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Some dreams shouldn’t come true. The Nostalgia Critic reviews Robert Rodriguez’s 2005 movie, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

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  1. How old is this kid anyway? I mean, I saw a Game Boy and an NES controller in the background at one point. When I saw this movie in theaters I didn’t even know what those were!

    • LuciusMadgloom

      Look at his father. Would it be too much of a stretch to assume the guy was/is a nerd & gave some of his old stuff to his son? Cause I can buy that being the case

    • The ideas are coming from the kid, but the story is still being mostly composed by Robert Rodriguez. The director is more or less using his kid as an idea box (almost more like a random word generator based on the results) and using his own frames of reference to tell the story in the most comprehensible way he can. If the kid starts off on some train of thought with vague references to video games, Robert will write down and use his own understanding of video games to put the product together.

    • I have a cousin who’s 9 and plays a gameboy, sure it’s unusual for a kid so young to be interested in/know about such old gaming consoles, but it’s not impossible nor unheard of

  2. Lovely shout-out, Doug, to one of my new favorites–many thanks! And Dom, I always love your stuff; this double feature is awesome. 🙂

  3. I literally screamed out loud in horror when I realized who played Shark Boy.

    just….no…..not again…please…..go away…..

    although the jokes you made at his expense were pretty funny. and accurate. SO accurate…

  4. I’ve seen Spy Kids 3-D (in theatres sadly), but I was thankful enough to pass on The Adventures of Skarkboy and Lavagirl in the summer of 2005 so I can see much better movies like Revenge of the Sith, Batman Begins, and (I’m not kidding) Fantastic Four (I wasn’t interested in seeing Sin city until I was older.

  5. I got the Dom to do an interview with me. Check it out:

  6. “I’m freeeeeeeee…”

    …to be an extra in the Five Nights at Freddys movie.

  7. Also, what is this preoccupation with his stories being true? If I read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy to these people, would they say “That never happened.”

  8. I’ll be honest, I know this movie is a piece of shit, but I can watch it because of that. It’s not a “so bad it’s good” movie, it just sucks, but it’s so stupid that I can just watch it and laugh.

  9. thatgirlinthewheelchair

    YES! I requested this several months ago! (It’s probably just a coincidence but still…) The fact that today’s my birthday makes it even better! And seeing as how I’m now 21, I’m going to go drink to forget that this movie ever existed! Great review as always!

  10. Acting’s a bit over the top, Doug. You’re giving Jim Carrey a run for his money.

  11. Razor is really well developed for a little child. I’m worried.

  12. So thats why blockbuster Buster calls him Sharkboy in his twilight reviews
    I tought he does it cos of his hair or something 😀

  13. The opening sketch is true. Robert Rodriguez DID make the Spy-Kids series and this one for his kids. He even had one of them co-starring in the Planet Terror segment in Grindhouse; he played the role of the kid that shot himself in the head.

    3:47- Fun fact: In the opening of A Nightmare on Elm Street 5, they showed the quote “Welcome to primetime, bitch!” -Freddy Kruger.

    6:45- No fuckin’ shit, lady. I guess this is something you should expect from one of the Four Whores from Sex and the City.

    7:18- Yeah, you can really tell this film was inspired by a kid’s fan-fiction, because I also considered one of my schoolmates as a super villain, …WHEN I WAS IN THIRD GRADE!

    15:22- …Isn’t that what Pee-wee Herman said to Simone in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure in the scene when they were sitting together inside a T-rex’s mouth while watching the sunrise? …Did I just write that?

    16:36- I just realized that none of the characters are leaving any footprints in the ice cream on the ground. It’s almost like the dream world was shot in a green screen set and Rodriguez didn’t give three craps about the quality of the CGI.

    20:29- FUCKIN’ BUBBLES!

    Is it just me, or does the bully remind anyone of a young Rob Walker?

    Wow, the story to this movie is a big “fuck you” to anyone with imagination, creativity, school bullies, and/or divorcing parents.

  14. No jokes and Charlotte from Sex and The City or Dewey from Scream ?

  15. Isaac Bret Woolsey

    When the movie was out in theaters I remember not wanting to watch it. Even as a 12 year old kid I thought this movie looked too much like a Spy Kids rip off.

  16. Even before the Twilight movies came out, I knew who Sharkboy’s actor was, and frankly, I like him here better than the Twilight Films.

  17. All the of the ads for this movie made me think of “Stretch-Dude and Clobber-Girl” from The Simpsons.

  18. I’m surprised it took this long to do a review on it.

  19. This is absolutly horrible… WTf is this?

  20. When I found out that Taylor Lautner was Sharkboy, hindsight hilarity ensued. Also… LAVAGIRL? I think Flamegirl, Flaregirl or Pyrogirl sounds more appealing to me, but what do I know? One thing’s for sure: Kimiko from Xiaolin Showdown is a superior girl with fire powers, DOESN’T fall to pieces, and is quite fashionable to boot.

    The treatment of Max before meeting his creations borders on kinda cruel, though…

  21. Damn it Doug, you should’ve made a “fucking bubbles” joke XD

  22. Pffth. I never realized this before about this film. But. Axe Cop was supposedly the cute ramblings of its comic book creators 5 year old kid brother. Though Axe Cop is friggin awesome in its silly over-the-top action and storyline. I mean. Who would be better to make Axe Cop into a movie? No one, I tell you. Robert Rodriguez should direct Axe Cop: The Motion Epic Picture!

    The sillyness would be glorious. And he could let out the gore. Glorious I tell you! GLORIOUS!!!

  23. I could sit through all of the Spy Kids movies with my relatives, but I sure as hell stayed away from this one and I’m glad I did.

    Hilarious review like always, Doug.

  24. Honestly I remember liking this as a kid, and I didn’t just see it once in the theaters and then never again, I still got the dvd somewhere around here. But it has been some years since I’ve seen it… And frankly I told myself that if I ever started killing Twilight actors, this would be the reason to spare Taylor Lautner.

  25. What’s up with that ‘Twilight Jokes Book’ running gag?! I don’t remember NC mentioning about that ”book”. Why did he hide it to begin with? Why that big build up? Such a scene to pick it up from the drawer just because Shark Boy is the same dude who played Jacob, therefore it was a must to quote from that ”book”?! It was almost as a Big Lipped Alligator Moment scene.

  26. THANK YOU.
    Thank you so so so much for destroying this movie, Critic. I’ve had…a history with this. I made an account just for this video. My brother used to force me to watch this movie over and over and over again. Just the name makes me twitch…

  27. Y’know, I’ve occasionally worried that my ideas and projects have been too outlandish, undisciplined, and fantasy-heavy.

    Now that I’ve seen what this movie is like, and that it actually got made and people saw it and everything, I’ll probably never worry about that again.

  28. I’m surprised there weren’t any Dr. Evil OR Charlie Brown jokes for Linus.

  29. The joke scroll said something like don’t screw this up you dummy.

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