Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: The Wizard

Oooooh, this one is gonna be fun!

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  1. Could you do The Monster Squad for your next Real Thoughts?

    • futuremoviewriter

      I’m so grateful to you both for finally getting to this one at my request. You guys said so much in this one. I think it was everything I hoped it would be. Hope tomorrow’s proves to be Good Burger too. Even if it’s not, for this, thank you so much.

  2. Man, one regret of mine is that I never will get to see The Wizard in the theaters. One day I SWEAR I will find it on demand. I’ve always liked Fred Savage because he reminds me of how I was as a kid… except I’m a lady. And yeah, this does sound like your guys’ version of High School Musical.

  3. Interesting how different this videogame duality was in Brazil back in those days. Many people had Master Systems but nobody knew what a NES was.

  4. Ever think that maybe Ebert used a Game Genie? That’s the only way I ever advanced in the NES hard era…

  5. I remember seeing this in the theaters and immediately asking my parents if they could buy me SMB3, but the game was a few months away from it’s US release at the time and I couldn’t get it till summer until my grades improved. 🙁

    The Power Glove… It’s so bad.

  6. Yeah… High School Musical came out when I was a teenager… and I stayed FAR away from it! I was more into Guitar Hero(and actual guitar), classic rock, and of course, Nintendo Gamecube!

    I will say I first saw the Wizard when I was around ten or eleven and I loved it. I was always a huge fan of anything from the 1980s, even though I was born in 1990, and I was always a huge Nintendo fan. Looking back on it though and seeing the review, I will agree that it isn’t a great movie, but the games themselves are still awesome! I think you put it best in the real thoughts video when you said “We love it, but for all the wrong reasons,” and I think it works as a guilty pleasure time capsule film. That said, if I made the film, I would probably get rid of all the family drama and make it more like the Road Warrior, but with NES game battles.

  7. Ryan Dewitt-Todd

    Speaking of pedophiles, you guys don’t honestly think Christopher Lloyd as the Librian in the Pagemaster’s a pedophile do you, because I don’t think he is. I think you guys were just desperate and needed a way to make fun of that scene and you figured: “well it’s an adult and a kid, why don’t we just make a pedophile joke”

  8. pixels is actually a pretty good movie.

    • Said no one ever

      • said me just now, and allot of other people considering it’s getting a B at cinema score at a moment even though allot of people who haven’t seen it are riding the hate train.

        also this site could really use a function that tells you when you’re being responded to….or if it does have it I haven’t seen it.

  9. If I remember correctly, what Ebert said was more along the lines of, “I got to the second level of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and when they said they got to the third level and showed the screen even I knew enough to see that they were in the first level.”

  10. You guys need to do a new segment with your parents where they comment on you being kids with these nostalgic things. I think I and many others would love to hear them talk about your childhoods.

  11. Its the kids version of rain-man

  12. It came out when we still had the cheap movie theatres where you could see a double feature for about $1.50. It was worth the 75 cents we spent to see it.

  13. This movie came out the year I was born, so I definitely would not have seen it in the theatres. I got a Super Nintendo when I was about 8 (when everyone else was selling theirs for a Playstation) and other than a few handheld consoles, I didn’t really own anything Nintendo related. Guess I was lucky not to get caught in that craze.

    I, myself, found that “he touched my breast” line rather awkward, probably because of what the implications of what would happen to the accused guy nowadays, even though he didn’t touch her breast.

  14. The Zapper was actually made by Nintendo. The Power Glove love was not.

  15. I think the Wizard was supposed to be and update of the 70’s movie “Tommy” based on the WHo’s song “Pinball Wizard”. They just replaced the pinball machine with an video game console. If you listen to the song, the movie sorta make sense but its still not anything a kid would be interested in unless they were in their late teens.

  16. And again thinking that US is whole world when talking about NES


  18. I think this movie has a lot less impact outside of the US since the NES was actually pretty damn obscure in the Europe and the UK during the eighties. 😉

  19. Can you do a real thoughts on Commando?

  20. 1. What is that Calvin and Hobbes-y picture behind Rob’s head, and where can I get one?

    2. Holy crap, Hayley was played by Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley! …Great, now every time I hear her songs, “HE TOUCHED MY BREAST!” is gonna be running around the back of my mind.

  21. Roberto González

    Never seen The Wizard but I’ve just watched Pixels and I thought it was ok. I think critics were a little too harsh with it. It’s not great in terms of plot or character but it’s pretty fun in the videogame and 80s nostalgia, and the humor is dumb but decent. There is litlle if any gross humor for a Happy Maddison production. It’s not 8 Crazy Nights. I would like to see your opinion about it.

  22. Hey Walker Bros The Wizard has just been released on Blu Ray recently in June or so I’ve read on Wikipedia in any department store or mallshop or Target or Walmart or Best Buy you might find if you look very hard for your childhood copy in new age 1080 Pixelated splendour and fun.

  23. Buy The Wizard on Blu Ray and see everything on screen closer than ever before but just don’t orgasm or drool while you’re watching and reliving your childhood memories both you Doug and Rob.

  24. IDK why you guys bash this movie all the time saying it’s bad. It isn’t that terrrible it’s entertaining for what it is. I can sit through it today and be entertained watching it every few years. It’s not as bad as people make it out to be.

  25. Can you do the Goosebumps movie next? It’s absolutely horrendous and I think many people would enjoy it.

  26. thatchickwithlonghair

    Ew, High School Musical?

    Come on, guys, not all of the commenters here are college kids. Some of us are YOUR age.

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