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  1. There’s a bit of a backstory to why there was so much bashing of the 80s show on the Turtles Forever crossover movie.
    When the 2000s TMNT cartoon aired, the network kept getting bombarded by complaints from fans of the 1980s that the 2000s show wasn’t more like the 1980s show.
    Ultimately, the network caved it, and basically ordered the production crew to make it more like the 1980s cartoon.
    This lead to an awful 6th and mediocre 7th season, the ratings dropping, and the show getting canceled.

    When the show’s crew got brought back to work on the Turtles Forever movie, they were so pissed-off at the fans of the 1980s, that they dedicated the whole movie as one huge FUCK YOU! to the fans that basically destroyed their show.

    • That’s not of the 80s cartoon are always coming up wiith bullshit to avoid the fact
      Peter Laird said he does like it in some ways,but for putting the turtles on the map,so no love there.

      It’s like the “Bebop and Rocksteady weren’t in Secret of the Ooze because rights issues lie baby-minded fans came up with to avoid the truth that Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman fought “tooth and nail” to keep them out of the movie because they’re too goofy

      More mindfucking: They said Krang’s robot body looks like the Pilsbury doughboy and resent they never changed the design.
      THE BIGGEST MINDFUCK: THEY THINK 3 IS BETTER THAN 2. Yeah,they think 2 was too goofy and 3 got their dignity back

      • Seeing how they are the creators, it is their divine right

      • While it’s true they didn’t really like the 80s cartoon, it has absolutely nothing to do with Turtles Forever. And, no, it wasn’t a slap in the face.

        What people forget is that the later (non New Mutation) episodes of the 80s cartoon were in fact extremely goofy. It was in the same mold as what happened when “The Real Ghostbusters” became “Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters.” They dumbed it down for kids.

        And that type of contrast was absolutely needed. Otherwise, you’d pretty much have the same characters meeting each other (save for Raph). That type of exaggerated contrast is used in fiction all the time.

        Now, did they appreciate the show the way the fans did? No. They thought it was silly and goofy. But the message of the show was that this was okay. They even had the part where the newer Turtles felt like they were the goofballs compared to the original comic Turtles.

        Everyone I know liked Turtles Forever. Why would they if they thought they were trashing the version of TMNT that they most loved?

  2. Please talk about Cool As Ice!

  3. Critic I think it’s about time we all address Next Mutation, and the Venus controversy.

  4. “The Michael Bay one”… lol… holy shit. Y’see, kiddies, this is what separates the boys from the men as far as movie critics go.

  5. I love the TNMT CG movie. Also whats this about the thundercats reboot not being different. Its completely different. The tone and lore is pretty different compared to the older version and imo its 10x better then the first version we got,but of course thanks to toy sales we got screwed and it was canned.

  6. please talk about once upon a forest, pagemaster and swan princess.

  7. Devil's Advocate

    mostly good but you should look at the thread on the forum about the old review about Turtles Forever of yours to see how fans of the the 2003 series defend the crossover. my post might be a little harsh but I didn’t want it to be.

  8. I’m listening to this and when Doug is talking I think it’s Rob.

  9. Er, guys, they had mo-cap actors in the 2014 TMNT for the turtles, so while there was CG put over them yes, there was actually something there. :p

  10. Hahaha!!!!!! That was worth it alone to see Doug’s ninja turtle rap at the end :p

  11. One thing that keeps blowing me away about the newest TMNT series is the sheer amount of NIGHTMARE FUEL it has in its mutant designs. Clearly the makers of the show have a deep love for 80s horror movies, since the show has references to such non-kid-friendly films as Alien, John Carpenter’s The Thing, 80s slasher movies, and even The Fly. I do enjoy the series for the most part, it has surprised me multiple times, though I find the Kraang dialogue to be painfully unfunny and grating. I did love the casting of freaking Roseanne Barr as Kraang Prime though.

  12. Like many children’s series, this movie franchise started out awesome and then got stupider and stupider as more came.

    It’s like the early cartoons. They started out great, with the turtles being cool, and then by the later seasons, they just threw garbage cans on enemies and screwed around.

    The first movie was great, and then they got progressively worse.

  13. I’m with you, Doug, on the 2007 TMNT movie. My and my wife rented it a few years ago (we were both huge into the turtles when we were young), and after about a third of the way through we just had to turn it off, because we were so bored. We just didn’t care about anything that was going on and it felt like we were wasting our time watching it.

  14. As far as Raphael being the “angry” one in the first one: wasn’t Raph in the original comics practically psychotic? I wonder how familiar the Walker brothers are with the original comics.

  15. Two things regarding Raph being all angry and angsty that is pretty much verbatim from the comic (arguably in the comic he is worse) and while they may not have been all that characterized in the initial issue of the comic book, but the different turtles were fleshed out in one shots about them before the cartoon came out. So they had distinctive personalities after a year or two and a dozen or so issues, all before the cartoon came out with its interpretation.

    Second, the crossover between the 2000s turtles and 80-90s turtles was Turtles Forever and came out after they had canceled the new series, so it was not exactly boosting the no longer existing series. That being said I think a lot of people found it unfair to the 80s series, others really appreciated. I am a fan of both and did not have a huge problem with it, but I see that there is some grounds for the criticism. I would put it down to the 2000s turtles being the stars of that movie and the ambiguities of comedy, they were trying to be funny and came off to you as just insulting (which never happens to Doug;).

    Glad you saw the Turtle Power documentary which was mentioned several times in the comments when you did your countdown on obscure facts about the movie.

  16. I can see were your coming from with the turtles forever movie and now thinking about it you guys are right (though I still like it. plus it was the 2003 one that got me into the fandom in the first place). I don’t have a problem with the 1987 turtles, 2003 turtles and the 2012 turtles I like them all.

    I like the 2007 movie just fine like Rob I couldn’t for the life of me get through the Michael Bay one. I tried, I really tried but I didn’t give a crap about Megan O’neil AT ALL, Vernon was just so AWKWARD to the point that he was just unbearable to watch and when Mickey was hitting on Megan he seemed like a creeper (but thats just me). But I have Turtle friends who actually did enjoy the Bay movie which is fine (more power to them)

    I’m sure me saying this won’t make much of a difference but please don’t feel like you have to apologies for voicing your real opinion on something just because there are people out their who can’t take criticism on something that they like. Thats their problem not yours

  17. We ALL liked TMNT 2 as a kid? ALL of us?

    Wrong. I HATED it. I dragged both of my parents to that film, based on my unbridled love of the first and its excellent crossover appeal (it so holds up as an adult, at least for me, I re-watched it just last year). Things weren’t…great…between my parents, and I pulled out all the stops (read: whining) to get them to take me to see it, together. As a family night. I…think that film did some legitimate damage to my relationship with them both. 15 minutes in, the stupid mall scene with the yo-yos and the jokes and the shitty turtle head mouth movements, I utterly hated the whole experience. Lord knows what my parents thought of the catastrophe. I couldn’t even speak to them afterwards, knowing what I had dragged them to. At eleven years of age.

    Terrible, condescending, worthless film. I HATED it at the time. And I HATE it today.

    No, Doug. We didn’t all like it. Some of us, despite our youthful innocence, knew a PoS movie when we saw it. That was one of the worst theatre-going experiences of my life. And I wholly blame the insane crappiness of EVERY INCH of that film for it. No Bebop and Rocksteady, instead…two dumb baby…nothings. Recycled Shredder and Tatsu. Raph is STILL a rebel without a cause. Who the hell is this Kino Guy? And the whole Vanilla Ice scene…..I wanted to die, I felt so embarrassed. It inSULTed the fans of the first film, pandered to the Parents’ Guild of Straw-Manned Whininess Think of the Children Council whatevers, thus only giving them legitimacy they didn’t deserve and ruining your own film in the effort. Ninjas without weapons? WTF is that?! I don’t know why I even bothered to see the third. I think I just didn’t care any more. Final nail in the coffin that was. Thank God TMNT IV: Turtles in Time existed, or I would have disowned every second of fandom.

    The first movie, and the SNES video game, are all that hold up today. The second movie just destroyed everything good about the franchise. In that regard, it was actually, somehow, worse than the Prequels.

    • Naw dude, the second movie was different from the first one but it was far from the worst thing the franchise has produced. Also the fact that we got two more series and three more movies shows that the second movie did not, in fact, destroy the franchise.

      The current series on the other hand…..Well the first two seasons were good, though I didn’t like the ending of season two. Season three pretty much flushed any good will I had for the show down the toilet. Several lame monster of the week episodes, half the season spent with no apparent interest on the part of our heroes in stopping the Kraang invasion of Earth. Donnie’s creepy crush on April still being a thing. Mikey basically being reduced to the special needs turtle. I could go on for hours.

  18. please do a RTO the chuck Norris movie Sidekicks

  19. Please do a vlog on TMNT 2012 series it is basically the Avatar of the TMNT series

  20. I love how everyone hates on the crossover animated movie for making fun of the eighties version (ignoring it being obvious satire) but then forget that when the original comic comes along they make fun of the new one as well.

  21. I also think the 2014 Turtles film isn’t *that* bad, it’s not great but I found it to be pretty much just a fairly average summer flick for younger people.

    Turtles Forever was pretty fun, I think some people get a little carried away with saying that it was insulting the eighties turtles or whatever–especially as ultimately the original comic ones thrash both.

    Also, the 2007 film seemed to be carrying on from the original live-action film than the 2000s series.

  22. I’ve only seen the CGI TMNT movie (which I LOVED as a kid) and the current Michael Bay one. I like TMNT for one reason: it’s awesome! That is all… Well… Also, yes, I’ve never seen Ninja Turtles 2 but even i love “Go Ninja, Go!”. It’s like the “The Room” of songs. I was so dancing to your rap at the end, Doug. 😀

  23. Hm, just so you know, the reason Raph was “angry” in movie 1 was because they used his Mirage persona and not his toned down 1987 toon persona where they made him a wise-ass. Archie comic Raph was an interesting mix, though, of toon Raph and Mirage Raph (imo).

    Movie 2…yeah, I liked it way more as a kid than now, but…you can’t go wrong with the Ninja Rap. lol I still like the song. lol

    Movie 3….I fell asleep on it when I originally saw it back then. I was about 12 I think…or either 13. I felt it was boring. I think it would’ve been interesting if the movie would’ve been more like Turtles in Time or they would’ve done some kind of storyline explaining how the Foot clan was formed or something. I saw the movie twice. Once as a kid and again a few years ago to give it a second chance. I just felt that the film had a lot of potential plot wise…but was wasted. Also, Casey wasn’t in the past…his ancestor was or something. Only thing about this film that stood out to me were the samurai dancing to Tarzan Boy. lol

    TMNT: I just didn’t like this film. I caught this film when I was doing a hospital visit back in 2009. I didn’t watch the 2k3 series and figured it had something to do with it. I never watched it. I didn’t care for it. The plot seemed to be all over the place and I felt lost the entire time. I couldn’t even tell you much about it and Mikey and Donny…it’s like they weren’t even there.

    Never saw the Bay turtles film.

    I like the Nick series. I just love all the retro junk they toss in there and easter eggs. It took me a while to even bother with this show because of the animation and because the characters (April/Casey) were aged down.

  24. Any chance of getting a “Next Mutation” review? There’s a project you have to see for yourself.

  25. The Mysterious M

    What you said about actors and actresses in bad movies, I immediately thought of Eva Green. I’ve seen her in three terrible movies (Sin City 2, 300 2, and Dark Shadows), and she’s doing the best out of everyone in every movie.

    Also…please do a Dark Shadows review. How bad is it? Tim Burton’s fans will stand up for even his less-than-good movies, and NO ONE likes Dark Shadows.

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