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Doug reviews the fourth installment of Superman, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

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  1. Oh come on, aliens has always been able to talk in space in fiction. Is that really breaking your suspension of disbelief? Seriously? XD

  2. When Superman saved the astronaut he said in russian “You’ll be safer here, tovarish”.

  3. Superman VI the quest for plot holes

  4. -Why can Superman breath in space his lungs are similar to humans he should not be able to breath in space?
    -Isn’t Krypton blown up so where are the Elders are calling him from
    -Superman is a terrible hero
    -Seriously a strain of hair WTF is kind of a bullshit is that a hair holds something so heavy there is no excuse for such shit about superman
    -This is what one of the things that i hated about cloning just cos Klark liked her dos not mean that the clone Nuclear Man would like her different experiences and different life’s mean different feelings cose a feeling of liking one is not clonable
    -I hate that Superman always is giving random powers just for the sake of the plot in everything and it has nothing to do with him being a Kryptonian cos other Kryptonians do no haw all these random powers
    -I don’t get it just cos he is solar powered dos not mean when he has no light he should immediately lose all strengths should he not haw something like charge himself up with energy and with time lose cos is the energy not charges up within him

    -Yes humanity dos not want peas humans want war they love war this is the truth

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