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Star Wars Christmas? AKA the Star Wars Holiday Special. Yeah, it’s bad.

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  1. The video doesn’t seem to be playing. You might want to look into that.

  2. Badly Drawn Manchild

    Yeah, I’ve noticed Blip REALLY does not want to play this.

  3. The Universe wants so bad to forget about this special that the video doesn’t work… 😛

  4. There are in fact many videos that Blip is not playing properly. At first I thought it was my ad-block, but switching it off did nothing.

  5. Moviemantweeter1999

    Go and YouTube and watch it it’ll probably be there.

  6. -This video doesn’t work that is why these that cannot be seen i watch on youtube
    -This is a horrible movie

    -I Like JarJar
    -He is personally ashamed of this so this could mean its not cannon so we can relax. He is forgiven for this shit of a movie cos he made the prequels that are awesome
    -I don’t mind them not saying English cose your just bad at understanding them
    -Chubaka voice did never gotten annoying to me
    -Annoying cooking show just like any other cooking show
    -They know what the holiday is they don’t need to talk about what it is you yourself say how expression is annoying

    -Go fuck yourself the instructional video is actually good.
    You cannot get stupider from the instructional video cos its educational

    -Racist the is not Greedo that is someone from his race

  7. Men, this was the REAL LOW POINT of the entire Star Wars franchise. Fuck the Prequels, the Phantom Menace, The Clone Wars and The Revenge of the Shit, THIS IS REALLY STAR WARS CRAP AT HIS FINEST.

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