Street Fighter Movie – Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1994 Street Fighter movie.

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  1. Never seen these movies. I have played a little bit of a GBA version of Street Fighter. I never really understood what the joke was with the Critic drinking out of a skull while shooting the gun in the air.

    Top 3 funniest Critic comments are:

    If someone gave me a choice between sitting through these movies again and being crucified, I’d say “Grab a nail gun. I hear there’s a lumber sale at Home Depot.”

    …blue camouflage. That will really come in handy if they’re ever fighting in the sky or underwater.

    …in the comfort and safety of a burning building!

  2. Yes this is a shity movie Jackie Chan had a better Street Fighter
    Mortal Kombat is awesome

  3. And so from this review the “Of course” line was born. Also what soldier would be upset that the war is cancelled?

  4. Raul Julia is one of three actors I wish I could bring back to life. I bet he would be an oscar winning actor by now, as long as he didn’t take roles based on what his kids thought.

  5. God save the german voice-actors!
    We have good ones! 😀

  6. I at least give this movie credit for managing to get a guy that actually looks like Zangief.

  7. This is one of my most favourite movies from my childhood.

  8. Tony Ciccariello

    The movie was horrific but the reason to watch.
    Raul Julia
    & Ming Na Wen in that red costume.
    God bless them both

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