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Nostalgia Critic takes a look at some of your favorite commercials from the 80s and 90s!

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  1. Funny
    Why are there lesbians. But yes why are there no men. For some men its a dream job
    The Lego one is great
    Ghost Busters toys are fun. The movies were cool
    I never had a Light Bright but i would like it
    There so great that they are awesome
    He pronouncing it a bit wrong the name
    Seriously get your mind out of the gutters

  2. There was another lego maniac named Mack as well. And in an advertisiment comic once has Mack and Zack working together.

  3. sdfsdfsdfgsfhwe

    Are you really stupid enough to think that something called “Kool Aid” or “Cooler” would be made of juice?

  4. Many have worn the mantle of the Lego Maniac, passing it down through the generations.

  5. ILuvGundam2001

    “We’ve finally announced a sequel to SEED Destiny.”
    turns off tv
    “I can’t wait for the day I say that.”

  6. Just to clarify (even though I’m sure it was pointed out), Kool-Aid is not “juice” in the literal sense. It’s basically water flavored to taste like whatever the package says. Juice, technically, is liquid extracted from something, usually fruits and vegetables. So a cherry Kool-Aid Cooler would be 80% cherry Kool-Aid and 20% juice taken from actual cherries.

    Sorry to kinda rant, but that segment has always bugged me.

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