Rover Dangerfield – Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1991’s Rover Dangerfield.

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  1. Pls. make a full episode of the Nostagia Kitten! It’s already extremely awesome!

  2. Christmas is the only one that i celebrate
    He is a fine comedian
    Its not easy to make a movie
    His eyes do look dead
    This is a shit gang
    TreeBeared is from a different time and world
    How would you act when you are about to die
    Seriously they were going to kill the turkey and he has no prof that he killed it
    They were borne to fast

  3. I feel left out. My answer to the corn joke was “Well this shucks.” 😛

  4. is it me or does the Rocky character look like a clean shaven evil version of Dean from the Iron Giant?

  5. With Dangerfield’s background of rejection and depression in mind, the movie’s darker moments become even more fucked up. Especially the repeated fakeout deaths.

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