? However old I was I felt AoSTH to be awful and foreign.
    Then soon I heard about Sonic Underground…. and it wasn’t the same. Then I heard about Sonic X being an anime… I know it’s still popular but being in my 20s and watching it… its certainly a let down. Then as a 28 year old I hear about Sonic Boom… and I feel like I’m throwing in the towel; nothing will ever compare to SatAm… But IMO Sonic Boom is as close as we may ever get to it, I know its based off the recent game (which I haven’t played), but it could actually have potential to be a better story and series, but instead they’re 15 minute Tom and Jerry shows now lol.

    I guess us older fans still have the comics…

    Btw, I swear I am normal, actually no one I know knows how much of a Sonic fan I am XD

    If anyone is still reading this, there is a rare not well known Sonic anime movie done in the 90’s. It’s not horrible but it’s nice to see something different..

  27. Dark Disney Shows, like Gargoyles… They went pretty dark with that one. Not as dark as SatAM, but still good enough. It also had some very nice multipart stories.

    Wait, a small group of remnants from another age hiding in the woods and fighting an evil emperor and his minions. Isn’t that the plot of the Gummibears?

  28. I my opinion, anyone who watched SatAM should totally read the comics. As long as you accept that it’s paced like a soap opera (which all comics are, if you think about it) it’s actually really good! If either of the Walkers are reading this, I’d suggest looking it up when you have the time to see if you like it before investing any money in it. I’m a little ashamed to say I know there are full copies online you can check out for free.

  29. Where I lived the Adventures cartoon aired at 7AM, I watched it every morning while I got ready for school. I love how the SATAM cartoon was so popular among fans that the comic that was mostly based off it is STILL going strong something like 22 years later. SATAM is legitimately one of my favorite cartoons ever, up there with Gargoyles, Batman TAS, and Avatar the Last Air Bender. I’m sad that the show wasn’t really merchandized in it’s own time. There were plenty of Sonic toys and merchandise back in the 90’s, but it was all based on the video games and there was no definitive line of action figures. There wouldn’t be a REAL Sonic action figure line until 1999 when the Sonic Adventure game was released, and only ONE official toy of Princess Sally ever got made, a bendy figure you could get at Segaland, good luck finding one of her these days (trust me, I’ve tried.)

    SATAM was SUCH a great show that I’ve basically built my entire INTERNET PERSONA around making the toys for this show that didn’t exist back then, I’ve made action figures for Sally, Rotor, Bunnie, and Antoine so many times that I have it down to a formula. Hell, I’ve even made WEDDING CAKE TOPPERS for people based off of it! Commission: Sonic and Sally wedding cake topper by Wakeangel2001 on DeviantArt

  30. I remember watching Sonic SatAM as a little kid, but I don’t think I ever saw Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Not sure if it was broadcast here in Canada, though I don’t see why it wouldn’t have been, at least on one of the American channels we get. I really liked the Sonic series and even got a Sonic stuffed toy. Never played the games because I never had a SEGA console. I even liked Sonic Underground, which judging from the comments on here puts me in a minority.

    Glad to hear your real thoughts on the series. It’s too bad Sonic SatAM got cancelled. I don’t remember too much from that series as I wasn’t even in elementary school when it was on, but I do know I really enjoyed it.

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