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Take a look at the origins of the hit Superman cartoon!

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  1. -Batman TAS is awesome this one is fine but not as good as Batman
    -Superman’s dad knew that once he will be on Earth why did no one use this i mean if Kriptonians know this why did then not went to planets where they could get this power and study to find a ways to protect themself from kriptonite that way they would be one of the most powerful races ever but no they stayed and died
    -I saw Judge Dredd and i liked it
    -What boy would not use for that the see true
    -Who would not fell good after finding out he has super powers even thou most of his powers are bullshit cheating that just for the sake of the plot at least this series gives some limitation witch makes him the best Superman
    -Seriously whats with this double standard of sexual harassment between the man and women just like rape a woman can still commit rape

  2. Freaking Love the addition of Frollo’s song from Hunchback xD

  3. SpecialAgentDaleCooper

    Never really watched this show as a kid. Or, for that matter, any animated superhero show.

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