Holiday Clusterf**k

The holiday season is upon us!

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  1. I prefer Winter then Summer
    Christmas is amazing people thou suck
    This is funny

  2. I agree but because girl toys suck and are expensive 30 dollars robot babies that exists to be a pain and stupid Elsa toys baby Elsa that sings like her adult form weird two person bike that shouldn’t exist
    30 dollar kistaf and Anna dollar dolls from a 30 second seen in the movie those suck
    But she loved the movie but the dolls had no effort put in they made a Barbie with a blue dress and called it Elsa
    Toys for boys are smaller in general ( don’t belive me the biggest toy was a hulk buster and it was half the size of a two foot monster high doll buster 45 dollars and the doll was 60 and the fingers didn’t move)
    We might have 6 inch action fingers but at least the arm and legs could move in more then one direction.

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