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Scooby Doo hits the big screen, I hit the puke bag. The final ‘old’ Nostalgia Critic episode is the Scooby Doo movie!

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  1. Boy, that rant at the start was kind of boring to listen to.

    • I think he made the rant at the beginning as an indicator he’d stop with NC

      • But the fans won’t let him.

        • You… know that he DID quit after this review, right?
          Well, technically he quit after the site’s “To Boldly Flee” special was done, but this is the official ‘last review’, as the reviews after this are from older DVDs.

          Doug stopped making NC reviews because the crew got their own studio, which opened other opportunities Doug wanted to take advantage of. The first new show Doug was “Demo Reel”, which wasn’t too popular and didn’t last too long.

          After a while, Doug realized how much more he could have done with the NC show, specially with the new studio, so he decided to cancel Demo Reel and revamp the Nostalgia Critic, which you can see in “The Review Must Go On”.

          That’s the whole story, and believe me, I remember it pretty clearly.

  2. TheCommentPlague

    This is one of my favorite reviews, the joke at the end where Cinema Snob says “I’ve been studying both of your poker faces.” is just the best.

  3. Will we see an NC review of the sequel?

  4. That ending. Lol. Homage to Star Trek Next Generation series ending. Love it.

  5. Nerd moment: When the (young) Nostalgia Critic said “Let’s keep watching the review” I think what they meant to say was “Let’s keep watching the movie” 😛

    Anyway, great and funny review!

  6. The ending of this one made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  7. Question: Does anyone know the credible source of the peaceful violin music at the end?

  8. -This is a bad movie and i hate that they made Scrappy the villain he actually was a child this movie represents the show terrible its a separate take on Scooby Doo
    -I am coming back cause you are funny
    -People acting so dumb
    -I do hate how dumb Shaggy and Scooby were made in this movie
    -Possessed Velma looks good
    -Magic was always real in the show its just they never met it personally except Shaggy and Scooby

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