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Shaq is back, but did he learn how to act? It’s time for the Steel movie review.

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  1. man, even when this flick was spankin’ new, I never cared for it.
    really anything Shaq was in, was completely forgettable, his “talents” were so bland & stupid.
    hell, I don’t even know if this or Kazam came first before the other, the flicks were so lame & forgettable.
    I’m just glad that he gave up on lead-role acting,
    and the fashions of hiring a basket ball player to act the main role (or side-lead role) is gone.
    that’s a big part of the 90’s, I’m glad are dead & gone…

  2. Okay, I’m very new to the comic book scene, so I may be way off the mark here…but isn’t Sparky pretty much Oracle with a different backstory?

  3. I don’t get the hate i like this movie its fine
    This is not the death of the comic book movie
    This actor is good he is not the worse
    Dud they motivated her to not give up if they had helped her get up she would still feel weak
    You don’t understand this movie
    Shack is old
    I really hate when idiots keep shooting even thou it is clearly not helping

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