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The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1995 Mortal Kombat Movie.

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  1. Top 3 funniest Critic comments are:

    …who makes his living as a… Asian.

    …who sounds a little bit like Peter Lorre after drinking a million sandpaper martinis.

    For all we know they could have Jamaican accents or something.

  2. -First Mortal Kombat movie was cool
    -Second Mortal Kombat was still great
    -PG was the thing that made it not as good as it could be
    -I was so happy that Johny Cage died in the second movie at the beginning.I hate him
    -Best fighting games are Mortal Kombat
    -This music of Mortal Kombat is EPIC
    -The fighting is the best part

    • I couldn’t stand the second movie. The first ended with the emperor showing up in a god-like image, and then in second movie it turns out it’s just Brian Thompson in a mask. I have nothing against Brian Thompson, but generally speaking if he’s in your movie it’s because you have no budget or plot.

  3. to be fair, Mortal Kombat WAS better than Street Fighter. I mean, the fight scenes were better played, and the character portrayals were better done in MK. on a side note, the reptile fight scene was the best one by far in MK film, that one even topped the final fight scene, I thought (sucked he had to die though).
    was MK movie anything special? no. in all aspects, it was a classic flick of 90’s action. but despite it being restricted to PG-13 (which back then was more tame than the PG-13 flicks of today), it was at least better than a lot of the other films of the genre in the times too. not all, but a fair share. (and personally speaking,.. it’s still better than the MK legacy web-series. rebirth was a better idea rendition than legacy by far, and if they would have stayed with it, it would have been better than this movie, but since they didn’t, this movie is better than the chosen path web series by far)

  4. This was the first review that I saw where I had to disagree with the Nostalgia Critic. Mortal Kombat was an awesome video game movie. The plot was cool, the characters were awesome, and the soundtrack (MY GAWD!) the soundtrack is epic even to this day.

  5. Still love the Mortal Kombat theme song.

  6. I love this movie ( the sequel is bad yes ).

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