Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on – TMNT Out of the Shadows

We know what NC, AVGN, and Black nerd thought of it, now let’s see what Doug and Rob thought of it.

Watch the NC review here.

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  1. yeah, the first live action move is better at having an actual story with actual emotion to it.

    and glad Rob will admit the 2003 series was probably the best since his and Doug’s favorite but at the same time, you are talking about faithfulness to the source material and the first cartoon was totally unfaithful

    the original comics started out as straight parody but became a serious story with only undertones of parody witch is why the creators hated the original cartoon.

    maybe I just don’t get it because I prefer drama to comedy and never watched the first cartoon, just the 2003 one.

    • Can anyone verify that Peter Laird or Kevin Eastman actually hated the original cartoon, because I’ve done multiple searches on the early history of the franchise and found nothing to suggest this. If nothing else they oversaw of all the early licensing because it gave them enough money to carry on their original comic and expand their independent company Mirage Studios, so I doubt they could hated it that much.

    • You’ve never seen the 1987 TMNT cartoon, yet you know that it was “totally unfaithful”? Listen, I know that you’re not a comedy person (BTW, I’m the exact opposite; I prefer comedy to drama), but the above sounds more like you’re personal opinion than that of Eastman and Laird’s, and it really doesn’t help your argument when you admit that you haven’t seen the very thing that you’re attempting to criticize. It sounds more like you’re simply poo-pooing the 1987 series because it was comedy focused and having no sense of humor, you neither understand nor appreciate comedy and therefore didn’t even bother trying to watch it. At least wait until you’ve actually seen something before making pat assessments of it.

      BTW, the 2003 TMNT series had plenty of comedy. There were action elements and some drama, but it offered laughs as well. It wasn’t all grimdark. If you say that it was, you’re either delusional or simply uninformed.

      Also I’ve never read any source on the history of TMNT stating that Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird hated the 1987 series. I’d really like to know where you heard or read that, and please don’t tell me that you read it on some message board or that some guy said it on Facebook, because that’s not a credible source.

      • I can only site ChannelFrederator but I believe they are more on the professional side and not just some YouTube channel even quoting Eastman as saying if he did the original cartoon, he’s do away with things like Bebop and Rocksteady.

        and from people I’ve talked to, Eastman and Laird hating the first cartoon seems to be common knowledge.

        and I know the second cartoon had comedy in it. I don’t hate comedy, I just hate when it’s the entire show with no semblance of character development, plot or other emotion.

        and I have at least watched a very detailed retrospective of the 80s cartoon from Rowdy C and even he admits the first series is unfaithful to the source material.

        • So you interpret Kevin Eastman saying that he wouldn’t do the TMNT animated series exactly the way that it was done back in 1987 as “I hate the old series”? How long are your arms, because that’s one hell of a a reach you’re attempting!

          “and from people I’ve talked to, Eastman and Laird hating the first cartoon seems to be common knowledge”

          Translation: You have no official source. That’s just the opinion of yourself and your like minded acquaintances. An opinion doesn’t magically become a fact just because some other people on the internet happen to share you view.

          Your problem is that you live in your little bubble with like thinking people and you tell yourselves that you’re the “majority” because you and everyone you know agree with each other, ignoring the fact that just as many people, if not more, have a completely different opinion.

          I’m not saying that the 1987 series didn’t take liberties with the original source material. My point is if you haven’t seen the original animated series, who are you to pass judgment it’s quality? Stop quoting internet reviewers and start thinking for yourself.

          • they aren’t my acquaintances, they are people I just stumbled across even on this site’s forum.

            and Eastman obviously wanted the series to be more serious because he was heavily involved with the 2003 series. and even from channelfrederator, I heard Eastman hated the original cartoon.

          • “they aren’t my acquaintances, they are people I just stumbled across even on this site’s forum.”

            Oh, so you’re taking the opinions of people you don’t know on the internet who aren’t any more knowledgeable on the subject than you are as gospel. Even better. Someone on Frederator said it, so it MUST be true!

            If you can provide a source in which you can quote Eastman himself saying that he hated the 1987 series, then please do so. Otherwise, you have no solid evidence to support your claim and therefore need to shut up.

          • The Real Silverstar

            You’re still doing nothing but repeating what you’ve read on message boards and making snap assessments based on half-truths and conjectures which you’ve concocted inside your own head. If you can’t present a tangible, concrete, black-and-white confirmation that Eastman and Laird hated the 1987 series, then you need to stop making that claim since you’ve shown repeatedly that you can’t prove it.

        • The Real Silverstar

          “I have at least watched a very detailed retrospective of the 80s cartoon from Rowdy C and even he admits the first series is unfaithful to the source material.”

          Rowdy C is just a reviewer, dude. Unless he worked with Eastman and Laird personally or was involved in the production of the series or the original comic, then his opinion is no more objective than yours or anyone else’s. Everything you cited is the equivalent to “this guy said so” or “that’s what me an my posse say” or “this is how I feelz in my heart”, none of which equates to anything factual or concrete. Again, if you personally aren’t as fan of the ’87 series, then say that, but don’t go around making claims that you can’t prove.

          This idea that TMNT somewhere down the line became all super-serious and mature, nah, I can’t take that pretentious crap notion seriously. We’re talking about 4 turtles who are transformed into butt-kicking, wisecrack-spouting, pizza eating ninjas who live in a fully furnished home in the sewers of New York City where they’re raised by a talking rat who learned how to mimic martial arts moves and who do battle against some psychopathic ninja crime boss who wears armor decorated with cheese graters. Face it, TMNT is at its’ core, silly as all get-out; turning it into fun comedy isn’t really that big a stretch.

          • the turtles can still have character development and heart to it and the second series was more serious with even gray morality with Kari’s struggle between her honor and her loyalty to Utrom Shredder who also killed millions across the galaxy.

          • You’re just talking out of your ass at this point. You should wear a diaper over your mouth ’cause that’s where all the crap is coming out.

            I can’t take you opinions on this seriously, especially since by your own admission you don’t know enough about the 1987 TMNT series to accurately judge it or compare it to any other. Why is it so hard for you to simply admit that you don’t know what you’re talking about?

          • again, the channelfrederator example was quote from an interview and yes, Eastman said he hated the first cartoon.

          • The Real Silverstar

            Yeah, I’m not gonna argue with you about all that, because I honestly and truly couldn’t give 2 candy-coated shits about any of those plot points. What you’re squawking about now is nothing more than opinion, which is subjective. You can prefer whichever style you prefer, but stop acting like one interpretation is objectively incorrect or inferior just because it doesn’t adhere to your personal preferences.

          • last thing, how is that not more mature? if Kari was in the original cartoon, she’s have been a cookie cutter villain with know moral grayness whatsoever.

    • The Real Silverstar

      It sounds more like you’re projecting your own personal feelings about the original series onto the alleged ones of the creators. It seems unlikely that Eastman and Laird would’ve been so willing to license their creation and make a ton of money off of it in that form for so long if they truly hated it. The fact that you openly admit that you’ve never even bothered to watch the ’87 series, instead opting to just turn your nose up at it on sight because you’re not a fan of humor, doesn’t make your claim any more believable.

      Sorry, but you’re going to need to site a credible and legitimate source of information to verify that, and I mean one besides your own ass. You can’t go around pretending that the reality that exists in your head is the reality that exists in the world. If you can’t prove something, then you probably shouldn’t say it.

  2. but I admit I probably can’t talk since I didn’t read the Mirage comics either but I saw Linkara’s review of it and the second cartoon was, from what I can tell, almost identical to it in ways, so, maybe I’m not totally ignorant on the matter.

    and on a related topic, another reviewer gave his take on the controversy over Turtles Forever. with some exceptions, liking that movie depends on weather you were a fan of the first or second cartoon.

    and wile there are still five good seasons, the second season was kind or ruined by the fanboys of the 80s cartoons who forced 4Kids to make the series more light and goofy. Cyber Shredder was a good idea but that season still had elements of the Fast Forward season.

  3. The Real Silverstar

    Getting back on-point: Walkers, there’s not going to be a 3rd Bay-produced Turtles movie. The studio pulled the plug on that franchise when Out of the Shadows under-performed at the box office.

  4. and to clarify, I know at it’s core, the whole Ninja Turtles is silly but with the 20003 series, the concepts were silly but the exaction was serious. it doesn’t matter what fictional story I watch, if I connect to the characters and they can make me laugh, cry and all sorts of other things, then I take it seriously.

    and I will admit that I’ve heard about emotional moments in the original cartoon but to fans of that show, with the series mainly being wacky and stuff, did those moments flow naturally? maybe they did but it probably still wasn’t enough for my tastes. even the original live action films had emotional moments

    on another subject, if you ever do real thoughts on editorials, maybe you can do one on the editorial on The Looney Tunes Show since you no presumably know the reasons why people hate the newer version of Lola Bunny.

    it’s not so much people like me think the original Lola was great or that good of a character at all but how awful and some point to the DC licensed comics portrayal of the character who was basically the Space Jam Lola but also funny, using that version would have basically pleased everyone. and as someone on TV Tropes noted, the other Looney Tunes retained certain personality traits from previous incarnations but not Lola.

    but you know, I would have been okay with the new Lola if she had a little thing called character development and became a more well rounded character who doesn’t get away with getting her boyfriend arrested for jewel robbery.

    and unlike the Ghostbusters thing, the original Lola was only in Space Jam for three and a half minutes, there isn’t really an original for me and others like me to fall back on.

    there are other things to suggest you do in Real Thoughts videos but I can’t think of them or have already said them.

    actually there is something about when you get grossed out by fictional animal characters having relationships with humans. you were right to do so with the Chipmunks but characters like Howard the Duck are adults and fully sapient and thus, consenting bestiality is wrong in real life because real life animals can’t consent but fictional anthropomorphic animals can consent.

    and there are actual officially made stories from companies like DC discussing this issue like one issue of Swamp Thing where Batman points out that a lot of characters in that universe are in interspecies relationships and no one cares but apparently Swamp Thing banging his girlfriend is a crime against nature.

    and no one ever complains about Jenny Flint and Madam Vastra from Doctor Who

    • “The Looney Tunes Show since you no presumably know the reasons why people hate the newer version of Lola Bunny.”

      1. The Walkers aren’t going to do a Real Thoughts on The Looney Tunes Show because there was no Nostalgia Critic review of the series.

      2. Just because *you* hate the newer version of Lola Bunny doesn’t mean that everyone does. Geez! Two years later and you’re *still” bitching about Lola?!? Let it go already!

      3. This video has nothing whatsoever to do with Looney Tunes or DC. Try to stay on topic.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Devil’s Advocate, I’m curious: do you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or some other sort of psychological condition? I’m not trying to be facetious, I genuinely want to know. The way you obsess and prattle on endlessly over the same 3 or 4 subjects isn’t normal or healthy. My advice: seek some form of therapy or professional counseling so these things will no longer dominate your life. It’s just fiction, man, you only need to have fun with it, none of this stuff is important. You take these silly cartoons way too seriously, and this is coming from someone who plans to one day forge a living making silly cartoons.

      • In the words of Hank Hill, “That boy ain’t right.”

      • I don’t want to answer that in public and can’t use the forum to send a PM but you are right, I will try to stop

        but I do not try to obsess over these things and it only comes off that way, I have lots of other things I spend my time one you guys just happen to see the posts about the things I complain about, sometimes, I think you are looking for them, I’ve talked about things I like on these comments too.

        • The Real Silverstar

          “I have lots of other things I spend my time one you guys just happen to see the posts about the things I complain about, sometimes, I think you are looking for them,”

          Aaaand there’s that giant ego again. Tigger, please. I don’t actively seek you out. Get over yourself. If I wanted to argue with sad, obsessed fans over the same set of trivial matters, I’d have stayed on Toon Zone.

  5. I was just making a suggestion on more real thoughts videos witch others have done before.

    and I talked about other stuff in that post besides Lola Bunny and I mentioned actual reviews like Howard the Duck.

  6. really the last thing, I will no longer suggest new videos. and the Lola Bunny comment can just be ignored.

    and I am sorry for the trouble I caused again.

  7. I liked the first one. I liked this one except for Casey Jones and how they dealt with Krang. I’m not sure which one I liked better. Then again, I grew up with the CGI TMNT movie so that’s pretty much my only sense of reference for the most part. Also, this movie had super awesome 3D. It was well worth my money.

  8. I HATED this movie. I felt it was SO much worse than the first one. Not even the inclusion of Krang and Bebop & Rocksteady could save this mess. Plot was horrible. They got all the characters wrong. Casey is not a freaking cop. Karai wouldn’t get taken out by April and Vern. April just felt bored with everything. Krang felt like he was a complete afterthought. Sure, Bebop & Rocksteady were dumb. Cool. They were also just gross and unfunny. I’m not even against that kind of humor. The writing here was just so bad that they were uninteresting to watch. There was hardly any action in this movie and when there was something going on it was over before you knew it. Absolute, garbage movie. You want good current TMNT, read the IDW series. It’s amazing. Even the Nick show is pretty damn fun. Both are made by people who clearly love and care about the franchise. These movies were made by people who only care about getting butts in the seats.

  9. Doug and Rob is the new Siskel and Ebert but cooler.

  10. I will be Director! Ha ha ha ha ha ha he he he ho ho ho! Oh yeah and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Unicorns”, Teenage Mutant Ninja Unicorns, Teenage Mutant Ninja Unicorns, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Unicorns, Heroes with a Half-Horn, Unicorn Power!

  11. I will restore Hollywood Kid’s of Family Film movies that do not talk down or pander to children everywhere to their former 1980’s and 90’s to early 2000’s glory. I will be a great filmmaker, mark my words if they let me. Make Hollywood great again.

  12. yeah i was so excited for Stephen Amell casting of this. Then it was so disappointing. that was the only reason I wanted to watch it LOL

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