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The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1998’s Star Trek Insurrection. Filmed at Kami-Con 4 in Alabama.

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  1. In defence of the first relocation, the Federation was in no position to defend the colony. The colonists faced certain doom. The second one was not as defensible.

  2. They did not “hate” technology. They “chose” not to use advanced technology. They would use it only when there was no other reasonable choice (example: use of an irrigation system to prevent starvation, use of medicine to prevent/cure disease, ect.)

    Just like the Amish. (depending on the sect) They will ride in a car, if the trip takes them farther then a hoarse can reasonably travel. They will take advantage of modern medicine, to save their lives. Some even have computers to keep track of their businesses dealings (tax man likes good books).They just choose not to when they do not NEED to.

    • Well, personally I think not using technology to improve your lives is not very natural. Humans are pretty good at inventing things so apparently it’s of the utmost importance to our species to invent things to make our lives better, longer and happier. In my humble opinion, it would be like a cat that chose not to use its claws. I don’t think religious reasons for not using technology make more sense than non-religious reasons.

  3. Ok, I’m thinking Linkara should have been included in all of the Star Trek movie reviews because he’s as knowledgeable as Plinkett. This review is pretty much tit for tat with Plinkett’s review, unlike the other Nostalgia Critic Star Trek reviews. Unlike Nostalgia Critic, Plinkett and Linkara actually reference previous Star Trek for continuity issues.

  4. I liked Linkara in this. I have to admit, I haven’t watched his show yet but I find Linkara is usually pretty entertaining in crossovers. For example, I also liked him in the Three Schmuckheads review (Alone in the Dark). That was a great review! I like the second The Three Schmuckheads (Bloodrayne) review a lot less than the first one but it was still pretty enjoyable.

    I liked the detail and insight Linkara brought to the Star Trek review as well. I don’t mind the nitpicking and the pointing out when things are not in continuity with the show. I wouldn’t have minded if he had been part of all the Star Trek reviews.

  5. -Very fun beginning
    -Battle Field Earth was a very good movie
    -The irrigation system is just pieces of wood and stone and it is not automatic Linkara is seriously dumb when it comes to technology
    -Sometimes the makers need to cut stuff out to make for time maybe he was going to be later. Or he was forgotten by the makers of the series
    -You do think that in real life enemies will let you finish your sentence before blasting you?
    -Linkara is an idiot he believes that pieces of wood is technology and also he thinks a person cannot make well made cloths without machines even thou people can make really good cloths with hands.
    Some times people should step back a bit and it dose not mean being a hippy
    -Amish people have good cloths and they don’t use technology
    -The Dam needs no technology in it to hold the water Beavers need no technology. And did they actually build the dam?(I never saw this movie)
    -Adults these days can also not swim
    -Isn’t this a planet and there is only one village so why did they not done their research on a different part of the planet its a big planet
    -Just cause he is a villain dose not mean they are super dangerous
    -You heard Linkara why not hear Scy-Fi Guy he might say good stuff

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