Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 – Nostalgia Critic

They’re baaaaaaack! It’s time to review the Baby Geniuses sequel, Superbabies!

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  1. The ending with team four star and fifty shades of gray was GLORIOUS!! XD

  2. Best end evar

  3. I would pay ginormous amounts of money to hear 50 shades of grey read by nicholas cage: 50 shades of cage

  4. This movie is crap its not as bad made as the first one but it is a terrible movie
    There is so much stupid story
    My question is why did The Kahona in over 30 years build so many things baby themed just cause his body is small and young dose not mean he must make it child looking like a toy robot
    Why when the villain was in the machine he did not gotten powers
    Why dose the machine that gives powers turns you in to a baby give powers to military people and not turn them to baby’s

  5. Not available in my country :/

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