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The Nostalgia Critic reviews Saved by the Bell.

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  1. Mario Lopez was on KIDS INCORPORATED where was…a drummer!

  2. Never saw this show but it looks stupid. Why are they so upset about the duck dying when there are lots of other ducks in the world? And who ever thought it would be a good idea to dress the main blonde guy up like that (near the end of the review).

    • Because they had an emotional connection with that duck. Basically the same reason you are sad when a friend or family member dies even thought there are lots of other humans in the world.

  3. this show is harmless but stupid
    Animal cruelty is never funny
    I will never forget what you said about the locker room

  4. When I was younger, I never PROPERLY watched every episode but I did watch it a lot. But watching this, and remembering it all… yeah, it wasn’t the best show ever LMAO But I still watched it and would probably still enjoy it to a point just bc nostalgia and I love campy stuff.

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