Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: The Tom and Jerry Movie

Did this insult to Tom and Jerry hurt us as much as we let on?

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  1. I’d like to see real thoughts on:
    Tank Girl
    A Troll in Central Park

  2. ThePuzzlerOfRiddles

    Ooh… I hated this movie, loved your review. I love these “Real Thoughts” episodes. I can’t wait for the next one!

    If I could suggest a movie, I’d love to see your thoughts on “The Good Son”. It’s one of my favorite reviews. 😀

  3. I laughed harder than I probably should have at the Christopher Walken bit. Like I had to pause the video and get it out of my system before I could continue watching it.

  4. you want tom and to be kinda like peter vs giant chiken?

  5. Real Thoughts on Thief and the Cobbler.

    I loved that movie as a kid despite the fact I would fast forward through half of it.

  6. To be fair, there were a few episodes were Tom and Jerry were friends.

    Tom Cat Blues was nothing but Jerry trying to help Tom, and there was an episode where they both try to keep a baby from dying.

  7. The Mysterious M

    What a waste of Tony Jay

  8. Moviemantweeter1999

    Two rules for a Tom and Jerry movie
    1.theres slapstick
    2.they don’t talk
    And this movie couldn’t even get those two simple rules right! I think the Tom and Jerry direct to DVD movies are decent I just watch them when they come on cartoon network or boomerang
    Funny speaking of mad max fury road cause I just saw it and I loved every second of it. I even loved the explosions the director and writer George Miller sure knows how to do them right way better then Michael Bay(Ha!take that transformers live action movies)
    Anyway next time I watch this movie I’m pretty sure I’ll just enjoy it for how insane it is and I’ll definitely have the song paranoia playing in my head. But I hope that dog and insect that got tom and Jerry to talk I hope they died and went to dog heaven.
    As for request for the next nc real thoughts,do one on garbage pail kids then the last two matrix films since you did the first one and definitely do one on never ending story 2 and especially the third one since ive heard three references to that film in the three channel awesome videos I saw it in this week.

  9. BrianGriffinFan

    I know I’m a complete minority on this, but I actually like the Tom & Jerry movie. I never really saw any of the cartoon shorts as a kid, but I did see this movie. However, I’m totally aware that a lot of people hate this film and the reasons for the hate.

    I’m pretty much in agreement with you as far as the voice acting and animation go. Tony Jay has one of the best villain voices I have ever heard in my life (R.I.P. Tony). I do find that part with the doctor approaching the ice cream cart to be creepy, but I laugh at it for that reason. I don’t mind some of the songs and I even like the instrumental scores.

    I think the violence in a faithful Tom & Jerry movie should be like the chicken fight scenes on Family Guy and having the setup like Baby’s Day Out seems like a good idea.

    Fine movie, but really good review. I think it’s one of the first NC reviews I ever watched.

    As for other NC Real Thoughts, here are some I’d love to see from you two:

    – Foodfight
    – Ghost Dad
    – Master of Disguise
    – Pearl Harbour
    – Temple of Doom
    – Cop and A Half
    – Ferngully: The Last Rainforest
    – The Phantom
    – End of Days
    – Suburban Commando
    – Barb Wire
    – Full House
    – Red Sonja
    – Twister
    – Howard The Duck

  10. Zachary Kaplan

    Please do Pagemaster, Swan Princess, We’re Back and Once Upon a Forest please.

  11. You know, the way you guys described a proper Tom & Jerry movie sounds a lot like that Shaun the Sheep movie that came out recently, which is very similar in that it doesn’t break the rule of silence (since the show was also a silent comedy), and it involves the main characters going throughout the city and encountering other people while doing what they usually do.

    I think you guys should see that film, but I don’t know if it’s being released in the States (it should, since it’s by Aardman who did Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run), and maybe do a Bum Review on it too.

    On a side note, I love that you brought up that shitty Mr. Bean movie. I’ve been trying to get a Nostalgia Critic review of that for years. I don’t how you would handle it now compared to a few years ago before bringing it back, but hopefully it wouldn’t be too different to early Nostalgia Critic.

    Also, I watched a few of those Direct-to-DVD films on Cartoon Network, while they’re a lot more like typical Tom & Jerry, they just ended feeling really half-assed to me in my opinion. To the point where, as much as I hate to admit it, but I prefer this movie over those wastes of time. At least this had actual nostalgic value to me, and well I did enjoy it when i was little. And the revelation of them talking was sort of mind blowing to me. But not anymore, baby.

  12. The Mysterious M


  13. I kind of enjoyed Tom and Jerry in the Wizard of Oz. It wasn’t what I’d call an especially good movie, but I found it entertaining to see how they kept fitting the extra characters into the existing movie.

  14. There is a new series of Tom and Jerry called “The Tom and Jerry Show” that started running in 2014. I have only seen a few episodes and there is good news and bad news. Good news is the ideas are pretty good; You can feel a bit of the classic vibe within each episode. Bad news is it is done in either Flash or Toon Boom.

  15. What’s your real thoughts on baby geniuses

  16. Well what Rob describes as a better Tom & Jerry movie is pretty close to the direct to DVD ones, at least the ones before they started with the crossovers like Wizard of Oz and Sherlock Holmes. Those has premises such as: Tom and Jerry fight and accidentally get sent to Mars, Tom and Jerry as pirates, Tom and Jerry stumble onto a magical artifact, Tom and Jerry are drafted into a wacky race, etc.

    They’re not great, but passable, and the Nutcracker movie is a personal favorite of mine.

  17. Henry Mancini only wrote the music, he didn’t write the lyrics.

  18. Christopher Walkin as tom… That would work.

    Sounds stupid but it works! It would be a lot more like tom’s voice than what they gave him. They can always use the stock scream for parts Christopher can’t do 🙂

  19. Lets also not forget that apparently a Tricycle was molested.

    I’d like to hear your actual thoughts on Little Nemo

  20. I LOVE ‘The Great Race’!

  21. I would love your real thoughts on the Digimon movie. If you cant do that I would love your real thoughts on Pokemon the First Movie too. 🙂

  22. I’m the one person in the world who doesn’t like Tom and Jerry but even I know that they messed up Tom and Jerry. What were they thinking? You made a good point, Rob. YOU should make the next Tom and Jerry movie! Haha. 😀

  23. Oh come on it’s not that bad a movie even if it is Tom and Jerry related great adventure for a rich multi-millionaire daughter named Robyn Starling to get away from her evil greedy aunt or guardian to find her “Indiana Jones” father Daddy Starling who was on expidition in Tibet, now since 1959 the official province of the People’s Republic of China in the Himalaya mountains.

  24. Tom and Jerry: The Movie with some pointless Droopy cameo in the dog pound run by not-so-nice or pretending to be good at first Dr. Applecheeks and his Mexican wrestler dog catchers, even on the video cassette cover which I have with the tape of course released in 1993 showing Droopy standing in front of a tree holding a balloon, Robyn Starling is not an orphan since she officially has a father so that was Aunt Pristine Figg and Mr. Lickboot the lawyer and their fat obese gluttonous dog always attached to his skateboard named Ferdinand try to make her believe that her father was dead so they can use the Starling Foundation’s millions of dollars for themselves because they’re greedy duh! “Money’s my passion, always in fashion.” By the way I like this movie oh yeah that’s right I like this movie because I’m Russian who’s not a big fan of pure classic cartoon slapstick violence, besides this was the animated film that introduced to said variousTom and Jerry MGM Hanna-Barbara cartoons from the 1940’s to the early or mid 60’s, look you guys so what so, just so what if this movie exists which by the way was made by Turner Entertainment and Family Home Entertainment company probably under Captain Planet Ted Turner’s direction.
    There’s a little more I need to tell you, the R&B pop song at the end of the movie during credits called “All in how much we give” by one Stephanie Mills I admit and always felt made no sense to put or insert it there in a movie still about freaking Tom and Jerry, but the song’s message is about not being greedy or selfish and just except what life has to offer even if it is limited, or that it’s better to give than to recieve so one could make the argument that it serves the animated movie’s apparent anti-greed and selfishness message and I’m guessing animal abuse and kidnapping both animals and children is wrong message, yes that’s right in freaking violence all around Tom and Jerry movie, what do you want Ted Turner obvuously demanded that Tom and Jerry had a full-length story and a moral message, so logically those commecrials about this film were half-way falsely advertised so as toe get people’s asses and fans of Tom and Jerry cartoons into the theaters and see this “masterpiece” and then buy the video cassette, what’s so hard to understand and hate and rant and rave about that you old-fashioned Tom and Jerry purist puritans? Of course I could definately make the argument that the anti-greed message doesn’t because the girl Robyn Straling is still a rich millonaire heiress who never felt or knew what’s it like to be poor, I mean dirt poor, so even if she’s good and not greedy, she’s still a spoiled rich brat kid, well that’s that and I’m done.

  25. reallywhocares

    Good Burger?

  26. ManWithGoodTaste

    I liked it when I was very small.

    Very small children normally do not have a thing called “taste”.

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