Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on – Twister

With the passing of Bill Paxton, Doug & Rob take a look at one of his few starring roles in Twister.

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  1. 21:40 – Rob has a kind of “FAAAAMLY PITCHA!” tone to his voice right there. Sorry, but that’s exactly what it made me think of: “A FAAAAAAMLY PITCHA!”

  2. You really do have sweaty pits, Doug. I was thinking of Bill Pullman too! You ready my mind! I guess its because you reference “Spaceballs” all the time. I didn’t know much about Bill Paxton. I must have missed you referencing him on your Facebook pages.

  3. Do real thoughts on Christmas tree

  4. I’ve never seen Twister. In fact, I’ve only seen Bill Paxton in the Spy Kids franchise, Edge of Tomorrow, and Agents of SHIELD. Also, it’s okay, Doug. I didn’t realize that Bill Paxton wasn’t in Independence Day either.

  5. Ah, I didn’t know storm chasers actually spelled out Bill’s initials via GPS. I know many, many storm chasers–probably the same ones who spelled out Bill’s–worked together in a similar fashion to honor Tim Samaras, his son Paul, and research partner Carl Young, when they perished tragically in the 2013 El Reno tornado.

  6. Really enjoyed the commentary, guys! Twister was always that one movie that was very influential on me because I wanted to actually become a meteorologist when I was little. I eventually earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in meteorology. If it makes you feel any better, there are many of my fellow meteorologists out there that love to hate this movie. Not just because it is a bad movie, but because it tries to act like it knows what it’s talking. That is, it uses all of these meteorological jargon terms IN THE WRONG CONTEXT. Examples of this in the movie: “the cone of silence,” “NSSL says that the cap has broken,” “increase the PRF,” “it’s going green,” etc. Also, clear sky base velocity scans on their radar displays DURING a tornado and that stupid flying cow scene. This movie is full of a lot of scientific bullshit! One of my favorite memories from college was getting together with some met major friends and watching Twister. With nearly four years under our belts, and degrees almost in hand, we shredded the scientific integrity of this film. It was actually a lot of fun.

    Yet, this movie did do a lot for the discipline. For example, 1) it made meteorology much more visible to the public. When I was growing up, everyone just assumed that meteorologists were nothing more than people on local TV newscasts with basic science knowledge that read teleprompters, but there are many of us who research the weather, and forecast for government agencies, such as FEMA, Emergency Managers, the DOT, etc. 2) It got a lot of people interested in meteorology. This one is a little tricky. While it was good to get other people interested in the field, there are now too many people out there with met degrees, and not enough met jobs for them to fill. I was one of the lucky ones to get a great job forecasting the weather. Twister didn’t exactly get me interested in meteorology as I always wanted to become one since I was a small child, but it certainly rooted that interest even more so.

    It’s funny…the one thing I have never heard anyone complain about was Bill Paxton. Everyone I know in my field had nothing but good things to say about his performance. He made such an impact. After word of his death spread, even the National Weather Service tweeted an “In Memoriam” tweet, and called him “The Extreme.” That’s how much he has influenced meteorologists everywhere. He will be missed.

  7. “I’m not saying it’s objectively good, I’m saying it’s subjectively great.”
    Straight to my big quotes book.

  8. Doug, how come in Sonic Fan Film, Sonic saved your life and you didn’t say anything? You act like, you were scared of Sonic, even though, Sonic saved your life.

  9. thatchickwithlonghair

    I love Twister but it is very silly. 😀

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