Return of the Christmas Specials – Nostalgia Critic

The runners up to last years Christmas list! It’s the Return of the Christmas Specials.

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  1. could you settle a debate round our house? does Batman Returns count as a Christmas movie?

  2. #11.Its fine
    #10.It is good
    #9.It is very great
    #7.This is wonderful
    #6.It is a interesting movie i hate God and Jesus but it is a good movie and the Passion is great
    What he made late if no forgiveness cos the movie Twilshit NEEEEDS TO BE LOBOTOMIZED FROM HISTORY
    #5.It is very good they are very fun
    #4.Not interested
    #3.It is a good story quite sad
    #2.This has a good music. Don’t like it
    #1.Fuck yea it is AWESOME

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