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Was there really a good one and a bad one?

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  1. Oh by the way, a basic plot synopsis was released for what season 3 would have been. The eyes in the dark room behind Snively belonged to Ixis Naugus, who Snively had made some kind of deal with. Tails was to feature more prominently in the third season as he grew from a child to a full fledged freedom fighter (remember he DID come up with a plan that allowed them to get a power stone) speaking of the power stones, they were supposed to be connected in the destructive way at the climax of the series, and in the end King Max would be returned and everything would be better.

    None of that material was really used in the comic book, which DOESN’T directly continue the cartoon for the most part. In fact the comic book started out more like the Adventures cartoon in tone and art style but with the cast of the SATAM show and stuff from the games mixed in. It wasn’t until the SATAM cartoon got cancelled almost 2 years into the comic’s run that as a response to fan demand they started to change the style and plot to be more like it. In the comic book we actually got to see things like confronting Naugus in the zone of silence, rescuing King Max from it, curing his condition (remember their bodies started to turn into crystals, THAT was a problem they had to solve) the fall of Dr. Robotnik, and that was only the first 50 issues! The comic is still going strong today after 22 years and has got up to issue 271, making it the longest running licensed comic in history, although they DID have to do a soft reboot about a year ago because of a lawsuit with one of their former writers. Right now the comic has much more in common with the video games (they’ve done story lines related to the Shadow game, Sonic Unleashed, and even Sonic the Fighters) but they still have the whole cast from SATAM and even smoothly integrated some of the Adventures characters like Breezy the Hedgehog and the trio of Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts.

  2. You lied to us fans and especially to me Santa Christ.

  3. About that you “Santa Christ” never owned a Sega Genesis, how could you lie like this now? Sonic he can really move, Sonic he’s got atitude, he is the fastest thing alive, he is the fastest thing alive for Sonic Sat AM. Pumpkin pumpkin what? pumpkin what? remember? of course you do Critic.

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  7. i played sonic games as a kid, but the first cartoon i watched of it was Sonic X i thought i was both clever and fun had some action moments and comedy moments

  8. Juan Potgieter

    Hey Doug, Rob could you please do an honest review for “The Good Son” Not that the review wasn’t great but I was trying to keep up reading the cards while the review was going on.

  9. You have already broken your promises concerning other stuff. REVIEW SONIC UNDERGROUND, SONIC X and SONIC BOOM already!

  10. Just so we all wonder, what did you think about that Tammy Faye, Katy Perry or whoever character that put lyrics to the music for the Sonic the Hedgehog game.

    By the way can you talk about the MTV series Good Vibes and Daria?

    On a side note, I mention this all before, why do you review a classic horror like this one I’ve finally found after all these years after just seeing a few scenes of it and never knowing how it ended. It’s called Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. You might like it. Maybe.

    Also what do think of these TV series shows called:
    John Doe
    Forever Knight
    The Misfits (British Show)
    Misfits of Science (Movie and series)
    and The Zeta Project
    (I think some of these shows are like Sonic the Hedgehog a.k.a. Sonic Sat a.m. They all have incomplete ending.)

    P.S. Is there anyway you can review the Japanese versions of Ironman, Wolverine, X-men and Blade? I’d also really like to hear what you think about the FX series Archer and Chozen.

    P.S.S. And I never found out if you were going talk more about the Disney Afternoon shows Gummi Bears, Chip N Dale’s Rescue Rangers, Talespin(even the hour uncut movie special I found about it) and Darkwing Duck. Also you never answer my question, If you hate the Goof Troop song: “Gotta Be Gettin’ Goofy” then does that mean you hate The Darkwing Duck Rap? watch?v=aT33uhX4P7I watch?v=AtrqJm9UBII watch?v=xHeQpFNhnzc watch?v=44diDIvz8mo watch?v=cjjUv4p9yTM

  11. I LOVE the afternoon Sonic. The stupidity was definitely intentional. My favourite joke isn’t the “I’m over there!” line. My favourite joke is as follows:

    Robotnik sends a snowball down a hill to hit Sonic. Sonic responds “That’s the oldest trick in the book!”

    In order to demonstrate his point, he takes out a book, and turns to the first page, which features a picture of a caveman running from a snowball.

    Sonic then throws the book itself like a boomerang: the book spins so fast, it sets fire to the snow and melts it, somehow redirecting the snowball towards a Robotnik propaganda billboard. The picture of Robotnik in the billboard screams before it gets hit by the snowball.

    I was writing that from memory, but you know what? Just watch it.

  12. I’m not sure if it was already brought up here, but there was another Sonic show I quite enjoyed as a kid. Sonic Underground – he had 2 siblings and together they formed a band (they used their instruments to fight off the bad guys) and they were looking for their mother, who abandoned them, I’m not really sure why.. Seeing it again, the sets remind me of the saturday morning show you talk about – I don’t think I watched either of those shows, only Sonic Underground.

  13. Thanks for the discussion! I haven’t actually seen Sonic SatAM. I know I would have loved it back in the day, but, sadly, it wasn’t aired in my country. “That other show” was. =)

    Just started to watch season 1. I think the show is really-really great, even for a 28yo like me. Yeah, some things are clearly targeted at much younger audience, but they are minor when compared to the overall quality. I constantly notice creators’ attention to details and smart plot narrative.

    It’s just that I can’t get over the fact that Sally Acorn – such a great character design and personality-wise – was thrown away in favor of the more recent Sonic stuff. Wikipedia mentions that the 3rd season and many SatAM-related games had been in production, but were ultimately cancelled. What a shame! It also mentions that many critics gave the show a hard time over the years, while Doug Walker praises it. That’s why I watch all your stuff, Doug! You’re the best!

  14. The Adventure of Sonic is more like the Superfriends than Batman Adam West.

  15. Your works are awesome…My brother and I are really fond of your stuff. Doug was speaking of comics he have drawn…I’m really curious about that. Are you still into that kind of project today? Cause I wish I can read a Story put together by the “Nostalgia critic”.

  16. I only remember Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog.

    The so called SatAM doesn’t even exist if you watch the intro credits, as the legit real name of the show, was just plain Sonic The Hedgehog and thats it, mentioning a TV channel is silly if it doesn’t exist in the real title roles for the show.

  17. The reason the Saturday Morning Cartoon was cancelled can be traced directly to one person who had only one reason, Bloomburg and the fact he didn’t like Cartoon shows. It’s why the good shows started getting cancelled and cut back in favor of unpopular shows and looney tunes reruns and why the block ran shorter and shorter every month in favor of wall street stock exchange information. The character hidden at the end of the series was Ixis Naugus and there was allot planned for the next season which there has been allot of speculation as to what was going to happen unfortunately outside of a few story board elements and commentary from Ben Hurst there hasn’t been anything concrete and theories are in no short supply. But yeah, cancelling it was one of the biggest sins out there, it was like if Avatar were cancelled at the end of Book Two!

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