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What DOES God need with a star ship? Find out in Star Trek V – The Final Frontier.

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  1. Nice ageist bigotry there, Doug!

    • To be fair to Doug, I don’t think Nichelle Nichols was fond of the palm leaves dance scene either.

    • Zartan The Destroyer


    • Yes, because we need to pretend that everyone looks equally attractive in the name of political-correctness. Let’s pretend that you get more attractive as you age and let’s pretend a young 20 year old woman is physically just as attractive as a 50+ year old woman. Why would it not be okay to point this out and make jokes about that? Doug also made a few fat jokes in the past I believe. Do you have problems with that too?

  2. Nightmarechs75

    Was that pool table literally a pool?

  3. CurtTheHistorian

    wouldn’t it have been better if ambassador Sarek was brought along to negotiate the release of the hostages and then reveals to Spock that he has a half brother?

  4. Kirk dying alone is up for debate in my opinion. In ST:V when he said he knew he would die alone it’s possible that Jim knew he would die away from any family and friends and that was almost entirely true as by that time in the future all his relatives were already dead and any friends that he knew, that just happened to still be alive (Spock and a very old Bones McCoy), were far far away. Only Jean Luc was with him and they were barely friends at all.
    So . . . he was almost alone. Depending on how you look at it it could still be true.

  5. I never noticed the deck issues…plus, doesn’t the 1701-A only have 20 some odd decks? 22 or 23, something like that? And, isn’t deck 1 the bridge, and the numbers should go down?

    Meh…I’m sure it was deemed more “exciting” with the way it was edited together or something…

  6. There’s just so much cheese in this movie it’s painfully delightful.

  7. Shatner should not direct
    The elevator scene is funny
    The nakedness is a preference
    Maybe he was god but the truth is God is not like how humans think he is

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