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The Nostalgia Critic reviews the one film that takes the Chuck Norris facts to a whole new level, Sidekicks!

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  1. honestly, the only thing I likes about this movie was Mako, Brandis, & some of the martial arts here & there. everything else was,.. okay. and yeah, some parts were straight-up stupid. but the flick was ultimately a product of it’s times, that’s for sure. the bad guy karate teacher was loads of fun to watch though, only because of the comical stupidity of it though. yeah, he’s not that good of an actor, but you have to admit. that goofball made ya laugh a little.
    biggest thing though that turns me off to this movie, is pretty much what you mentioned. that yes. this flick was basically pretty much a cinematic blow-job for chuck norris. nothing else. I mean, I thought he was an okay actor, maybe even pretty good here & there. but I never thought he was THAT good…
    really, the only parts of this flick I really hated, were scenes he was in. either by reference or by presence. this flick, as a little lame as it was,.. would have been better off without him. yeah, it fore most part was a karate kid knock-off, but it would have been an acceptable knock-off if it weren’t an ego-stroke for Norris…

  2. Never heard of this movie until seeing this review. In fact, I’m not really that familiar with Chuck Norris. I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually seen anything that he’s in. Anyway, loved the parts when the Critic was treating that Mako guy like a god, when he was making fun of the guy with the jacket on fire and when he got zapped at the end. And, seriously, what was up with the guy in the one fantasy acting like he’s conducting an orchestra at the piñata and bubblegum place?

    Top 3 funniest Critic comments are:

    We’re not even going to wait 5 minutes for another Chuck Norris wet dream?

    ‘Cause that’s the best thing to do: Teach a schizophrenic how to fight people. That’s like having a cannibal take a cooking class.

    What is this place, Douchebag High? What kind of teachers talk like this?

  3. This kid is crazy
    What is so funny and wrong in Mako putting on a healing cream

  4. Watch death battle chuck norios vs find out

  5. The gym teacher character is one of the many R. Lee Ermey ripoffs, but the problem is, most ripoffs never understood the character he was playing in Full Metal Jacket. He said, the character didn’t act like that because he hated them, but because he cared. He knew what sort of hell they’d be going to, and wanted to make them strong enough to handle it. Sure, it didn’t end well, but his intentions were good. He wanted as many of them to be able to survive Nam as possible. But most ripoffs just steal the “dick” part of the character.

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