Small Soldiers – Nostalgia Critic

Dumb things come in small packages. The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1998’s Small Soldiers.

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  1. good point brought up, but my major question is this: I know they had serious military chips in them and all, but were they that big a threat? they’re fucking toys!

  2. Personally every scene you showed them stealing from Toy Story I think worked better in this movie. Even if your overall impression has some good points 8)

  3. Someone should remake this movie for adults. Those scenes of the toy soldiers attacking Christie and her boyfriend were intense.

  4. Even though she was still young here, you can already tell Kirsten Dunst was going to become incredibly attractive as an adult. At that stage, she would have already drawn the attention of a few boys her age.

  5. He called her Kristen Dunts for some reason.

  6. This film’s Barbie-Torture scene is what inspired the DollHouse tv series.

  7. Can’t lie, I miss the Nicholas Cage version of your theme lol

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